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If you are in sales and your mandate is to sell to companies within your geographical territory, you have probably faced a scenario similar to the one that follows. Territory Alignment. Home About The Pipeline. Contest. Free Resources. Search. 0 Subscribers. Subscribe by Email.

4 Ways to Hack Your Growth With AI

Sales and Marketing Management

Growth – more opportunities, higher sales velocity and expanding market segments – is the prize of victory and the successful growth hacking tactics of business to consumer (B2C) companies are becoming more popular in B2B. Self-service AI-assisted sales and marketing platforms take on the tedious and time-consuming data-intensive tasks including total addressable market (TAM) analysis and territory planning, daily prospecting and sales intelligence.

The Pipeline ? Death Of Salesman 2.0?

The Pipeline

For me, and for all professional sales people, the piece has some short comings, not the least of which are it fails to address or distinguish the real difference between B2B and B2C; it fails to differentiate between transaction – interaction – purchasing and selling. Territory Alignment.

40 Tips for the Modern Sales Leader


B2C is ahead of B2B in this regard.”. — B2B buyers are acting like B2C buyers now—a lot of millennials are turning to the web to do research. B2C experiences raise buyers’ expectations for what will happen in the B2B buying process.

The Pipeline ? Prospecting With E-Mail

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If you are selling B2C (or even B2B) one of the best things you can do is give people a good reason to subscribe to your e-mail list and then provide value with every mail you send, slowly building relationship and trust. Territory Alignment. Home About The Pipeline. Contest.

Episode #092 Eat Their Lunch with Anthony Iannarino

Jeff Shore

Ignore the, the best, uh, accounts in your territory because they’re cold. I mean, I, I can tell you my last B2C sort of a buying situation.

Episode #081: Keep It Simple in Sales with Andy Paul

Jeff Shore

I mean if you’re trying to be effective in selling certain in the business to business space, or in B2C in certain markets, your high end, like real estate I know that you’re very familiar with, it’s still about what happens in that moment when one person talks to another person.