B2C Sales: A Comparison With B2B and How to Do Them Right

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Though they’re both selling the same product, Ryan is engaging in a type of sales known as B2C while Reana is engaging in one known as B2B. Another term for consumer sales is B2C or "business to consumer." B2C businesses sell goods and services for individual use or consumption.

[STUDY] What Do B2B Buyers Want?

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Ecommerce and brick-and-mortar stores spend millions of dollars influencing B2C buying behavior: indirect lighting, relaxing music, mirrors, and a host of other factors all affect a customer’s purchase decision. Sales development reps, account executives, and other sales professionals will find a trove of actionable insights in this comprehensive study. Research goals of the B2B buyer study. Overall, study participants rated 12% excellent, 23% good, 38% average, and 27% poor.

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Case study: How Zuora drives 60%+ of its growth by outbound, even when accounts need nurturing for years


B2C subscription and membership companies: Zuora excels at complex situations when a company is managing hundreds of thousands or millions of consumer subscribers. Excerpt from the 2nd edition of From Impossible to Inevitable 2nd Edition.

Sales Tips: 3 Things to Know Before Selling to the B2B Market

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In recent years, selling to the B2B market has presented new challenges for companies such as buyers’ growing tendency to vet vendors using online research and the interplay between the B2B and B2C buyer experience. Buyers expect B2C excellence from B2B vendors.

Product Market Fit Through Increased Conversations

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It’s very different from B2C where you can be a little more data science-driven. Case StudyIn early 2019, we partnered with Shujinko , the team bringing cloud compliance know-how together with software automation to make compliance and audits easier for their customers.

B2B is Dead – Long Live B2P

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B2B vs B2C vs B2P. The terms B2C (business-to-consumer) and B2B (business-to-business) are essential, elementary for a person beginning the journey into the professional world. For clarity’s sake, both B2B and B2C are influenced by customers, but that’s not the point.

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Yes, Gender is a Factor in B2B Buying Decisions: Selling to Men and to Women

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But that’s the B2C space,” you might be thinking. “In Download our full study to see: who cares about pricing discounts. Are there differences selling to men and women in a B2B sales process? That was the question we set out to discover.

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5 trends in gaining more customer insight

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According to a the Forrester Consulting Q3 2019 Global Content Preferences study, 87% of technology buyers said that they want vendors to understand their business, industry or market conditions, and 83% want vendors to understand what’s most important to their job.

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Why You Need Social Influencers

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B2C companies that harness this trend of reaching ad-skeptical consumers are beefing up their coffers big time, so why are some B2B companies not following suit? Department of Commerce, B2B companies spend twice as much on incentives as their B2C counterparts.

Foo Really, A Viable Keyword?

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” According to an Adestra study that analyzed the email subject lines for over 2.2 This particular study looked at not only keywords, but phrases in six (6) key industry areas: B2B publishing. B2C publishing. B2C events.

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Personalize B2B Mobile Site to Grow Revenues

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There are still some things that differentiate a B2B (business-to-business) transaction from B2C (business to consumer). B2C has been much more adopted and understood – we are learning more about B2B and know at least this: Buyers need a level of trust before buying.

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New Book on Leadership: A Great Read!

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Applying five decades of study, profound insights and masterful storytelling, Goodwin demonstrates how four exceptional leaders—U.S. What characteristics make up leadership? Are you born with these traits, or can you develop them?

Hard for you to say you’re sorry?

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Prior to our latest research, apologies had been a reasonably well-studied area. Often, people in B2B environments argue that emotional content only works in B2C and that just the facts matter in conversations with B2B customers.

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Continuing Education: The Key to Immediate & Long-Term Success

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“Selling is a skill, and like all skills, it must be learned through study and practice.” – Thomas J. Watson. “A A salesperson’s education is never completed: each day offers new opportunities to learn.

Guide to the sales pipeline

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Whether you’re a B2B or B2C organization, your sales pipeline requires customization of the stages to match your company’s sales process, analysis of the sales pipeline metrics, and use of the right tools to track and manage your customers and sales team.

New Book will Improve Your Account Managers' Relationships

Understanding the Sales Force

Most of the books that are written about great customer experiences only cite best practices by large, well-known B2C companies like Amazon, Apple, Starbucks, and Zappos. You know how I feel about studies that only cite big companies.

5 trends in gaining more customer insight

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According to a the Forrester Consulting Q3 2019 Global Content Preferences study, 87% of technology buyers said that they want vendors to understand their business, industry or market conditions, and 83% want vendors to understand what’s most important to their job.

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B2B Sales 101: Definition, Techniques & More


With B2B e-commerce sales predicted to exceed B2C e-commerce sales by 2020, B2B selling is constantly growing. So, what are B2B sales, and how are they different from B2C sales? How are B2B sales different from B2C sales? How Are B2B Sales Different from B2C Sales?

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B2B sales – is more better?

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In Carlson and Shu’s study , more claims were better – until the 4 th. If you want to read a brief summary of the study, you can find it in the New York Times.]. But, as is always the case, it’s wise to examine the study details. But the study was about B2C sales.

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Why Should Sales Leaders Care About Customer Experience?

Miller Heiman Group

In the 2019 World-Class Sales Practices Study , Miller Heiman Group, now part of Korn Ferry, found that sales organizations’ customer retention dropped by 3%.

What is Outbound Sales? Tips, Tricks and Tools to Scale in 2020


There are 2 types of outbound sales practices: B2B and B2C. B2C outbound sales. B2C sales processes are handled by Telecallers (inside sales team) or BDEs. B2C companies focus on cold calling tools to simplify their calling activities and become more productive in it.

Tactics To Help You Meet Your 2020 Sales Goals

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It’s not just B2C companies that are selling directly from their websites, on Amazon or through affiliate relationships. Share links to your company’s latest case study with your prospects. Author: Jeff Kalter Are you at risk of becoming obsolete?

Trust and the Rise of the Transparent Seller

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Author: Todd Caponi Every year, Gallup publishes a study focused on the most and least trusted professions. Reviews and feedback are no longer confined to just to B2C purchases. According to a PowerReviews study , purchase likelihood peaks when a review score is between a 4.2-4.5.

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Why B2B Sellers & Marketers Need to Add Value to Each Buyer Interaction

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ED: Adobe recently discussed the concept “business-to-everyone” (B2E) in the cloud industry to encapsulate the convergence of the B2B and B2C buying experience. Transforming Sales: Why B2B Sellers & Marketers Need to Add Value to Each Buyer Interaction.

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Negotiating a B2B Sale? Be Proactive versus Reactive

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B2B sales are typically more complex than B2C. Preparation – Study the target business and consider how the process may unfold. Author: Andres Lares, Shapiro Negotiations Institute A sales negotiation is a process, not an event.

Do We Even Need Sales People Anymore

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Much of Drucker’s work is also based on idealized, “free markets,” which in any case–B2C, B2B, B2B2C, or others, is far from the reality. we shouldn’t be surprised about the declining need for of sales people in B2C sales.

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How B2B Customer Experience can Influence Sales Growth


In the last few years, considerable attention has been paid to improving customer experience (CX) in the B2C world, however, research by Accenture Strategy makes it clear that CX is equally, if not more, important for B2B buyers as well. .

The B2B Marketer’s Guide to Virtual Reality


While B2C brands have embraced VR/AR on a large scale, B2B marketers have been slower to adopt this new technology. Unlike their B2C counterparts, B2B marketers often fail to appeal to buyer emotions. The B2B buyer’s journey is long and complex compared to the B2C buying cycle.

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How Business Search Behavior Has Shifted During the Coronavirus


A week later, a study from the Institute of Supply Chain Management found nearly 75% of companies reported they would experience supply chain disruptions because of coronavirus-related transportation restrictions. At ZoomInfo, data is our passion.

Are you in Social Media Denial?

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This statement covers B2B, B2C and B2G. To recap: Buyer Anthropology – The study of buyer behavior, such as trends , culture, and actions. Buyers are evolving and changing. The question is, are you evolving and keeping pace with your buyers?

The Skinny on Lead Nurturing - 11 Experts Weigh In (part 1 of 2)


According to MarketingSherpa research, 64% of B2C and 48% of B2B marketers send out some automated version of this. Consider this case study: Email Marketing: 17.36% higher average clickthrough rate in 7 personalized subject line tests. This year I've been talking a lot about Nurturing.

Why building a custom CRM is almost always a bad idea


For example, if you sell physical goods and subscription services, or you have B2B and B2C sales teams working in tandem, it can be hard to find an off-the-shelf CRM solution that works well for you out of the box.

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3 Drip Campaign Emails With An Above 40% Open Rate

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B2C companies can get away with sending a little more, but B2B companies should resist sending more than five emails every month. For example, you might follow up their initial case study download with a friendly email like this: Tax season knocking too soon?

Stitching Intent Data into Your Sales Strategy

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Decisions aren’t made in a vacuum – not usually in B2C, and definitely not in B2B. Read the study: Which Data Points Predict More Sales? ?. Hey everyone, Jake Shaffren here, Director of Sales at DiscoverOrg.

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Should You Use Pinterest for B2B Marketing? Yes or No in 5 Minutes

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Pinterest , Not Just B2C. B2C companies leveraging Pinterest have experienced tremendous success driving revenue. Breaking down the recent pew Internet research study, women are about 5x as likely to be on the site as men. As a Marketing Leader, you hear Pinterest in the news.

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Sales Tech Game Changers: Why You Should Incorporate Customer Advocacy in Your Sales Cycle

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A 2017 study by LinkedIn said “Trust” is the number one factor in purchase decisions. In this series, we ask Sales Tech Executives to describe how their solution can change a sales organization in a significant way. We call it Sales Tech Game Changers.

Looking For Answers In Different Places

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As we studied research, and shared ideas/experiences, there were some fascinating insights. For example, a lot of B2B innovation is coming from looking at B2C and adapting some of the great practices in B2C.

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Only 2% of B2B Marketers are Using Marketing Automation to its Full Capacity


For both B2B and B2C marketers, marketing automation is an essential commodity. To view the full study click here. The study showed a severe lack of knowledge was one of the largest barriers when it came to implementing marketing automation.

Analysing the impact of the ‘Amazon Effect’ on B2B Sales

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There’s a new normal that blurs the lines between B2B and B2C”. According to an InsideSales study up to 50% of sales go to the sellers that is first to respond, because the first to respond is best able to frame the conversation and define the value proposition.

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Mobile Optimization for B2B. What Marketers Really Think about It


It is beyond question that B2C companies get enormous traffic from mobile devices — we all do at least some of our online shopping from our phones. One marketing specialist shared the case studies of his 2 B2B clients. Compared to B2C, this is obviously much lower ?

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