Inside Sales Power Tip 111 – Follow Up

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One big contributing factor to your sales success is in your follow-up. There are three points to consider when thinking about following up with prospects, buyers, and with leads: A. Most sellers do not follow-up enough. How many times you follow-up.

New Leads Study Supports Quickness and Follow Up

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A sales leader asked me yesterday, “What do we do with the sales reps that are not following up on the 50% of leads coming in that don’t get called more than once?”. In the study, some key conclusions came from their analysis of data from 3.5

Speed-to-Lead is a Critical Need

Smart Selling Tools

Perhaps a prospect has filled out a form on your website for a killer piece of content or signed up to attend a powerful webinar you’ve scheduled. Other studies have documented the average time for a sales representative to follow-up on a new lead is in excess of sixty-one hours.

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Using Win-Loss Analysis to Win-Win Every Time


Win-Loss Analysis Moves You to Win-Win Every Time. Upon following up on a name given to me by a receptionist, I called back the next day. Using humor again, I reply, “I excel in follow-up. The New Win-Win Analysis. ” The post Using Win-Loss Analysis to Win-Win Every Time appeared first on SalesPOP! Win more Sales! Being in sales is a tough business, particularly when you look at the odds of winning compared to losing.

Question from the Field: Fresh Perspectives on Dealing with Paralysis by Analysis?

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Colleen, any fresh perspectives on dealing with customer’s paralysis by analysis? First remember that paralysis by analysis is the seller’s problem, not the buyers. If you are suffering from “paralysis by analysis chances are you are not talking to the real buyer. If there is no urgency, put a follow up plan in place and turn your attention to a real prospect who wants to buy now.

Question from the Field: Fresh Perspectives on Dealing with Paralysis by Analysis?

Engage Selling

Colleen, any fresh perspectives on dealing with customer’s paralysis by analysis? First remember that paralysis by analysis is the seller’s problem, not the buyers. If you are suffering from “paralysis by analysis chances are you are not talking to the real buyer. If there is no urgency, put a follow up plan in place and turn your attention to a real prospect who wants to buy now.

Sales Tips: Types of Customer Data to Collect to Improve Marketing Strategy

Customer Centric Selling

For example, an especially low rating of a “1” or a “2” on a 0-10 point ratings scale would benefit from customer follow-up to discover why the respondent rated the category especially low. customer data sales strategy sales tips data analysis marketing data marketing strategy

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#1 Reason Why Your First Sales Appointment Went Downhill Fast and 3 Ways to Avoid

The Center for Sales Strategy

In situations like this, you leave the appointment with little to no valuable information, no follow up direction, and what feels like a waste of your valuable time. To start, there are three searches you should be sure to conduct before sales appointments: Setting Appointments Needs Analysis successful sales meetings Sales salespeopleHave you ever met with a prospect for the first time and felt like the entire conversation was like pulling teeth?

Customer Intelligence: The Hidden Power of Interactive Content

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These Interactive tools provide prospects with a personalized assessment, analysis and content in real-time based on intelligent prompts and responses.

Why Sales Needs Fewer Leads


However, upon further analysis only 40 were fully qualified and warranted sales follow-up. If you are inspecting outcomes and conducting in-depth analysis at every step, you can substantially improve results.

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Successful Selling - Must You Demonstrate What You Know/Do?

Anthony Cole Training

When we evaluate a sales organization using the Objective Management Tool - Sales Force Evaluation and Impact Analysi s, we uncover the Sales DNA that drives sales results for the individuals and therefore the company. These are just a few records identified in the analysis.

Mission Impossible: Making Hard Choices as a First-time CMO (Part 2)

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Driving customer acquisition and sustained revenue growth requires strong follow-up (and follow-through). But by building momentum among those up and down the corporate ladder, those long-term goals will come a lot more easily. Fear isn’t a luxury the CMO can afford.

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One Simple Way to Immediately Close More Key Accounts

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Here’s how: Add the " L ook-to-Book" ratio to your key account Win/Loss Analysis. We’ve modified the concept and included it in a Win/Loss Analysis template. Click here to download the special Win/Loss Analysis template. Follow @MarkSynek. Follow @MakingTheNumber.

How To Map Out Your Buyer’s Journey Pre & Post-Sale

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Journey mapping can be considered as an in-depth analysis of how your customer’s experience is mapped out in their dealings with you and your company. These may come under a variety of headings, including, but not limited to, the following: How customers find you.

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Is it better to in-source or outsource sales lead generation?


We’ve done the analysis that shows that PointClear’s outsourced lead generation approach generates 92.35% more revenue. Our approach to qualification and nurturing that makes sure only 100% sales-qualified leads are sent to sales (because those are the only kind that get followed up consistently). Download More Effective, Less Expensive —a side-by-side, line-by-line cost analysis of inside and outsourced lead generation approaches.

Realtors – Your Marketing Message Sucks – Part 04

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Follow-Up. Of the six real estate agents who have contacted me regarding selling my home, only one sent me a follow-up thank you note for allowing her to visit my home. However, she has not followed up since touring the home.

Organizing and Putting Structure to a Sales Team

Sales and Marketing Management

Author: David Bernard The organization of a sales team is always relevant no matter what size a business is, whether a start-up, an SME or a Fortune 500 company. During the last quarter, a more in-depth analysis with the full year’s results can set up any major changes for the following year.

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The 4 Email Templates That Earned Us $100,000 in 30 Days

Hubspot Sales

So we had to come up with a different solution. As a result, we built a follow-up email system -- using the free Email Templates tool from HubSpot Sales -- that generated $100,000 in the past 30 days. Saying “congrats warms up the initial email and catches their attention.

Dissecting the Stalled Sale 101:

A Sales Guy

I like what she’s come up with. As most of you know, I’m a huge fan of analysis and assessment. Stalled Sale #1 : After speaking to the prospect and ending the call, the Sales Executive missed the next step, that being scheduling a follow up call.

Leads are Hard 


One analysis documented the following: “The average cost per lead across all the companies surveyed is almost $200 ($198.44). How many leads do you think a sales rep will follow-up on to get 3 – 5 real opportunities? A Story From Yesteryear About Reader Service (aka Bingo) Cards.

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How to Blow $100,000 on a Lead Generation Campaign


The CMO of a Fortune 500 company offered the CRO the following options regarding spending $100,000 on a marketing campaign. 100,000 companies with up to three executive contacts in the right companies (no email addresses). The CMO came up with these options because he was fed up.

Eyeful Stories: The Coffee Company

Eyeful Presentations

The analysis of the audience allowed our Content Creation team to craft a message that would prompt positive action from the audience. The team chose to follow Eyeful’s Audience Pathway Model to deliver a persuasive and engaging presentation structure.

Seven Ideas to Increase Sales (Reading time: Five minutes or Less)


Data validation and enhancement: Have you ever been in the position where you have so much data that you are tempted to either clean it all up or throw it all out? Avoid the missed potential that traditional database clean-ups miss. Audience acquisition: HIMSS is coming up (as are lots of other big shows.) Response Management and Event follow-up: Did you know that you are better off calling 335 of the right prospects three times rather than calling 1,000 suspects once.

Are Your Sales Suffering Because You've Picked The Worst Times To Contact Prospects?


The best weekday to call is Thursday, followed by Tuesday then Wednesday. Additionally, Stride’s analysis of response metrics has revealed another optimum time for contacting prospects. When you follow up, you will have your notes to remind you of what you discussed.

How to Setup a Commission Plan in Six Steps


Often, it includes a pay mix , made up of a base salary and variable commission pay. To help ensure you set your sales team up for success, here are six steps to setup a commission plan. Follow the ABCs of Incentive Planning.

5 Ways to Create a Crazy-Successful Sales Campaign [+ Templates]

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If you have email automation and dialing tasks queued up for your sales team -- but are wondering how to turn the corner with automated outreach, this post is for you. Built-in dial analysis. Dial analysis tools like Rambl answer this question for you. Set Up Your Campaigns.

Sales Prospecting in the 21st century - Part 4

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Hi Leanne, I was just reviewing your site and generated SEO analysis report. I returned the following email message: Since I don’t know you, I would not buy from you.

The Sales Playbooks Every Sales Team Needs


Call scripts, outline of deal stages and pacing between stages, demo/consultation call discovery questions, follow-up email templates, scripts for handling common objections (Anne Shenton, Ascend Inbound ). One of the most impactful pieces we create is a competitor analysis report.

Win/Loss Reviews

Partners in Excellence

” Often, I ask to see any data and analysis they have on wins and losses. But I rarely see this kind of follow up with our “typical deals.”

What Project Managers Should Know About Sales


All pipelines have the following structure: Lead Generation. The pipeline allows the sales department and project managers to understand the scope of each potential sale for further analysis. The following is how it is commonly used: Identify potential leads.

Matt, Kyle, and the Less-Traveled Road to Customer Retention

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The idea was based on the Sales Development Rep/Account Executive relationship: The AEs get to come in and have meetings already set up – so they can spend their time with prospective customers. Analysis of the account in question. Some know this time of year as holiday season.

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How Sales Engagement Solves 7 Major Business Pain Points

Sales and Marketing Management

The following are the seven major business pain points solved by sales engagement: Business Pain Point #1: Not Optimizing for the Modern Buyer. Revenue Efficiency encompasses the following: How to evaluate your org structure to support better Sales and Marketing alignment. How to bypass vanity metrics in favor of low-funnel, revenue oriented analysis. Author: Manny Medina, Max Atschuler and Mark Kosoglow The days of old-school communications have passed.

Take Back Your Time By Automating Reply Email Management


Create necessary follow-up tasks (add contacts to relevant email lists, send introductory emails, schedule calls, etc). Alert lead/account owners to follow-up tasks. It probably takes much longer by the time all the follow-up tasks are completed.

Follow the Money: The Primary Responsibility for CMOs


The term ‘follow the money’ was made famous in the 1976 drama documentary All the Presidents Men , and has been used variously as the basis of journalistic articles ever since. Its purpose is to follow the money trail to get to the root cause of an issue. Follow the Money.

Are You the ExhaustedTasmanian Devil When It Comes Your Sales Activity?

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Intentional sales activity is based upon having the following: Ideal customer profile. Target market research 9competitive market analysis). Keeping plan with written follow-up goals. Do you feel like an exhausted Tasmanian Devil when it comes to your sales activity?

What Can You Accomplish Integrating MAP and CRM solutions with Alinean Value Selling & Marketing Tools?

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Data-Out: capturing key user input and analysis results from your prospects / customers, and passing the customer intelligence to your MAP or CRM applications. Worse, sales was not consistent their follow-up with prospects who tool the time to run the tool and receive the analysis report.

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Why Sales Coaching Reinforces Skill-Based Learning

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After that, it is company process training – meaning more about the internal workings of how orders flow through the organization than even close analysis of the key steps within sales for a predictable process to happen. Give me a digital copy of key points, and my retention will go up.

The Six Skills of Great Sales VPs

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He helps the new reps ramp up quickly. He’s looking at compensation analysis, territory design, and sales structure. She follows up to ensure skill building activities are completed. Follow @DrewZarges. Follow @MakingTheNumber.

Do This to Beat Your Competition

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They seem to show up in every deal and exactly at the wrong time too. Based on that analysis, take some action steps. To translate your analysis into actions, apply the thought process below to your assessment noting actions that should be taken: Anticipate key competitor’s actions.

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Massachusetts Bay and InsightSquared: Paving the Way for Data-Driven Social Service


We love rolling up our sleeves and digging into the best ways to give sales and marketing teams the insights they need to thrive. But, thanks to this data restructuring and packaging of analysis into digestible pieces, things are much simpler for BBBSMB now.

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