B2G sales: How tiny startups can sell to government agencies


Here's how a tiny company started closing huge deals with federal government agencies—and how you too can get started in B2G (business-to-government) sales. What is B2G? B2G stands to business-to-government. How a tiny startup accidentally discovered the B2G business model.

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19 sales articles we published in 2019 that will help you win in 2020


4 sales email tools that'll help you manage lead generation, scheduling, meetings, and more. This article outlines the appropriate steps you should take in each stage: which tracking tools to use, which metrics to track, and most importantly, key pitfalls to avoid when collecting data.

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18 essential sales KPIs: What to measure and how to track everything


Announcement: We've just released a new set of sales reporting tools in Close! Choosing the best sales analytics tools and software. Instead of using a tool that gives clear, actionable insights, most sales teams just export their sales metrics from their CRM into a spreadsheet.

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