Get the Most Value Out of Your Sales Analytics Tools

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Sales analytics tools can provide key insights that allow sales leaders to coach their sales team on the strategies that improve their win rates. But to make analytics tools valuable, you need data from your sellers, which means they must consistently share accurate data with your systems. To get sellers to buy in show your team specific techniques derived from sales analytics data that improve win rates. C-Level Management Must Embrace Sales Analytics.

[STUDY] What Do B2B Buyers Want?

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Sales development reps, account executives, and other sales professionals will find a trove of actionable insights in this comprehensive study. Research goals of the B2B buyer study. Overall, study participants rated 12% excellent, 23% good, 38% average, and 27% poor. Since analytical buyers are more likely to have advanced degrees in hard science, such as computers, finance, or engineering, they are more likely to be skeptical and consequently more demanding of salespeople.

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Make Your Sales Analytics Data Actionable with These Three Strategies

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The CSO Insights 2018 Sales Operations Optimization Study found that only 25 percent of organizations report having high confidence in the quality of the data in their CRM system. Let’s explore three core strategies for making your sales analytics data actionable. Analytics platforms, including CRMs, contain many types of data that enable opportunity scoring, which can drive coaching strategies to take specific actions in the sales process.

The Recruiter’s Guide to Web Analytics


You must inform your online strategy with highly-specific data– and that’s where web analytics come in. The term web analytics refers to the collection and analysis of web data for the purpose of understanding and optimizing your online presence.

[STUDY] Bridging the Great B2B Vendor-Buyer Divide

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Get the entire FREE study: 30 Ways to Get Inside the Mind of Your Target Buyer. Here’s how buyers in our study answered the question “When I don’t connect with a salesperson, it is because…”. Analytical, Intuitive, Functional, Personal: Most communication styles are broken down into these four categories. Get Part 1 of our 2-part study: Why Didn’t They Buy? Get all of our 2-part study: 30 Ways to Get Inside the Mind of Your Target Buyer.

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[STUDY: PART 3] What Buyers Want from Salespeople

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Martin on a comprehensive study of 270 business buyers to discover why people with purchasing power choose the vendors they do and what they are REALLY looking for when they engage in a sales process. Insights from this study include: Which elements do buyers want to see on vendor websites? This is Part 3 of the study “Why Didn’t They Buy?”. Or Download the entire study for free. Download the entire study for free. Download the entire study for free.

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[Data Snapshot] 2018 Sales Compensation Best Practices Study


In May 2018, Xactly partnered with WorldatWork to complete its annual Sales Compensation Best Practices Study to define the key trends and metrics for companies that want to plan and incent a top sales organization. Does your team often struggle with flawed data and shallow analytics?

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How to Use Call Analytics Like a True Professional


With phone calls happening in higher volumes than ever before, recent advances in technology has allowed us to study every call that our businesses make. This groundbreaking system is none other than call analytics. Call Analytics Helps You Fine-Tune Your Customer Journey.

Marketing Automation Vendors Are Not Delivering On Marketers’ Needs For Reporting And Analytics. Here’s Why.


This is what the findings were in a study done by Heinz Marketing and InsightSquared titled, Marketing Automation Platform (MAP) Satisfaction Survey 2018: Are Marketing Automation Vendors Still Meeting the Needs of Today’s Marketer? Marketers are asking for better reporting and analytics.

Study reveals suprising attributes of higher quality leads


A complimentary copy of the full report and industry specific versions of the study can be found here. The post Study reveals suprising attributes of higher quality leads appeared first on Leads360 Blog.

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Study: Is Your Team Prepared for the Coming Wave of Sales Tech Innovation?


Meet the Author: Jorge Jeffery joined Velocify in 2011 and is director of research and analytics. The post Study: Is Your Team Prepared for the Coming Wave of Sales Tech Innovation?

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Sales pipeline management: let’s stop confusing progress with probability


For proof, you need look no further than the 2018 CSO Insights Sales Performance study, which reported that on average a little over 46% of all forecasted sales deals actually resulted in a win (never mind the timing). Sales Process Sales AnalyticsSales forecasting is hard.

Proven Ways to Analyze Website Visitor Data

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Website analytics can provide insightful information about who your visitors are through their demographic data, how they behave on your site, and rate of conversion, among other things. Business owners use tools like Google Analytics to keep an eye on their metrics and gauge site performance.

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10 Sales Statistics You Should Know in 2019


Nearly 50% of companies fail to measure and adjust financial forecasts and plans to account for the residual impact caused by sales force attrition ( 2018 Mid-Market Sales Incentive Study ). ” Analytics and Technology Sales Performance Management

Sales Tech Game Changers Quarterly Magazine Released: 10 Executives Tell Us How Their Solution Changes the Game for Sales

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Recent analyst firm studies show that nowadays sales reps are spending only 35 – 40% (CSO Insights reports even less) of their time on actual selling. game chang·er. an event, idea, or technology that causes a significant shift in the current manner of doing or thinking about something. “a

Struggling with Sales Enablement in Your Organization? Here’s How You Can Course-Correct Today

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According to CSO Insights’ 4th Annual Sales Enablement Study , 61 percent of organizations have a sales enablement function. According to the 4th Annual Sales Enablement Study , only 9.2 However, the study found that organizations with a sales enablement charter have a win rate of 59 percent. Future of Sales Success CSO Insights sales analytics sales enablement sales technology

Study Finds Marketing Automation Platforms (MAP) Improve Sales and Marketing Alignment


The study commissioned by Salesfusion and executed by Learn Marketing Automation surveyed nearly 700 B2B marketers from small to medium-size businesses (SMB) with less than 100 million dollars in revenue and found that marketers with a MAP and supporting processes are nearly three times more likely to have strong communications with sales. The post Study Finds Marketing Automation Platforms (MAP) Improve Sales and Marketing Alignment appeared first on Salesfusion

InsightSquared’s Dreamforce 2017 Sessions for Sales & Sales Operations Professionals


The sessions will offer sales and sales operations professionals with case studies, lessons learned and the tactical takeaways needed to become even more strategic within their organizations. Avra will deliver a case study on how Bazaarvoice’s sales ops function turned into a revenue driver. If you are looking to get really deep sales analytics out of your CRM, meet us at Dreamforce.

Forrester Analyst Paul Hamerman shares in Live Webinar the Five Best Practices for Integrated Planning


Predictive Planning & Analytics: Technology is helping organizations be on that upward path to unstoppable success. The webinar also discussed a real life case study around OpenSymmetry and Anaplan.

Sales People are Betting on AI


In the recent Harvard Business Review Analytic Services study titled “Artificial Intelligence for Maximizing Revenue,” HBR surveyed 490 executives and managers.

Demand Gen Report Uncovers Value of Marketing Automation in B2B Lead Scoring


Automation and Predictive Analytics Fuel B2B Lead Scoring Success reveals how marketing automation helps to maximize the overall effectiveness of lead scoring. There is indeed a compelling case for implementing marketing automation to assist in predictive analytics and lead scoring.

The Race for AI-Driven Sales Success Starts Now

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Sophisticated data analytics can spot hidden behaviors, triggers and patterns that salespeople can’t perceive on their own. But research and case studies confirm AI’s capacity to drive transformative change in the sales function.

3 Ways Technology Can Streamline Your Sales Performance Management Strategy

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SPM systems have significant potential to make selling more substantive to an organization through data analytics and insights. In fact, according to a recent study by Aberdeen, companies that used SPM technology improved their profit margins at an 88 percent greater rate year-over-year.

Webinar Replay: Tips for Using Social Media in B2B Marketing


Below are some best practices Kushner discussed around content and analytics. In addition to white papers, eBooks and case studies, social content now includes videos, infographics, webinars and more. What are the four major analytics to measure in your social efforts?

Three Performance Indicators Sales Leaders Can Use to Improve the Selling Process

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When most sales leaders think about analytics, they usually think of their CRM platform. In reality, your CRM is a means to an end—to be successful, you need to apply insights discovered from CRM analytics to improve the performance of your team. At their core, analytics change the conversation between a salesperson and a sales leader. Thus, it’s critical that sales leaders use the insights from sales analytics to coach reps during each stage of the customer’s buying process.

Sales Leadership – A FREE Health-Check

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specializing in types of product or by class of customer or end user – should derive from a study of the market, taking into account also the qualifications and the experience of the sales staff.

High Performing Organizations Outperform Low Performing Organizations!

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As part of this, we’ve conducted a comprehensive study of several hundred organizations, including 0ver 30,000 sales managers/executives. The results of this study are stunning–though they reaffirm beliefs we held. times more likely to use analytics than underperformers.

TurnKey Vacation Rentals Reimagines Sales Enablement Strategy With MindTickle and Achieves 40% Top-Line Growth


Limited analytics functionality to track sales rep performance. TurnKey’s sales managers also now had a holistic view of individual and group performance, course completion, and certification through MindTickle’s analytics-driven enablement dashboard.

What do B2B Buyers Want (and Why Don’t They Like Salespeople)?

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Martin on a comprehensive study of 230 B2B buyers , with the goal of pointing the spotlight on buyers themselves. Download the free B2B Buyer Persona study in full. From the study: “Overall, study participants rated 12% of salespeople excellent, 23% good, 38% average, and 27% poor. ” With variations by department and industry in mind, the study goes on to examine buyers’ willingness to take risks. Read the whole B2B Buyers Persona study for free.

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Get Ready for Elevate 2019 North America

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By attending Elevate 2019 North America, you’ll get an exclusive preview of our forthcoming 2019 World-Class Sales Practices Study results from CSO Insights Chief Research Officer, Seleste Lunsford— before they’ve been published. See Scout in action: Miller Heiman Group’s sales analytics platform that uses sales methodologies, data and analytics to coach and support sellers to take actions that improve win rates.

Three Proven Ways to Increase the Value of Your Sales Content

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The study also revealed insights into what it takes to actually accomplish that level of effective sales enablement. The study found that one key way is through the automatic distribution of sales content through a CRM and a sales asset management platform.

Three Ways Digital Transformation Trends Apply to Sales & Marketing Behavior

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But, unfortunately, only 38 percent of respondents in the Demand Metrics 2018 Sales Content ROI Benchmark Study Report said that content creators receive ‘good’ or ‘excellent’ feedback from sellers on the content they use.

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A Formula for Predictive Intelligence: Fit + Intent + Opportunity Data

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Our study did indeed reveal the most predictive data points. Indeed, the most significant finding from this comprehensive study is that “Buying magic happens at the confluence of 3 different types of predictive data: Fit, Intent, and Opportunity.”. For complete predictive intelligence results, download the new study. Predictive analytics ($10,000/year). Virtually every business collects and buys data to assist salespersons and marketers do their job more effectively.

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Sales Operations: The Guide They Never Gave You


Finance and management studies gave you models to take into the real world while our area did not. Business Analytics. It is crucial that every layer from data entry to deep analytics speak the same language and have mechanisms to maintain data integrity.

Is too much data hurting your sales performance?


“ 57% of sales organizations do not view themselves as effective users of advanced analytics.” ” According to a McKinsey study. High-performing sales organizations have a culture that is drinking the data and analytics Kool-aid that drives organizational goals.

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Content marketing for sales: 6 ideas to address the bottom of the funnel

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Case studies. Case studies prove to prospects that your product/service works for other businesses. These studies also offer another reason to trust you. Case studies need to be related to your customer’s industry.

34 Million Data Points Show What Type of Sales Content Performs Best


Building a data-driven pipeline with sales content analytics. Sales content – from product overviews to case studies – has long been a tool that sales reps have leveraged to keep prospects engaged and to drive deals forward. And it’s the tried and true case study.

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3 Emotional and Mental Keys to Success for Great Salespeople

Jeff Shore

I’ve been studying salespeople for three decades. On the other hand we want detail-oriented, analytical, good with numbers, systematic in their thinking, and well-organized salespeople. By Jeff Shore. I’ve seen the best and, yes, the worst. It’s a tough job to master, no doubt.

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Who Would You Draft in Your Fantasy Sales League?

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Additionally, once your team brings more than one app on board , you have to worry about the attendant risks of redundancy, lack of interaction, inability to on-board everyone and the cost and time associated with monitoring the connections, maintaining the updates and reviewing the analytics.

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The Biggest Barriers to Accurate Sales Forecasting and How to Fix Them

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A study by Minitab suggests that, in general, same-day forecasts are quite good, five-day forecasts are usually pretty reliable, and 10-day forecasts stretch the limits of predictability too far. The new study identifies seven barriers to accurate forecasting.