10 Reasons Why Channel Partnerships Fail (and What to Do About It)

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How to Enable a New Sales Channel

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4 Best Practices to Keep Your Channel Partner Marriage Happy

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How to Recruit and Sign New Channel Partners

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Do I Have the Right Sales Coverage and Channels?

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Today’s article is focused on sales coverage and sales channels as part of the corporate strategy. Article Corporate Strategy b2b marketing b2b sales ideal customer profile propensity to buy Sales Channels Sales Coverage

Gain Volume Through Reach with the Right Indirect Channels

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Top 10 Problems with Channel Sales - Don't be Held Hostage

Understanding the Sales Force

Ignored in all of these articles are those clients and companies that sell through channels. The channels are many, and include stocking distributors, brokers, retailers, VARs, agencies, partners, resellers, rep firms and more. Channel sales is quite different.

Writing Is 20% of Content Article Marketing

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of all U.S.businesses), content article marketing through blogs or distribution sites has become the a popular marketing tactic. For example,write an article on LinkedIn Pulse and you will attract attention and maybe even get a new sales lead.

Are Your Lead Sources Dead Ends? Discover How to Separate the Winners from the Losers.

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The Web Is Not A Distribution Channel

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Teaser: The appetite for content, whether it’s videos, blogs, articles, reports or whitepapers, is increasing faster than most businesses can handle. Issue Date: 2016-02-01. Author: Henry Nothhaft Jr.

Use LinkedIn’s New Channels to Grow Your Business

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LinkedIn users can now follow channels , which are broken into broad-based topics such as marketing strategies, higher education and healthcare. Once you follow a channel, it shows up on your home feed. LinkedIn’s channels are like a business news portal,” Gibbs said.

How Channel Partners Should Invest MDF To Accelerate Profitable Growth

Tech Bytes

In this second article of a two part series, ZS Principal John DeSarbo and Semdrive Executive Vice President of Sales Darren Yetzer discuss how channel partners can better manage their MDF spend and its impact. "

How to Know Which Partners to Invest In

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How to Win Channel Partners and Influence Sales

Cincom Smart Selling

Are you trying to expand into new markets via a new strategy featuring indirect sales channels? A recent article in Forbes puts into perspective the word “options.” The post How to Win Channel Partners and Influence Sales appeared first on Cincom Blog. Smart Selling channel partners CPQ software dealers manufacturing resellersI was visiting a company several years ago, and while I was there, I noticed these little signs.

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5 Articles to Inspire Customer Experience Success

The 1to1 Media Blog

Experience must be woven through the culture and delivered consistently across channels. Customer experience today means everything. With retailers announcing seemingly on a weekly basis of store closings, experience is more important than ever before. Many companies think of customer experience, however, as a flashy marketing campaign, a cool social media outreach effort, or putting associates through a one-time training program.

Combo Article Friday - Finding New Business and Sales

Understanding the Sales Force

Understanding the Sales Force by Dave Kurlan I wrote an article for the Sales Blog over at Hubspot on how Inbound Marketing has really been around, like, forever. The article was about who should be your first sales hire. Channels - Optimizing Your Traction.

Guest Article: “The Successful Secrets of Exhibition Management,” by James Barnett

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Digital media allows PR to become integrated within social channels; this can build relationships with customers and partnerships. Analyze influential articles on exhibition management techniques and learn from these resources. The Successful Secrets of Exhibition Management. by James Barnett. According to research from the Oxford Economics Facetime publication the Exhibitions Industry contributes £5.6 billion to the UK economy.

Double Article Friday - How New Salespeople Struggle

Understanding the Sales Force

Understanding the Sales Force by Dave Kurlan Today you''ll receive multiple articles and a bonus video too! The Sold Lab portal posted this article of mine on Why Sales Training Doesn''t Work. Today''s article is a follow up of sorts to this article from yesterday.

The Importance Of Having Multi Channels And Podcasts For Your Business


That’s why at GKIC we believe in a multi channel marketing approach. Plus, when you consider that multichannel customers spend 3 – 4 times more than single channel customers do. Facts about podcasts taken from this article. How do you keep up with your prospects and customers?

The Problem with Marketing, It’s an Ongoing Decision Making Process

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With all the types of marketing channels available from paid advertising to social media posts such as content marketing to referrals, chaos can quickly take over. Marketing Channel of Paid Advertising. Marketing Channel of Social Media Posting Through Content Marketing.

Org Structure Questions Every Sales Leader Should Ask

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When you are flipping through channels and looking for TV shows. SBI recently spoke with Dave Longaker, the Chief Revenue Officer at Rovi Corporation. . Dave leads a robust b2b sales force at Rovi, a leading technology supplier to the entertainment industry.

Big Data in the Channel: An Untapped Growth Opportunity?

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More than two-thirds of all IT revenue flows through indirect channels, industry analysts estimate, and transactions between IT providers and their channel partners and end customers generate mind-boggling amounts of data. To view the first article of the series, click here

Turning Channel Operations “Process Poets” Into “Quant Jocks”

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You’ve got a tremendous opportunity to mine your mountains of channel data to find new growth opportunities—but does your channel operations team have the skills you need? Gathering data from dozens, hundreds or even thousands of channel partners is critical for any high-tech company.

Three Steps To Ensure Your MDF Allocation Drives Growth in 2015

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In this first article of a two part series, ZS Principal John DeSarbo and Semdrive Executive Vice President of Sales Darren Yetzer look at changes in IT buyer behavior and the need for vendors to modify their strategies accordingly.

LinkedIn Goes All in with Content

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Channels. If getting insight and advice from one individual isn’t your thing, Channels might be more your style. You can follow Channels to get articles from both influencers and top news sources. Are you using Channels, Influencers or Pulse?

Business of Software: What Heads of Sales and Marketing Need to Think About To Grow? … Hint: Keep Your Channels Close

Software Business Blog

Knee-Jerk Reaction: Online Commerce Leads to Software Channel Disintermediation. The popular press has been filled with articles about the ongoing disintermediation of channels coupled with the rise of direct vendor to end-consumer relationships. This has opened up opportunities for publishers of all sizes to compete in almost any software category and across virtually any channel. Publishers Increasingly Need Channels to Reach New and Fragmented Markets.

Is Your Sales Process Cramping Your Style?

Jonathan Farrington

Far too frequently, competent salespeople are expected to channel their own activities into the areas that will produce the quickest wins. General Best Sales Articles Best Sales Blog Posts Best Sales Blogs Sales Process Top Blog Posts Top Sales Articles Top Sales Blog Posts

Social Marketing Is Not Social Selling

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If we understand marketing is to attract attention (better yet positive awareness) and to begin to build relationships (consideration), then we can appreciate social media is a new channel or channels to attract attention and build those relationships.

Customers Need Partners, Too

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I read a fascinating article in The New York Times titled “ Adviser Guides Obama Into the Google Age.” channel partners John DeSarbo ZS Associates ZS SaaS iaas High Tech resellers SMBWhile I was shocked to learn that the government still partly operates its technology with floppy disks—that’s right, the old 5.25-inch and 3.5-inch floppy disks—I was not surprised to see the importance and clout of the White House’s technology advisor.

Grow your email channel by adapting for mobile

Buyer Zone's Lead Generation Blog

Another interesting article. It can be tempting, as a marketer, to prioritize form over function when designing an email campaign. You want to have cool graphics and a clean look, but still want the email to perform well. So what wins out?

Are You Merely Just One of the Flock or do You Stand Out?

Jonathan Farrington

We are that Jonathan Livingstone; usually totally detached from the feeding frenzy … News: Congratulations to Kendra Lee for writing last week’s Top Sales Article over at Top Sales World - we have also just announced this week’s Top 10 Articles , and there are some really good ones.

Get Them To Take the Next Step

Cold Calling Results

I’m always on the lookout for interesting and informative articles to pass along to my readers. I read this article by Drew McLellan and thought, “Bingo! Articles A Personal Note From Wendy…. Save these Dates for Instant Results, Leads, Sales and More Money: Nov.

39 Useful Things to Post on Twitter

The Sales Heretic

The micro-blogging service gives you a direct, unfiltered communication channel with both prospects and existing customers. Sales articles blog customer insights PR prospect social media tweet TwitterTwitter—like other social media sites—has enormous potential as a sales tool. It’s unlimited PR in 140 characters or less. To maximize Twitter’s effectiveness, however, you need a following. And to develop a following, you need to post content (“tweets”) that [.].

A CRM Application Should Seamlessly Interface with Email


The title of this article seems an obvious statement. Ideally you should be able to engage your contacts across any channel from right within CRM. But interestingly, most CRM applications don’t quite do it the way it should be done—without having to move out of the CRM interface.

Sales managers need feedback too!

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In regard to this type of feedback, successful sales managers work with their sales teams to develop a communication channel for surfacing the problems and addressing the best ways to solve them. Sales Coaching. We have written a number of posts on sales coaching.

A B2C Buying Trend That Will Impact B2B

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Now AmazonSupply.com is focused on threatening traditional B2B distribution channels. B2B Marketing leaders have an opportunity to generate new lucrative channels. The purpose of this blog article is to start the conversation with you about the future.

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Plagiarism Goes Beyond Intellectual Dishonesty

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Yesterday a colleague, Mark Hunter , came across one of his articles being plagiarized by a fairly well connected LinkedIn member. The group responded and not even 24 hours later, this particular article as well as all other articles under this person’s name were removed.

Creating Crap At The Speed Of Light!

Partners in Excellence

” Perhaps it’s the time of year, perhaps Kelly Riggs pushed me over the edge forwarding this article, “ How B2B Sales Can Benefit From Social Selling.” The mistake this article makes is focusing on the vehicle or tools, and not on the context and content.

Does Your Blog Reinforce These Brand Expectations?

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25% who use social media access or 22% who us third party articles. The questions for you to be asking yourself regarding the actual content of this content marketing channel might be: Am I providing relevant content?

Content Marketing Is the NEW Be There or Be Square

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When I talked about content marketing specific to the effectiveness of article marketing or having a blog, the advisor looked at me like a deer trapped in the headlights. Social media is the primary delivery channel for content marketing.

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