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Why Salespeople Think CRM Software Sucks


The post Why Salespeople Think CRM Software Sucks appeared first on Pipeliner CRM Blog. You can poll virtually any salesperson, especially one who has worked in B2B sales. If you ask them about CRM, you’ll get an almost unanimous response: “It sucks!”

CRM Software, Automation and the Human Factor


The post CRM Software, Automation and the Human Factor appeared first on Pipeliner CRM Blog.

Auto-Calculated Fields in CRM Software


Traditional CRM software usually misses the boat on the actual purpose of a CRM solution, which is to increase sales velocity. The post Auto-Calculated Fields in CRM Software appeared first on Pipeliner CRM Blog.

The Benefit of Web Services to a CRM Software


The post The Benefit of Web Services to a CRM Software appeared first on Pipeliner CRM Blog. Let’s face it: the twenty-first century business environment is web-centric.

CRM Survey (by Software Advice): Key Findings To Help You Choose Wisely


Software review and matchmaker site, Software Advice, just completed a survey of over 300 CRM users. The post CRM Survey (by Software Advice): Key Findings To Help You Choose Wisely appeared first on Pipeliner CRM Blog.

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For Sales, A CRM Software Solution Should Be the Only Platform


For many years, a CRM software solution has been considered something separate from other vital sales tools—tools such as a sales process, email, web services and, lately, social media platforms.

Software ROI (Return on Investment) for Startups


In this post, we will show you the four tips that help you to understand the Software ROI (Return of Investments) for your startup company. In today’s automated world, one of the important startup costs is that of software. CRM Sales Software

Configure Price Quote Software – Ask, Listen, Sell

Cincom Smart Selling

Configure Price Quote software helps keep the sales conversation alive and focused on the needs of the customer. Much has been written about the value of listening in the process of marketing or selling, and Configure Price Quote software assists in the conversation.

5 Benefits of a Totally Visual CRM Software


CRM solutions—and software solutions in general, really—have always evolved toward visualization. The post 5 Benefits of a Totally Visual CRM Software appeared first on Pipeliner CRM Blog.

Pipeliner CRM Software’s Pipeline Management Makes Forecasting Accurate


Forecasting — The Salesperson’s “Not So Secret” Weapon CRM Software is more important than ever, because forecasting sales is an essential task for every business. Coupled with a high level sales target the right CRM software gives you focus, drive and something to get your sales teams motivated by. The post Pipeliner CRM Software’s Pipeline Management Makes Forecasting Accurate appeared first on Pipeliner CRM Blog.

Four Ways CRM Software Will Increase Your Sales Efficiency


And if you plan to do that, you’ll want to invest in some smart CRM software. The post Four Ways CRM Software Will Increase Your Sales Efficiency appeared first on Pipeliner CRM Blog. Do you want your sales team to make more sales?

How Dialer Software Boosts Sales Performance


For sales organizations, adding dialer software to a sales automation solution is tremendously valuable. It is important to note that these improvements show added value to users who were already reaping the benefits of Lead360’s intelligent sales automation software.

Confidence Comes With Quotation Management Software

Cincom Smart Selling

Quotation management software does more than organize outstanding quotes. Quotation Management Software Has Your Back. An effective quotation management software system will serve as the elephant memory to clarify and testify to exactly what was quoted, by whom and for how much. Quotation management software (QMS) comes in many forms including stand-alone functionality. Configuration software or CPQ is a natural venue for QMS.

Sales Force vs. CRM Software Solution


Who is a CRM software solution for, really? A company adopts and implements a CRM software [.] The post Sales Force vs. CRM Software Solution appeared first on Pipeliner CRM Blog. Who is it that actually creates customer relationships in the first place?

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Enterprise Software Chronicles: A synthesis of the rapidly evolving customer technology landscape

Brian Vellmure

The messaging from Marketo at its recent Marketo Summit seemed to be well positioned to make a run as an independent software vendor as they began to expand their messaging from being just a marketing automation vendor towards a complete marketing platform.

CPQ Software – Who Needs It?

Cincom Smart Selling

Lots of hype, lots of trade-journal coverage, but, I wonder if companies are really taking advantage, and are they finding a demonstrable advantage using CPQ software? Lead Conversion Rates for CPQ Software. Aberdeen’s research reveals that lead conversion rates for users of CPQ software run about 8.2 CPQ Software and Customer Renewals. It doesn’t matter if you are talking software, hardware, dump trucks or liability insurance. appeared first on Cincom Blog.

Configure Price Quote Software Prevents Order Prevention

Cincom Smart Selling

Configure price quote software makes approving complex sales orders easy and fast. Trust Your Configure Price Quote Software. It Starts with Guided Selling Backed Up by Configure Price Quote Software. The CPQ software utilizes a question-and-answer script that allows the customer to provide all of the necessary information required to make the best choice. The post Configure Price Quote Software Prevents Order Prevention appeared first on Cincom Blog.

IoT Collaboration Action Items! Blog Roundup 2016

Babette Ten Haken

Connecting our processes, mindset, software and equipment as well. Throughout 2016, I offer a monthly blog post roundup of featured posts from the award-winning Sales Aerobics for Engineers® blog. Industrial #IoT #Sales #Strategy, September 2016 Blog Post Roundup!

Get Over Your Fear of Marketing Automation Software


Modern marketing automation software (MAS) no longer suffers the stigma of being too complicated for anyone but a large enterprise technology company to adopt. What’s the opportunity cost of onboarding marketing automation software?

How Leaders Can Ensure Their Software Investments Produce Returns

The Sales Blog

How Leaders Can Ensure Their Software Investments Produce Returns is a post from: The Sales Blog | S. In my experience, this is how software investments fail to produce their promised results. They love the idea of the software itself.

Heavy Hitter Sales Blog: IT Sales Strategy: Software, SaaS.

HeavyHitter Sales

Heavy Hitter Sales Blog. IT Sales Strategy: Software, SaaS & Hardware Sales. Martin: The Real Story of Informix Software and Phil White: Lessons in Business and Leadership for the Executive Team. IT Sales Strategy: Software, SaaS & Hardware Sales. Recent Posts.

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Configurator Software Facilitates Effective Risk-Management Processes

Cincom Smart Selling

Configurator software may help to solve key business problems. Configurator software is helpful to both sellers and buyers in mitigating risk by helping both parties in a buying cycle fully understand what the buyer needs and what is being sold to fulfill that need. Game with Configurator Software. Configuration software has the answers to these questions. Configurator software will help you manage risk effectively. Smart Selling Configurator software

Using Feed As Collaboration Software Tool


Are you looking for a CRM collaboration software that empowers sales people to be more productive and close more deals? The post Using Feed As Collaboration Software Tool appeared first on Pipeliner CRM Blog.

What Does “Customer Success” Mean for Software and SaaS and How Do You Measure It?

Software Business Blog

Continue to emphasize those business outcomes throughout the onboarding process and the customer’s lifetime with you but keep also in mind that businesses and the markets they address aren’t usually static, especially in the software world. appeared first on Rethink Commerce Blog.

CPQ Software Solutions Need IT Support

Cincom Smart Selling

Ever since the PC crept into organizations and into the hands of end-users, the roles of IT and the user community have been complicated by the need for IT to maintain leadership in terms of strategy and mission fulfillment while the end-user’s thirst for functionality and value delivered through the desktop, mobile devices, cloud and application software was too often sated by unsponsored, independent projects. Your CPQ software solution can’t be one of those projects.

CPQ Software and Multiple Channel Sales Management

Cincom Smart Selling

In either instance, a certain amount of technology, namely CPQ software, will facilitate both of these models. CPQ software can help you tailor hundreds of potential configurations to match a specific need in the one instance while being able to show product availability and delivery dates is critical in the other. These configurations will be complex enough that a CPQ software is entirely appropriate. CPQ software for repeat, cross- and upselling transactions.

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The Real Challenge of Selling without CPQ Software

Cincom Smart Selling

To appreciate the value realized using CPQ software, simply look at how difficult life is for those sales reps who work without a CPQ solution ; it’s like going back to the ‘50s. Selling without CPQ software works the same way. It still is to some degree, but nothing like it is without CPQ software. That still happens in the CPQ software world, but it happens much less frequently. CPQ software streamlines this process.

Increasing Customer Lifetime Value for Software and SaaS Subscriptions: A Webinar

Software Business Blog

But another key metric for software companies isn’t always tracked as closely: customer lifetime value (CLV), or the value a customer is expected to bring to a company over time. In this blog post, we give you an exclusive look at some of the insights she shared.

Client Retention Lessons from Software as a Service

The Sales Blog

Client Retention Lessons from Software as a Service is a post from: The Sales Blog | S. Not too many years ago, there was no such thing as software as a service ( SAAS ). Instead, you bought a packaged box with the software enclosed on a disk, and you ran the software on your computer. But software companies learned that they could create and capture more value with a better model. But you have an advantage over software as a service companies.

3 Software Tools That Can Speed Up Your Sales Cycle

Cincom Smart Selling

Solutions like Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ), and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software are designed specifically to target areas of the sales process that can be tightened up and make a company more dynamic and efficient. CRM Software. For that reason, it’s critical to enlist some technological help, and CRM software is the most obvious choice for a sales team. CPQ Software. ERP Software.

Four Reasons Smart CRM Software Can Help You Close More Deals


One of the key reasons to use CRM software is because it empowers your business to nurture leads and convert them into sales – far more efficiently than you could do without this software.

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Sunday Morning Blog — Smart Selling Tools

A Sales Guy

It seems there is constantly some new tool, software, company offering the next new thing to make selling easier. Her blog Smart Selling Tools is a “tool” in itself. Smart Selling Tools is absolutely one of the MUST HAVE SALES blogs in your reader.

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Price Management Software Always Has the Right Answer

Cincom Smart Selling

Price Management software lets you confidently answer that most common question in a sales transaction: how much does it cost ? That is where Price Management software comes into play. Price Management software working with CPQ can accomplish this. Price Management software will maintain pricing lists for virtually each country that does business with your enterprise. Price Management software uses the correct pricing model for each prospect type.

Four Great Personal Productivity Blogs

The Productivity Pro

Blogging is using a new medium for what it’s good for—connecting and interacting.” “Blogging is good for your career. A well-executed blog sets you apart as an expert in your field.” Then we started exploring the increasing popularity of downloadable audio recordings called podcasts and articles on blogs. ” You can find hundreds of productivity blogs online, and I read a handful myself (in addition to writing this one).

What? A Philosophy Behind a CRM Solution?


appeared first on Pipeliner CRM Blog. CRM Sales Software Salespreneurs “Why would a CRM solution have a philosophy?” you might ask. Philosophy is for heavy thinkers in ivory towers. We’re a company with salespeople.

Report Reveals that CRM Proficiency is the Top Qualification Skill for Sales Director Role


Software Advice Industry View: Sales Director Job Listing Report 2014 from Software Advice Editor’s Note: Are you interested in becoming a Sales Director? Software Advice (a digital resource for software buyers) has some very useful information for you.

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Guest Blog: Unstoppable Business Performance throughDynamic Planning


But reality is strikingly different as this blog highlights. The post Guest Blog: Unstoppable Business Performance through Dynamic Planning appeared first on OS Blog. From my perspective, planning is all about determining how a business can achieve its goals.

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How to Maximize Free Trial Conversion for Desktop Software

Software Business Blog

Trials are one of the top ways for desktop software companies to acquire new customers. Read on for a summary on maximizing trial conversion for desktop software, or watch the 60-minute webinar. The Trial Conversion Funnel for Desktop Software.

Infographic: How to use SMS to win love, leads, revenue


The post Infographic: How to use SMS to win love, leads, revenue appeared first on Leads360 Blog. As Valentine’s Day approaches, we thought we’d take a lighthearted twist on a recent text messaging study we conducted by comparing text messaging usage and etiquette in both business and love.

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The 8 Buying Considerations CRM Vendors Don’t Want You to Know About

Smart Selling Tools

Like most ad-numbed and ‘spin’-undated consumers, when considering a CRM solution, sales software buyers focus on the usual eye popping standards like price and features, while leaving the most important element a distant third – the one that will keep the system in the ‘go-to’ category long after price and features have faded from memory – and that is use-ability. Follow Nancy on Twitter @sellingtools or subscribe to her Tool Talk blog.

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