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The Secret to Creating Content Your Prospects Crave

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Guest Article: “Beware of Who’s Preaching that Prospecting No Longer Works to Develop New Business,” by Mike Weinberg

Sales and Management Blog

Beware of Who’s Preaching that Prospecting No Longer Works to Develop New Business. There is a lot of noise and confusion about prospecting in the sales world. It’s always been hard to get salespeople to prospect for new business — even when proactively pursuing strategic target accounts was widely accepted as a valid method for acquiring new customers. movement, loudly proclaim that prospecting is dead and completely ineffective for developing new business.

What Does Your Prospect Really Want?

Cold Calling Results

Question 1: What do sales professionals want to accomplish on prospecting calls? To reach the prospect directly. To “qualify” that prospect (usually by asking a lot of questions). Question 2: What do prospects want to know when you call them?

Guest Article: “Funnel Vision,” by Cara Celli

Sales and Management Blog

If you can sell yourself and your idea to the prospect, chances are you’ll get your first appointment. Get the prospect to like you, and you will get the appointment! If you think the prospect won’t appreciate silliness, go for a more subtle joke. Your prospect will probably confide more in you at this point. Your prospect will be calm if you are. Pushiness is big turn off for your prospect. Genuinely caring about your prospect.

Guest Article: “No Problem, No Need,” by Jim Keenan

Sales and Management Blog

The best sales people dig and search until they can find a need, then they sell to that need by telling the prospect how their product or service can fill their need. The problem with this assumption is most sales opportunities are found because the prospect didn’t know they had a need. No Problem, No Need. By Jim Keenan. As sales people we are taught to find a need and sell to it. Needs based selling is what many of us have been taught from the early days.

Social Media vs. Traditional Prospecting: Which is More Effective?

The Sales Hunter

Along with the emails are the numerous articles on the web about how old school […]. Blog Breakthrough Sales University Cold-Calling Consultative Selling Phone Sales Tips Professional Selling Skills Prospecting breakthrough sales university phone sales tips phone tips prospect prospecting selling skills Every day I get minimally 3 – 5 emails from people proclaiming to me how effective their social media plan is for getting new customers.

Sales Teams Need Face Time—with Prospects and Each Other

No More Cold Calling

A colleague of mine in Europe complained to me that his prospect in Paris had arranged a meeting with all the decision-makers he needed to meet. But the prospect had only given him four days’ notice. Read the rest of McNulty’s article for more.).

Guest Article: “The Proven Best Way to Gain New Customers,” by Miles Austin

Sales and Management Blog

Uncategorized business development miles austin prospecting references sales seling testimonials The Proven Best Way To Gain New Customers. by Miles Austin. Looking for the proven best way to gain new customers & grow your business? Testimonials and recommendations are the answer. Testimonials and recommendations work. Many will argue that they are THE most successful way to attract new business. Entire business models like Yelp have emerged to leverage this truth.

Guest Article: “The Dichotomy of Sales!,” by Lynn Hindy

Sales and Management Blog

Rather, when you go into every interaction with a prospect with the intention and belief – it is all about making sure the customer solves their problem – ultimately you will make more commission! skill – taking the time to actually practice the craft of sales, not to manipulate a prospect… rather to ensure you know you’re the best fit for the opportunity. The Dichotomy of Sales! by Lynn Hidy.

VIDEO SALES TIP: Grab the Attention of a Prospect This Way

The Sales Hunter

We all have those prospects and customers who are tough to reach. A great tool I use is emailing the prospect a link to an article they may find of interest. Blog Professional Selling Skills Prospecting prospect prospecting sales prospecting video sales tip

Guest Article: “7 Sales Prospecting Ideas that Work,” by Mark Hunter

Sales and Management Blog

7 Sales Prospecting Ideas That Work. Here’s a list of 7 sales prospecting ideas you can use right now: 1. Give away prospects to others. You heard me — give away prospects. If you aren’t positive about both yourself and what you sell, then how do you expect anyone you meet to even think about being a prospect? by Mark Hunter. The biggest item on the “to do” list of most salespeople is finding good sales leads.

How to Use Twitter for Modern Prospecting

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This article discusses how to use Twitter as a one-to-one selling tool. When combined with LinkedIn, Twitter is highly effective for modern prospecting. Sign up for the onsite session and get access to the Twitter Prospecting Guide. 4 Steps to Use Twitter for Modern Prospecting.

Guest Post: The Prospecting Rut

Jonathan Farrington

No doubt about it, prospecting can sometimes get boring, and certainly depressing. It’s time to change up your prospecting approach with some different personal attraction strategies. Get prospects to notice you. Warm up your prospects so they’ll want to take your call.

It’s True, EVERY Prospect is Unique

Jonathan Farrington

Yes, it is most definitely true, every prospect and customer is indeed unique. As I suggested in an article many years ago … “ It is important to remember that all people are different, so you cannot sell the same way to everyone. Finding out the prospect’s requirements.

Guest Article: “Using Social Media for Sales Prospecting,” by Anita Campbell

Sales and Management Blog

Using Social Media for Sales Prospecting. Not only would it be easier to turn prospects into leads, but you’d be saving everyone’s time and energy by reaching out to people already in the market for your product. Just like LinkedIn Answers, Quora offers great opportunities for using questions and answers to reach prospects and encourage sales. prospecting sales selling Uncategorized sales prospectingby Anita Campbell.

Guest Article: “Are You Facing Sales Fatigue?” by Ken Thoreson

Sales and Management Blog

The economy has caused sales teams to face declining prospect budgets, more competitive bidding, fewer opportunities, lower incomes and general personal stress. Are You Facing Sales Fatigue? by Ken Thoreson. The past three years have been a challenge for most partner organizations. As someone that works with partner organizations on a daily basis we have seen all of these situations cause an increase in mental and physical fatigue. .

Guest Article: “Don’t Wait for a Bone,” by Tibor Shanto

Sales and Management Blog

Usually while discussing their prospecting efforts with an account currently serviced by a competitor, reps tells me how they follow up with and touch the client, in the hope that the buyer will “throw me a bone, and I can prove myself.”. Don’t Wait For A Bone. by Tibor Shanto.

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Guest Article: “Building Your Sales Pipeline Is Not a One Step Process,” by Lori Richardson

Sales and Management Blog

For many years, the “sales explanation industry” has worked with and discussed a Funnel or a Pipeline model to explain how you need many more leads to eventually turn into prospects, and then ultimately a smaller subset who become actual customers. Can you find prospective customers – ideally who are “more likely” to do business with you than “less likely”. You MUST have tools that can: help you find and /or attract prospects.

Guest Article: “The Five Golden Rules of Boosting Sales Rep Productivity,” by Nancy Nardin

Sales and Management Blog

The focal point of this article is not to examine or suggest possible changes that reps must make. Every minute you spend “following up” with, or giving directives to your reps, equates to time they won’t have to talk to a prospect or to execute on their sales objectives (let alone close deals). Then, attack those elements that needlessly rack-up the most time and keep your reps from interacting with prospects. Five Golden Rules for Boosting Sales Rep Productivity.

Develop a Godfather Offer Prospects Can’t Refuse

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Top 5 Reasons Sales Prospects Ask for References

Understanding the Sales Force

Understanding the Sales Force by Dave Kurlan Everything is going along great, your prospect seems quite interested, they''ve agreed with your points, accepted your pushback, you got them qualified and you''re heading for the home stretch. Do you know why prospects ask for references?

10 Reasons Why Prospects Don’t Make the Best Choices

Smart Selling Tools

” Heck you’ve probably encountered any number of prospects who suffer from the malady. The question has to be asked, “If prospects are so smart, why don’t they make the best choices?” 6 Prospects don’t know what they want.

Guest Article: “5 Truths About Sales Success We Don’t Want to Admit,” by Dan Waldschmidt

Sales and Management Blog

How to leverage all three to funnel prospects into closed opportunities. 5 Truths About Sales Success We Don’t Want to Admit. by Dan Waldschmidt. Most discussions about how to be successful in sales include the essentials of technology and process and skills. From leads to lots of revenue. But that discussion is misleading (in fact, quite damaging) to an organization and especially to the newest members of that team. Because it leaves out the most important elements to being successful.

Guest Article: “In Sales, What Differentiates the Top 5% Players?” by Jonathan Farrington

Sales and Management Blog

Recognize when to treat an old account as a new prospect and keep the relationship fresh, alive and maintain profitability. Avoid ‘dry-months’ by allocating time wisely to their critical selling tasks i.e. Prospecting for new business, covering the bases with existing opportunities and finally closing the best few. In Sales, What Differentiates The Top 5% Players? by Jonathan Farrington.

A Sales Prospecting Technique That Will Blow Away the Competition

The Sales Hunter

Do you want a sure-fire way to set yourself apart from the competition while prospecting? Here’s how: Find an on-line news link that your prospect or person with whom you want to network would find of value — and you send them the link.

Why a LinkedIn Article Went Viral(30k views) and Another Didn't

HeavyHitter Sales

  This is the story of two very similar LinkedIn articles. However, one article went viral and was viewed over 30,000 times while the other was seen by 1,000.   The 1,000+ Views “Traditional” LinkedIn Article.     THE VIRAL ARTICLE EMPLOYED A “COWCATCHER”.

Guest Article: Agile Field Sales Teams are the New Winners

Jonathan Farrington

They may cherry-pick the prospecting visits they make, and come up with their own ‘gut’ assessment of how qualified a prospect is rather than asking the tough questions every time. This leads to missed opportunities, and wasted time selling to un-qualified prospects. .

Guest Article: “Dumbing it Down: 5 Secrets to Getting Smart People to Buy,” by Nancy Nardin

Sales and Management Blog

The key is to simplify the buying process, so that your prospect’s “buying stamina” never starts running on fumes, or worse, flames out. Here are a number of ways you can dumb it down so that your smart prospects will not only buy, but will be your most ‘enlightened’ advocates. Next time you give a demo, ask your prospect to take the wheel. Your prospects will react no differently if you make them focus on the end-goal at the expense of the next step.

Sales Prospecting: Is Cold Calling Dead?

Customer Centric Selling

Sales Prospecting: Is Cold Calling Dead? Many prospects that have answered cold calls probably hope the rumor is true and are actively trying to spread it. attempts to reach executives while at the same time discovering that few sellers made more than 3 attempts to contact prospects.

Guest Article: “Selling Your Relevance, Not Your Product,” by Babette Ten Haken

Sales and Management Blog

Have you ever listened to yourself speak with your prospects and customers? If you’ve gone through any type of sales training, the goal of your discussion usually is finding out what your prospective customer “needs”. That’s the spiel your current and prospective customers are expecting to hear. If you are an engineer, and your current and prospective customers call you directly (trying to avoid this commoditized sales scenario), listen to yourself as well.

Combo Article Friday - Finding New Business and Sales

Understanding the Sales Force

Understanding the Sales Force by Dave Kurlan I wrote an article for the Sales Blog over at Hubspot on how Inbound Marketing has really been around, like, forever. The article was about who should be your first sales hire.

The Sales Challenge of I Need Prospects

Increase Sales

A while ago I wrote an article, 7 Top Tips to Car Salesman’s or Saleswoman’s Success , for salespeople who sell cars. When those who sell cars for a living read this article, they may click on a link and receive the opportunity to be added to one of my lists.

Guest Article: “Sales Management: 4 Steps on How to Not Get Fired!” by Ken Thoreson

Sales and Management Blog

This step will improve your ability to discuss the business trends of the day with prospects and your sales team, increase your stature within your management team and improve how you manage your team. 4 Steps on How to Not Get Fired!” by Ken Thoreson.

Guest Article: Avoiding the Activity Trap, by Jeb Brooks

Sales and Management Blog

If all you’re doing on a call with a prospect is saying ‘hello,’ all you’ll hear is ‘hell no.’ ’ Instead, your activities need to fall into one of these four productive buckets: They educate your prospects. They uncover essential information about your prospect. They reveal pivotal information about your solution to your prospect. Examples include: Sending useful content ( e.g. , articles, whitepapers, etc.)

How Social Prospecting Helps Forecasting

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Your team needs to take more responsibility setting appointments with prospects. The number one way teams are doing this today is through Social Prospecting. These 5 Steps to Social Prospecting will help get the ball rolling. Manage the Large Pool of Prospects.

Guest Article: “When You Look in the Mirror Do You See a Salesperson,” by S. Anthony Iannarino

Sales and Management Blog

You won’t spend your time prospecting, and you won’t open new relationships. If you don’t believe that you are a salesperson, you won’t ask your prospective clients the difficult questions. When You Look in the Mirror Do You See a Salesperson by S. Anthony Iannarino. To succeed in sales, you have to embrace that you are a salesperson. Anything less than fully embracing the role means that you will produce results that are less than they should be.

5 Sales Prospecting Lessons from Super Bowl XLIX

Score More Sales

What 5 sales prospecting lessons can we take away from the big event? If there was no discussion, articles, videos, controversies – and then game day just happened two weeks later, it would be less exciting. It seemed like Super Bowl Sunday would never arrive, remember?

Sell to Prospects to those who CAN Buy

Sharon Drew Morgan

Here are the problems you face when targeting probably buyers who don’t yet have all their ducks in a row: Once prospects have determined a need, you’re already in a competitive situation and have to find ways to be better/cheaper/more branded. Your solution is great.

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Prospecting Gets A Fresh New Look

Fill the Funnel

Prospecting is a topic that every sales organization should be talking about every day. It has been the core focus of my entire sales career, so when I am introduced to an author and a book about sales prospecting and new client acquisition I will be eager to dive in. New Sales.