Sales and Marketing Alignment: 3 T’s for a Clear Path to Success

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Take SailPoint for example, the Texas-based cybersecurity software company that delivers identity governance to enterprises all around the world. Aprimo understands the value of a unified platform that can get them in front of qualified accounts with tailored content before contact is ever made, putting them ahead of the competition. . Like family dynamics, sales and marketing dynamics can be… Interesting. .

Seismic Surpasses $100m in Revenue

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An enterprise software veteran with experience in scaling EMEA teams for Aprimo, Infor, and Sprinklr, which serves large enterprise brands such as Amazon, Cisco, and P&G, and where O’Regan grew headcount from one to more than 200 in less than four years. The result for more than 600 global enterprises including IBM, American Express, PayPal, and Quest Diagnostics is better win rates, larger deals, and higher customer retention. Seismic Surpasses $100m in Revenue.