[STUDY] What Do B2B Buyers Want?

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Ecommerce and brick-and-mortar stores spend millions of dollars influencing B2C buying behavior: indirect lighting, relaxing music, mirrors, and a host of other factors all affect a customer’s purchase decision. Sales development reps, account executives, and other sales professionals will find a trove of actionable insights in this comprehensive study. Research goals of the B2B buyer study. Overall, study participants rated 12% excellent, 23% good, 38% average, and 27% poor.

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B2B is Dead – Long Live B2P

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B2B vs B2C vs B2P. The terms B2C (business-to-consumer) and B2B (business-to-business) are essential, elementary for a person beginning the journey into the professional world. For clarity’s sake, both B2B and B2C are influenced by customers, but that’s not the point.

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Sales Tips: 3 Things to Know Before Selling to the B2B Market

Customer Centric Selling

In recent years, selling to the B2B market has presented new challenges for companies such as buyers’ growing tendency to vet vendors using online research and the interplay between the B2B and B2C buyer experience. Buyers expect B2C excellence from B2B vendors.

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Yes, Gender is a Factor in B2B Buying Decisions: Selling to Men and to Women

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But that’s the B2C space,” you might be thinking. “In Download our full study to see: who cares about pricing discounts. Are there differences selling to men and women in a B2B sales process? That was the question we set out to discover.

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Tom Pisello: The ROI Guy: Social Media ROI a Requirement for 2011

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This is indicated vividly in a new report from Bazaarvoice, a poll of 175 B2C and B2B CMOs across various industries, with 74% of CMOs predicting they will finally tie social efforts to hard ROI in 2011. Gartner CIO Study Highlights Need for Outcome-Base.

Foo Really, A Viable Keyword?

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” According to an Adestra study that analyzed the email subject lines for over 2.2 This particular study looked at not only keywords, but phrases in six (6) key industry areas: B2B publishing. B2C publishing. B2C events.

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Why You Need Social Influencers

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B2C companies that harness this trend of reaching ad-skeptical consumers are beefing up their coffers big time, so why are some B2B companies not following suit? Department of Commerce, B2B companies spend twice as much on incentives as their B2C counterparts.

Negotiating a B2B Sale? Be Proactive versus Reactive

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B2B sales are typically more complex than B2C. Preparation – Study the target business and consider how the process may unfold. Author: Andres Lares, Shapiro Negotiations Institute A sales negotiation is a process, not an event.

New Book will Improve Your Account Managers' Relationships

Understanding the Sales Force

Most of the books that are written about great customer experiences only cite best practices by large, well-known B2C companies like Amazon, Apple, Starbucks, and Zappos. You know how I feel about studies that only cite big companies.

Personalize B2B Mobile Site to Grow Revenues

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There are still some things that differentiate a B2B (business-to-business) transaction from B2C (business to consumer). B2C has been much more adopted and understood – we are learning more about B2B and know at least this: Buyers need a level of trust before buying.

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Good Reads for B2B Marketing - 8 Changes that Will Improve Your Marketing


B2B buyers look for unbiased confirmation about products or services before buying, just like B2C buyers do. Study: Email Lands More Customers Than Facebook or Twitter, but Still Fewer than Organic Search.

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B2B sales – is more better?

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In Carlson and Shu’s study , more claims were better – until the 4 th. If you want to read a brief summary of the study, you can find it in the New York Times.]. But, as is always the case, it’s wise to examine the study details. But the study was about B2C sales.

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Low MQLs? 7 Digital Marketing Tricks to Keep Leads Coming Back for More

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Unlike B2C marketing, in the B2B world, not all the people who read your blog post or express interest in your product or service are a great fit. Get the study: Why Didn’t They Buy? It’s easy to give up after a few tries. You run ads, bring in leads, and then follow up.

Should You Use Pinterest for B2B Marketing? Yes or No in 5 Minutes

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Pinterest , Not Just B2C. B2C companies leveraging Pinterest have experienced tremendous success driving revenue. Breaking down the recent pew Internet research study, women are about 5x as likely to be on the site as men. As a Marketing Leader, you hear Pinterest in the news.

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Low MQLs? 7 Digital Marketing Tricks to Keep Leads Coming Back for More

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Unlike B2C marketing, in the B2B world, not all the people who read your blog post or express interest in your product or service are a great fit. Get the study: Why Didn’t They Buy? It’s easy to give up after a few tries. You run ads, bring in leads, and then follow up.

Analysing the impact of the ‘Amazon Effect’ on B2B Sales

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There’s a new normal that blurs the lines between B2B and B2C”. According to an InsideSales study up to 50% of sales go to the sellers that is first to respond, because the first to respond is best able to frame the conversation and define the value proposition.

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A Virtual Sales MBA

Partners in Excellence

A course of study or “virtual MBA.” They are always reading and studying. It was a B2C environment (also, B2 Retailer). I asked him, “Jerry, why did you hire us, we don’t know anything about B2C?”

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Sales Tech Game Changers: Why You Should Incorporate Customer Advocacy in Your Sales Cycle

Smart Selling Tools

A 2017 study by LinkedIn said “Trust” is the number one factor in purchase decisions. In this series, we ask Sales Tech Executives to describe how their solution can change a sales organization in a significant way. We call it Sales Tech Game Changers.

The Skinny on Lead Nurturing - 11 Experts Weigh In (part 1 of 2)


According to MarketingSherpa research, 64% of B2C and 48% of B2B marketers send out some automated version of this. Consider this case study: Email Marketing: 17.36% higher average clickthrough rate in 7 personalized subject line tests. This year I've been talking a lot about Nurturing.

The Ultimate Guide to Direct Mail

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It’s used in both B2C and B2B selling, although more commonly with consumers. According to the same study, 25% find it “more trustworthy.”. Whether you’re a B2B or B2C business, try using it to kick off conversations with your prospects and customers in a way they won’t see coming.

Social Selling Training Course

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Any business in the B2B (and increasingly in the B2C space) can leverage social selling to drive increased customer or prospect engagement. Case studies and real social selling ROI.

4 Ways to Hack Your Growth With AI

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Growth – more opportunities, higher sales velocity and expanding market segments – is the prize of victory and the successful growth hacking tactics of business to consumer (B2C) companies are becoming more popular in B2B. A study of high-performing marketing teams shows they are twice as likely to have a close collaboration with their sales counterparts. Author: Matt Amundson The world of business to business (B2B) selling is like a gridiron.

The Not-So-Fab Four

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Twenty to 30 years ago, the deal was that you went to school, studied hard and got a job. B2B and B2C firms are similar in the sense that they are both forms of commercial transactions. Companies that have the capital to control their experiences, be it B2B or B2C, have an advantage.

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Lessons from the Inside Sales Leadership Summit 13

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Bob shared research from their 2013 Inside Sales study. After lunch I facilitated a breakout session on how B2C sales teams can build customer loyalty. It was a full day at Day 1 of the AA-ISP (American Association of Inside Sales Professionals) 5th Annual Leadership Summit in Chicago.

Customer expectations – how are they evolving, what is driving them, what should sellers do to keep up, and how to improve customer experiences

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Their B2C experiences influence their B2B buying behaviours and decisions. According to a recent Salesforce study on the state of the connected customer, changing customer expectations means that 82% of business buyers expect the same experience as they get with personal buying.

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Digital Selling Strategies

The Digital Sales Institute

Another trend impacting digital selling strategies is that B2B buyers are now engaging with content similar to their B2C counterparts, meaning salespeople need to adapt their selling routines to stay relevant.

Is It Time for B2B Sales Teams to Ignore Speed-to-Lead?

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This stat comes from a Harvard Business Review study and for today’s B2B sales and marketing teams, it has several problems…. Second, that HBR study is actually often misquoted. You’ve heard the stat 1,000 times….

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How B2B Purchasing Decisions Have Changed


Major differences between B2B and B2C. First off, let’s make the distinction between B2B buyers and B2C buyers because these businesses differ drastically with respect to approach and transaction values. You could consider B2C “ low involvement ” and B2B “ high involvement “ A Longer Decision Making Process. A B2C buyer may only be making a decision for herself or with her spouse. In that study, CEB found that an average of 5.4

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3 Quick Fixes To Improve Your Database Marketing


In the same ZoomInfo study, 50% of the B2B organizations surveyed said that email campaigns that were not personalized had a less than 3% response rate, and actually cost 3.6

Are you in Social Media Denial?

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This statement covers B2B, B2C and B2G. To recap: Buyer Anthropology – The study of buyer behavior, such as trends , culture, and actions. Buyers are evolving and changing. The question is, are you evolving and keeping pace with your buyers?

How Enterprises Are Adopting Social Selling


B2C does not need that one to many approach, so I would argue that social selling is more appropriate to B2B for that reason.” Interestingly, among the B2B companies surveyed in the Forrester study, there is a decreasing resistance to social selling.

Direct Mail: The Forgotten Outbound Channel That STILL Works In Sales Today

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Make it useful: Useful gifts were much more likely to get a response in our study (47% chance of response) when compared to edible gifts (3.7% In the B2C industry, direct mail use is widespread.

Everything You Need to Know About Account Based Sales [Guide]

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Account Based Sales in B2C sales. On the other hand, the hyper-personalized focus required by account-based selling is a massive overkill in a B2C environment. Marketers also analyze and predict prospect behavior by studying the results of these account-specific interactions.

Webinar Replay: Tips for Using Social Media in B2B Marketing


B2B Social vs. B2C Social. It’s important to understand how social differs between B2B and B2C. First of all, most B2B companies share numerous posts per day, while many B2C companies have a lighter presence in terms of quantity of posts.

8 Valentine's Day Email Templates Prospects Love

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February 14 is typically a holiday for B2C marketers -- not salespeople. If you’re happy, I’d love to [ask you a few questions for a customer testimonial, feature you in a case study, get your thoughts on Review Site XYZ].

5 Reasons Not to Outsource Sales Development (and 3 Reasons You Should)

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If you are B2C, B2B2C, or B2C2B, it’s highly likely your business model simply won’t fit an outbound model. Further, according to a recent study on the most popular sales myths by the RAIN Group, the earlier your outreach occurs in the purchase process, the better.

The Pipeline ? Death Of Salesman 2.0?

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For me, and for all professional sales people, the piece has some short comings, not the least of which are it fails to address or distinguish the real difference between B2B and B2C; it fails to differentiate between transaction – interaction – purchasing and selling. Home About The Pipeline.

The Importance of Branding in Today's B2B Customer Acquisition

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You can read more about the specific SAP branding efforts through a Columbia Business School case study. The attributes are tracked in brand studies to provide quantitative data that shows the traction and lift over time. Crest) and recommend Colgate to B2C consumers. As B2B CMO’s work to transition their teams to lead generation there is a danger of abandoning brand stewardship. There’s intense pressure to show a return.

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[Missed Connections]: Referral Selling Insights from February

No More Cold Calling

B2C incentives work like magic. I’m conducting a study on referrals, and I need your help. Here’s what you might have missed from No More Cold Calling this month. Think sales has changed a lot? Sure, technology has shifted the way we work.

The 23 Best Sales Training Programs for Every Budget and Team

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Because each organization is unique, Sales Readiness Group uses pre-training consultation and customized case studies and exercises to ensure the content is as applicable to participants as possible.