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Excellent Customer Service Is Your Company’s Secret Weapon

Sell Integrity

In a world where customers have more options available to them — and more ways to vent frustrations publicly — you can’t afford to drop the ball on excellent customer service. Last week was National Customer Service Week , an annual — and now global — event devoted to celebrating the people who make customer service happen.

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Rethinking the Value of Customer Service


Seeing how far customers could be pushed before they’d cancel a service or move to a competitor was often acceptable. If a customer registers a complaint, it’s not the end of the world. Usually, the more problems are solved by customer service, the more likely it is for customer engagement to increase.


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The 10 Best Banks for Small Businesses

Hubspot Sales

There are many reasons for even the smallest businesses to have business bank accounts. Plus, come tax time, tracking down expenses and deductions is easier with a business bank account. But depending on the bank, you can also access important services for your company, such as business credit cards and loans.

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Banking Fintech In an Increasingly Global Society


Financial technology—or fintech for short—is making it easier and simpler to do everything from making bank deposits on your cell phone from anywhere in the world to getting the latest currency conversion rates via an app. trillion in goods and services in 2020. Banking on the Go. Sales are increasingly made on a global stage.

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The Future of Customer Service Is Bright: Why Customer Service Enablement Is Game-Changing


Case in point, do any of these situations resonate with your customer service experiences? You locked yourself out of your bank account with too many failed password attempts, so you call the support line to confirm your identity and get back in. These types of customer service experiences are all common.

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9 Can’t-Miss Customer Service Conferences in 2019


Instead of just reading the next best-selling book or checking out another “latest trends” report, customer service conferences provide an unparalleled opportunity to learn exclusive and valuable knowledge. The series provides the opportunity to learn how to take your customer service to the next level, regardless of the channel.

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TSE 1032: Why AT&T Customer Service Caused Me To Switch Providers

Sales Evangelist

On today's episode, I share why sellers must stay focused on their customers, and why AT&T customer service caused me to switch providers. People matter Salespeople sometimes forget that people matter, so let my experience with a disconnected phone serve as a direct reminder about the need for quality customer service.