4 Ways to Get Past the Gatekeeper (No Tricks Required)

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When you have a referral introduction, there’s no need to dupe the gatekeeper. It’s tiresome reading about how to get past the gatekeeper. Emails, articles, news flashes, blasts, webinars, podcasts…they make my blood boil. Gatekeepers are good at their jobs.

5 Ways to get Past the Gatekeeper

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The B2B Sales Rep’s Guide to Getting Past Gatekeepers


Sales reps often refer to receptionists, assistants, and phone operators as gatekeepers—and for good reason. Essentially, gatekeepers hold the key to B2B sales success. If you can’t convince a gatekeeper you’re important, you can kiss that sale goodbye.

Don’t Do This in Getting Past the Gatekeeper


It read, “How to handle gatekeepers and reach decision-makers.”. This, I thought, is an online article that would be great to share with my B2B sales team. Some of the very questionable advice offered was: Get around a gatekeeper by calling the company’s sales department or accounts department (or another location or division) and asking them to transfer you directly to your prospect. Tell the gatekeeper that your prospect is expecting your call when they aren’t.

11 Ways You Can Influence Buyers to Connect With You

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This article was originally published on the Sales Enablement Society. Gatekeepers are tough. Sellers often complain that it's impossible to get through to buyers. Buyers are busy. Calls go to voicemail. Email goes to junk. The list goes on.

Six Ways Of Dealing With A Client Who Won’t See You

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Instead, gather some interesting articles that would be interesting to the prospect and send those over, one at a time. 5) Make friends with gatekeeper or secretary. Oftentimes, people on our sales courses ask for techniques to get ‘through’ the gatekeeper, or ‘overcome’ them.

6 Reasons to Walk Away from a Deal

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You’ve ended up being trapped by the gatekeeper. Sales Process Sales Psychology Webinar ArticlesWhy successful sales people walk away. When you’re young and new to sales, there’s a strong compulsion to chase after every opportunity that comes your way.

Coaching Salespeople into Sales Champions: 3 Times To Step In (& How)

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However, if they’re not making calls because they don’t know how to engage the customer, get past the gatekeeper, or schedule a demo — they’re probably uncomfortable or fearful, and they need to learn those skills before they’ll pick up the phone 50 times a day. Sales Management Articles

Dreamforce 2018: Top 10 Must-Attend Sessions for Sales Ops Pros


As more businesses are transitioning to Salesforce Lightning, administrators are increasingly becoming the gatekeepers to their organization’s adoption to Salesforce Lightning. With less than two weeks until Dreamforce ‘18 , it’s time to plan how you will spend your four days in San Francisco.

8 Sales Role Play Exercises to Prepare Your Team for the Win

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Examples of these can be CXO, Director of X, or gatekeeper. Training & Coaching ArticlesNo one loves practice. No medals are won on the practice field. But all around the world, the brightest and best make time for it.

Improve Your B2B Sales Process with Company and Contact Data


Bypass gatekeepers. Secretaries, administrative assistants, and phone operators are often referred to as gatekeepers in the world of sales. Of course, it’s not impossible to gain access to top sales prospects by first speaking to a gatekeeper.

Career Advice from the Pros: Starting a Sales Career in 2020? Do This

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I Identify a challenge (getting through gatekeepers, dealing with a pricing objection, getting to power), and then I identify two different approaches to solving that challenge. Career Development ArticlesSales development representative roles have grown 5.7X

12 Ways You’re Making Your Boss Look Bad (And You, Amateurish)

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Build close plans on all the big deals to show you understand the customer’s internal gatekeepers , procurement processes, compelling events and dates. Sales Process Articles

Think For Yourself

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One of the most significant changes, perhaps the greatest, in the last few decades has been the elimination of the gatekeepers when it comes to publishing, whether it be blog posts, articles, news commentary, videos, movies, films, or anything else that might pass as art.

40+ of the World’s Best Sales Training Programs to Get Your Team Into Shape

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Dealing with gatekeepers. Training & Coaching ArticlesIf talent acquisition, development, and retention are top-of-mind for you as a sales leader, here are 40+ of the best sales training programs to check out!

4 Steps to Shorten Your Sales Cycle and Bump Up Low-Touch Conversions by 70%

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A highly enabled salesperson-gatekeeper is the answer. Sales Technology ArticlesHere’s how we scaled our approach to converting low-touch leads at Appcues. We call them “low touch,” although you may refer to them as semi-qualified, self-service, low-ACV, etc.

A 5-Step Discovery Call Checklist Proven to Increase Conversions by 580%

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It’s becoming more and more difficult to reach decision makers as gatekeepers and decision-makers receive hundreds of emails and dozens of calls each day. Choice MasterMessaging Partner Sales Calls Articles

The Biggest Sales Excuses You Need to Stop Making in 2018

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The stingy gatekeeper won’t let me talk to the CTO. Sales Psychology ArticlesWinners make things happen. Losers make excuses. Regardless of the field, this time-tested principle consistently rings true. In sales, sellers who cite convoluted reasons to explain poor performance, rather than proactively doing something about it often remain — unsurprisingly — at the bottom of the success ladder. There certainly are a lot of things in sales that make life a tad more difficult.

Guest Post: About Arrogant Salespeople

The Science and Art of Selling

I read a lot of articles on LinkedIn in my spare time. I read two comments on this article, one by someone with what appears to be a big hand in sales and one from the author. Now, in his defense, the article was written on sales people lying to get a call back.

Law of Delegation Magnified By Social

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What happens when your potential customer or their gatekeeper checks you out on LinkedIn? If you valued this article, please hit the ‘like' and ‘share’ buttons below. This article was originally published in LinkedIn here where you can comment.

How to Handle: I looked it over and not interested

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If you found this article helpful, then you’ll love my Completely Updated and Revised eBook, “The Complete Book of Phone Scripts.” Now over 200 powerful and effective scripts to help you easily get past the gatekeeper, set appointments, overcome objections and close more money!

This Is How to Uncover Hidden Stakeholders and Win More Deals

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Some companies intentionally hide them behind executive-assistant gatekeepers. Other times, a gatekeeper or another buying influence blocks direct access to the Anti-Sponsor— another reason to remain diligent in uncovering all the hidden stakeholders in an account. The strategic opportunity management insights in this article are a glimpse of the expert training that Miller Heiman Group offers to help sales teams win more deals.

How Technology Has Changed Selling: New Tools, Old Rules

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The Gatekeeper. Old Rule: Do you remember the dance with the gatekeeper? Successfully navigating through or around the gatekeeper could sometimes takes weeks or even months, and was more of an art than a science. Has technology changed Selling?

Tools 132

Five best practices for networking in b2b sales – A STC Classic

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Still others are gatekeepers who can’t say yes, but can say no. Technorati Tags: b2b sales , networking , sales strategy , sales training , sales training articles , sales training blogs. A Classic - '63 Corvette.

Success Secrets from Eric Schmidt, Reid Hoffman, and Adam Grant

No More Cold Calling

” This CNBC article about the podcast quotes other business leaders and experts who agree, including organizational psychologist and New York Times best-selling author Adam Grant, who adds: Persistence is one of the most important forces in success and happiness.

Introducing Accelerate, The Global Community for Sales Enablement Practitioners


Everything you see on the website – from templates to interviews to articles – is from practitioners, for practitioners. Allison is Accelerate’s gatekeeper and leader. Today, I’m excited to announce the launch of Accelerate by Showpad.

Increasing sales productivity – 7 steps to improving lead qualification

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Gatekeepers – These are the contracting officers and other administrators that control money and procedures. Technorati Tags: lead qualification , sales best practices , sales strategies , sales strategy , sales training , sales training articles , sales training blogs.

7 Reasons You Should Be Mining Auto-Replies for Best-Fit Leads

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In the context of this article, lead sourcing is the process of reviewing replies (both human and automated) to your email campaigns and looking for new and updated lead or account data. Generating new leads is a big priority for B2B salespeople.

How to Generate More B2B Leads for Your Sales Team

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In many ways, this makes prospecting easier -- but the budgets, stakeholders, and gatekeepers you encounter throughout the sales cycle can make finding the right B2B leads that much more important. Check out this article.

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Five best practices for networking in b2b sales

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Still others are gatekeepers who can’t say yes, but can say no. Technorati Tags: internal champion , networking , sales best practices , sales strategy , sales training , sales training articles , sales training blogs. Networking in B2B Sales.

I Doubled My Income in 90 Days Using This Technique

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I completely mishandled the gatekeeper (it was no wonder I rarely got through). If you have questions about the legality of recording calls for your state, then check this article out by Steve Richard of ExecVision. Seems too good to be true, doesn’t it?

Your No. 1 Competitive Weapon

No More Cold Calling

They’ve probably read the same sales blogs and articles, and they know how to use LinkedIn. You don’t have to worry about getting past the gatekeepers or heading off the competition, because you have the best possible competitive advantage—a relationship.

How to Find Almost Anyone’s Email Address (Without Being Creepy)

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For example, you might send Mary a LinkedIn message saying: “ Hi Mary, We’ve been exchanging comments about my article on error reduction for widget manufacturing machines for a while now. Admit it, you hate getting emails from strangers. In fact, a recent experiment showed most people do.

How To Connect And Engage With C-Level Executives


In this article: Engaging with C-Level Executives. Cold calling the CEO is difficult, but not impossible — if you know how to structure your pitch and how to get past gatekeepers. I’ve seen it in almost every new rep: fear of the owner, fear of the gatekeeper, fear of the 2nd gatekeeper (the dreaded executive assistant), and reluctance to even approach the challenge.

The No More Cold Calling? Webinar Series

No More Cold Calling

Articles. Getting past the gatekeeper to your decision-maker. How to Bypass the Gatekeeper. Speaking. Joanne Black’s Speaking Topics. Speaking Video. Training. Live Webinar Series. No More Cold Calling OnDemand™. Referral Selling Training Programs. No More Cold Calling.

25 More Ideas to Grow Front Line Revenue

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Be conscious of how often you’re actually asking for the sale, for the business, to meet with the decision maker, to get in with and past the gatekeeper. There is nothing like sharing some good ideas to get others thinking and sharing too.

Expert advice: How to build a strong relationship between your AEs and SDRs


SDRs serve a very important gatekeeper role, ensuring that leads are qualified through an initial conversation, then passing them to the account executives (AEs), who are responsible for establishing relationships with those leads and nurturing them through a pipeline.

Top Ten Characteristics of Top Sales Producers (Part Two)

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I’d like to thank many of you for your emails and comments regarding last week’s ezine article on the first characteristic of making a commitment to doing whatever it takes to be a top sales producer.

How to Ask for Referrals: A Comprehensive Guide

No More Cold Calling

When sales teams know how to ask for referrals, they don’t have to worry about identifying decision-makers, bypassing gatekeepers, or proving themselves trustworthy. Forget all those articles about how to ask for referrals on LinkedIn or how to ask for referrals in an email.

Leverage Your Personal Brand to Drive Sales This Quarter and Beyond

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Leverage them to the fullest by continually updating, growing your network and sharing your expertise, i.e., share your company blog posts, press releases, interesting trade articles and etc. As a quota carrying sales rep, you have a number to hit. The year is well under way.