What B2B Marketers Can Learn from B2C

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In business-to-consumer (B2C) industries, brands rarely invest resources in audience engagement without first conducting consumer research. Adapting a B2C marketing practice into the B2B arena. Marketing directly engages the buyer – Marketing can invite clients and prospects alike to join working sessions on go-to-market strategy and messaging, bringing the voice of the buyer directly to the frontline.

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Sales is Not B2B or B2C. It Is Always 1to1.

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Regardless of whether you’re in B2B or B2C, we can’t lose sight that the sale is not made until it’s 1to1 — one person connecting with one person. Blog Professional Selling Skills Prospecting customer high-profit prospecting prospect prospecting sales prospectingWhat does your sales funnel look like?

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Forget B2B vs. B2C – Long Live B2P Sales & Marketing


A majority of modern businesses fall into one of two categories: B2C (business-to-consumer) or B2B (business-to-business). The terms B2B and B2C are so ingrained in our vernacular that only seasoned vets will recall a time when such terms weren’t the status quo.

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B2C Sales: A Comparison With B2B and How to Do Them Right

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Though they’re both selling the same product, Ryan is engaging in a type of sales known as B2C while Reana is engaging in one known as B2B. Another term for consumer sales is B2C or "business to consumer." B2C businesses sell goods and services for individual use or consumption.

B2C Sales Tactics Can Work Great in B2B Sales Situations

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Blog Consultative Selling Customer Service Professional Selling Skills Prospecting Sales Motivation B2B professional selling skills prospecting sales motivationTiming, emotion and personality still play a big role in B2B selling situations, yet too many salespeople leave them out. The reason they leave them out is they feel the customer is all business and they’re dealing with them either via email or some sort of a bidding process. It doesn’t matter.

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4 Ways to Make B2B Sales as Smart as B2C Sales

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With the long history of data availability available to B2C salespeople, they’re able to better track, recognize, and understand their prospects and the buying trips they take. You’re not just thinking about prospects as a company but as a bunch of individuals within a company; each has his own persona as both a businessperson and a consumer, meaning there’s a lot of data to digest and disseminate. Your sales team lives and dies by its list of prospects and priorities.

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31+ Flavors of CRM – Got B2C Sales CRM?


There are so many flavors of CRM from social CRM, sales CRM, call-centric CRM, lead management CRM, marketing CRM and the list goes on and on, tailored by vertical, B2C, B2B, and more. Some systems are focused on doing one thing very well and for Leads360 that one thing is a B2C sales.

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AI in Marketing: How and Why Your Peers Are Leveraging It

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Remember ‘big data’ and ‘advanced analytics’? These trends gradually evolved over the past decade as more and more businesses jumped on the bandwagon; ultimately paving the way for the next truly revolutionary tool in marketing: Artificial Intelligence (AI). Read on to.

Are Buyers Always Rational?

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Blog Consultative Selling Customer Service Professional Selling Skills B2B b2c closes closing closing a sale emotion prospecting sales selling skills

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One Powerful Way to Learn More About a Prospect

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Whether it’s nervousness, fear, inexperience, or just the conviction that if they stop talking the prospect will say “Not interested” and hang up, it doesn’t matter. They talk over their prospects. They talk after they ask a question (and don’t even let their prospect answer).

5 Transition Statements to Requalify Existing Prospects and Clients

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How good are you at requalify existing accounts, or prospects you haven’t spoken with in a while? And that means that just because a prospect or client was in charge of a certain function last month or 6 months ago, it doesn’t mean they are in charge of it today.

Three Ways to Get a Prospect to Respond

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The answer is simple: Prospects now have more ways of identifying sales reps they don’t want to speak with, and now have more ways of evading them. It’s the same for your prospects. Speaking about prospects hiding behind emails, etc.,

The Pipeline ? Prospecting With E-Mail

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Prospecting With E-Mail. Stored in Attitude , Business Acumen , Communication Strategy , Proactive , Prospecting , Sales 2.0 , Sales Tool , Sell Better , Success , Video , e-mail , execution. Last week we looked at means of leveraging voice mail in prospecting. Prospecting.

8 Tips for Salespeople When Email Prospecting


That said, would it surprise you to learn that prospecting is considered the biggest challenge by 42% of salespeople , followed by closing (36%) and qualifying leads (22%)? The more prospects you produce, the better able you are to hit quota and reach revenue goals.

How to (ethically) steal your prospect’s attention: 5 ultra-creative sales case studies


Sales case study takeaway : Whether you’re B2B, or B2C, the fact remains that you’re still B2H—Business to Human. He concludes with a quick value proposition and then shouts-out existing customers in Atlanta that the prospect would know. .

8 Valentine's Day Email Templates Prospects Love

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February 14 is typically a holiday for B2C marketers -- not salespeople. But that’s to your advantage: A Valentine’s Day-themed email will stand out in your prospects’ work inboxes, make them curious, and ultimately, earn you the opens and replies you’re looking for. Prospecting emails.

5 steps to sales prospecting (for higher quality leads) in 2019


When I first began selling, nervous doesn’t even begin to describe how I felt about sales prospecting. Your approach to sales prospecting should be no different. What exactly is sales prospecting? What’s the difference between a lead and a sales prospect?

5 Strategies the Best Reps Use to Tell Tire Kickers From Real Prospects

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You've spent hours prospecting : researching, making warm calls , reaching out via email and on social media. If you have prospects who are dragging their feet or slowing a deal down, you might be working with a tire kicker. It takes time and energy to educate prospects (e.g.,

Stop thinking B2B & B2C Sales. Focus on P2P.

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Sales professionals who Know and Grow their relationships with prospects and customers understand People-to-People selling. Developing relationships with prospects and helping them make decisions is -- and always will be -- the best way to sell. They focus on the prospect.

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Best Prospecting Methods — 4 Ways To Stop Second-Guessing How You Prospect

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In this blueprint, we provide insights into the best prospecting methods for different go-to-market (GTM) strategies. Prospecting is about having a conversation with a client. A prospect is a company or person who matches the profile of a client. Four Prospecting Approaches.

Sales Tips: 3 Things to Know Before Selling to the B2B Market

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In recent years, selling to the B2B market has presented new challenges for companies such as buyers’ growing tendency to vet vendors using online research and the interplay between the B2B and B2C buyer experience. Buyers expect B2C excellence from B2B vendors.

5 steps to sales prospecting (for higher quality leads) in 2019


When I first began selling, nervous doesn’t even begin to describe how I felt about sales prospecting. Your approach to sales prospecting should be no different. What exactly is sales prospecting? What’s the difference between a lead and a sales prospect?

The 4 Sales Soft Skills You Must Master For A Prospective Meeting

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A good rule of thumb is to go for “mirror” + one, where you dress one notch more formally than your prospect or customer. In that way, the B2C and B2B sales approach couldn’t be more similar. Use it on the phone and use it in a meeting with your prospect.

It’s B-2-All Now!

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Selling used to fall into one of two groups: B2B (business to … Read More » Account Management Goal Setting and Planning Negotiation and Closing Objection Handling Prospecting Sales Leadership Sales Strategies article b2all b2b b2c closing Colleen Francis Engage Selling objection handling presentation skills Sales Leader Sales Presentations sales trainer sales training sales training programs selling strategies speaker

The Sales Challenge of I Need Prospects Part 2

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For most to overcome this sales challenge of “I need prospects,” begins with marketing. Earlier this week I wrote about this sales challenge from a prospecting perspective.

B2B is Dead – Long Live B2P

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B2B vs B2C vs B2P. The terms B2C (business-to-consumer) and B2B (business-to-business) are essential, elementary for a person beginning the journey into the professional world. B2B, on the other hand, is generally dictated by a misguided understanding of prospective customers.

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This is the Most Important Qualifying Question

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If a prospect is looking to move forward “as soon as possible,” for example, it means that budget is in place. In addition, what is also important about timeline is that if the prospect you’re speaking to isn’t in the market at this moment, it means you can relax behind your pitch.

Help Your Customers Achieve What Seems Unreachable

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This is as true in B2C as it is in B2B. And by “positive results,” I mean significant increase in prospecting success and more closed sales. Blog Customer Service pricing Professional Selling Skills Prospecting Sales Motivation customer customer service prospecting

Buying Questions? Here’s What to Do

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I was listening to a client’s closing call last week, and when the prospect asked a buying question, the rep answered it and then just remained quiet. Closing & Objection Scripts Cold Calling Scripts Frontline Reps Phone Sales Prospecting & Qualifying Sales Tips Sales Tools

The 5 Secrets to Get Your Email Returned

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Here are 5 things you can begin doing right now: Email Secret #1: Use the prospect’s first name in the subject line. Putting your prospect’s name in the subject line (first name) will immediately distinguish your email from the hundreds of others your prospect gets.

The Sales Presentation: Things to Keep in Mind

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Join Our Next Training: If your team is struggling with call reluctance and is tired of the endless rejection they face, then this live, interactive online B2B & B2C inside sales training is exactly what they need to get excited & confident about selling again!

Four Proven Responses to: “We’re all set”

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Join Our Next Training: Agenda 7-Week, Comprehensive B2B & B2C Inside Sales Training Program. Overcoming Objections overcoming objections sales technique best cold calling prospecting scripts phone sales best sales skills cold calls

“Can You Email That to Me?”

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What’s the number one blow off/stall prospects use these days? And unfortunately, chasing down busy professionals—especially people who don’t want to be followed up with—will make reaching these prospects very frustrating… The solution?

B2B Selling is Now B2ALL

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There has been no greater impact on B2B sales in the last decade than the online consumer-buying process.

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The Only Black Friday Sale that Matters

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Just use the coupon code: “Black” during checkout and you’ll be on your way to prospecting better, overcoming objections easier, and making more money than anyone in your office. .

Stop “Following Up,” and Start Closing

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call to prospects whom you’ve already pitched? They put the control of the call in your prospect’s hands. Why not lead your prospect into the sale by referring back to the benefits he or she is going to get by working with you? How do you open your 2 nd or 3 rd.

Should You Use: “Is this a good time”—Yes or No?

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Just last week, I received this email question from a reader: “Hi Mike, question: After I send out information to prospects, and I come back to them with an idea do I ask them if they have a minute before going into my pitch?”. That’s how you handle prospecting calls.

How to Handle: I looked it over and not interested

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You felt like you had a really qualified and interested prospect, set the demo call, looked forward to what you thought was for sure your next sale, and…. Here are three proven scripts you can use the next time your prospect tells you “I looked it over and I’m not interested….

How to Overcome the “I’m not interested” objection

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Here is an example of the kinds of proven scripts and techniques you’ll learn to handle all the selling situations you and your team face: If, while prospecting, your prospect tells you, “We wouldn’t be interested,” you can more effectively respond with: “I’m not interested”.

A Better Way to Upsell

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Then gently lead a prospect to through your presentation. Closing & Objection Scripts Frontline Reps Prospecting & Qualifying Sales Tips Sales TrainingSo, here’s what happened last week: I bought a new car and called a local window tinting franchise to get it tinted.