Sales and Marketing Alignment: 3 T’s for a Clear Path to Success

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According to Forrester, the early bird catches the worm, with a significant 74 percent of all deals going to the provider who helps “establish the buying vision,” while only 26 percent goes to the vendor who “responds to a request.” . Aprimo understands the value of a unified platform that can get them in front of qualified accounts with tailored content before contact is ever made, putting them ahead of the competition. .

Seismic Surpasses $100m in Revenue

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An enterprise software veteran with experience in scaling EMEA teams for Aprimo, Infor, and Sprinklr, which serves large enterprise brands such as Amazon, Cisco, and P&G, and where O’Regan grew headcount from one to more than 200 in less than four years. Additionally, numerous major analyst reports were published touting the growth of the space and the major vendors within it. Change Revegy to the vendor name to display the correct grid.