A Guide to Building Accurate Buyer Personas Using Real Data

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In this increasingly customer-centric business landscape, it’s getting more important than ever for companies to tap into their buyers’ mindset. Enter: buyer personas. Buyer personas are one of the most tried and tested ways of getting into your target audience’s psyche.

Are Buyer Personas Sabotaging Your Sales?

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The post Are Buyer Personas Sabotaging Your Sales? One of the most popular “best practices” in B2B sales and marketing is to create buyer personas. These fictional characters usually have names, and they embody all the traits of your ideal prospects.

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[SURVEY] The B2B Buyer Persona: 30 Ways to Get Inside the Mind of Your Target Buyer

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First, the bad news: Most B2B buyers don’t trust salespeople. These 30 findings from our extensive study tell salespeople exactly what to do to change this dynamic, and how to win back the respect and partnership the B2B sales-buyer relationship needs to be mutually successful. B2B buyers often take issue with salespeople for a host of reasons. This objective study pulls from statistics as well as human psychology, as represented by 230 B2B buyers in a 76-part survey.

Create a Buyer Persona-Based Content Marketing Strategy

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Developing and operationalizing a steady stream of relevant content that engages buyers is the new must-have modern marketing core competency. Marketers today must build an effective content engine designed to deliver compelling insights to customers and prospects alike.

4 Steps to Creating Buyer Personas for a Personalized Sales Approach


As a small business, you probably have specific types of people in mind when you consider your ideal and potential buyers. When you take the time to describe these customers—profiling them on a demographic, firmographic, and psychographic level—that’s called creating buyer personas. . Buyer personas, also known as marketing personas, help businesses visualize their customers. Why create buyer personas? How to create buyer personas.

Why You Need Buyer Personas in Today's Sales World

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The most efficient way to ensure you are prepared is through buyer personas. Sales Culture Sales Prospecting Sales Career Development Selling Strategies

Buyer Personas: The Missing Piece of Your SEO Strategy


In today’s blog post we explain why buyer personas are a critical—but often missing—element of your SEO strategy. What is a buyer persona? Buyer personas are created using quantitative analysis, market research, anecdotal observations, and many other data sources.

Knowing me, knowing you – The science of understanding buyer personas

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Knowing me, Knowing you – The science of understanding buyer personas. The key to any successful sales strategy starts with understanding your buyer. They don’t do their research, they don’t harness insight about behaviours and sentiments, and they don’t model buyer preferences.

Defining Your Target Customers Through a B2B Buyer Persona


With every beep , tweet , and ding , infinite amounts of information are harassing consumers, giving them the power and accessibility to educate themselves and take control of their buyer’s journey. Customer Experience B2B Buyer Persona Target Customers

4 Steps to Create a Buyer Persona Sales Reps Will Use (Template Included)

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I’ve seen it time and time again… A company’s marketing team dedicates their already stretched resources to develop strong, accurate buyer personas — but no one actually uses it. What’s a Buyer Persona? How prospects prefer to engage in the sales process.

Does Your Resource Plan Start at the C-Suite?

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“Strategy is simply resource allocation. When you strip away all the noise, that’s what it comes down to.” ” – Jack Welch. As the CEO, your job is to execute against your corporate strategy. To do this, you must align your resources.

Defining Your Target Customers Through a B2B Buyer Persona


With every beep, tweet, and ding , infinite amounts of information are harassing consumers, giving them the power and accessibility to educate themselves and take control of their buyer’s journey. Another aspect of customer understanding is grasping how the target customer moves through the buyer’s cycle, and how decision makers and influencers consume information. The post Defining Your Target Customers Through a B2B Buyer Persona appeared first on SugarCRM.

How Well Do You Know Your Prospect?

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How much time do you spend getting to know your prospect? Before creating your ideal list of 100 prospects , ask yourself, what is the common thread between these, and all the other people who could potentially use your service? If you sell to everyone, you ultimately sell to no one.

Steps to Creating Buyer Persona Profiles [Infographic]


We talk about buyer personas a lot on the ZoomInfo blog— for good reason! Marketers use buyer personas to inform every piece of their marketing strategy and ultimately generate more revenue for their respective companies. The Beginner’s Guide to Buyer Personas.

How to Cater a Sales Strategy to Gen Z

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Leveraging personalized ads for your Generation Z buyer personas can also be an effective means of getting them into physical retail outlets. Selling to Different Buyer Personas

How building a Buyer Persona from our CRM data skyrocketed our sales


“Patching together actionable information about your customers with gut feelings, good intentions and some duct tape is not a recipe for conversion success… The problem with many personas is that they are either based on irrelevant data, poorly sourced data, or no data at all.”. Are your marketing and sales teams aligned in their understanding of a high-value lead versus a low-value prospect? What is a Buyer Persona? Why are customer personas important?

How 2 Brands Successfully Shook Up Their Sales Strategy

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And there's a good chance that your sales team might have to adjust the way it approaches prospects and customers. Porsche pivoted when it noticed the shifting preferences of the modern luxury car buyer and the rising tide of digital transformation. Selling to Different Buyer Personas

How to Meet With C-Level Executives (And Not Completely Blow It)

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C-level sales involves meeting directly with executives at a prospect's company. Use this quick introduction to tie your goals to theirs: “Hi [buyer], [your name] from [company] here. However, some C-suite buyers enjoy getting to know you on a human level first.

9 Secrets to Getting a Response From the CEO in 2018

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When a salesperson sends a message to a lower-level prospect, they can afford to try a stronger ask at first and then tweak it or scale back as necessary. Salespeople often make emails to C-level buyers overly long and complex, because they think they need to sound smart and impressive.

Marketing is your wingman: 6 things salespeople should know about inbound marketing


We want to warm up the prospect, tell them why they should listen to you, and support you in whatever you need as you’re trying to build the relationship. What is a buyer persona? Writing one or more buyer personas is the first thing an inbound marketing team should do.

4 Best Practices for Better Targeting

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Sales Leaders buyer personas marketing prospecting sales and marketing sales leadership sales management sales process sales targeting targetingSo why is better targeting important? We often see that companies start to grow by getting whatever business they can. They stretch themselves outside their areas of expertise to fund growth. Depending on how far they go, this isn’t always a big deal.

7 habits of the highly successful inbound B2B seller

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According to HubSpot whilst only 17% of sellers would call themselves pushy, 50% of prospects have been subject to pushy sales techniques. A typical inbound sales definition is ‘a methodology that prioritises the needs challenges, goals and interests of individual buyers.

The Ultimate Guide to Sales Tips for Each Generation

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That makes adept social selling — the process of researching, connecting, and interacting with prospects and customers on social media networks — central to an effective Gen Z sales strategy. Selling to Different Buyer Personas"Why don't you all just fade away?

Marketing is your wingman: 6 things salespeople should know about inbound marketing


We want to warm up the prospect, tell them why they should listen to you, and support you in whatever you need as you’re trying to build the relationship. What is a buyer persona? Writing one or more buyer personas is the first thing an inbound marketing team should do.

4 Tips for Selling to Multiple Decision Makers

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Don’t assume your prospective clients know this is an option; your primary contact may be reluctant to ask you for a repeat performance. Customer Buyer Personas Sales TrainingSelling to multiple decision makers is a universal challenge for sales professionals. Often times, it isn’t just the number of decision makers, it’s the inability to get all decision makers in the same place at the same time to explore, discuss or to hear our sales presentation.

Marketing is your wingman: 6 things salespeople should know about inbound marketing


We want to warm up the prospect, tell them why they should listen to you, and support you in whatever you need as you’re trying to build relationships. To put it into business terms: inbound marketing is the concept of creating highly relevant content to attract, engage, and delight your customers at each stage of the buyer journey, push them down the marketing and sales funnel, and warm them up for the sales rep to close. What is a buyer persona?

How Social Prospecting Helps Forecasting

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Your team needs to take more responsibility setting appointments with prospects. The number one way teams are doing this today is through Social Prospecting. These 5 Steps to Social Prospecting will help get the ball rolling. Manage the Large Pool of Prospects.

How B2B Purchasing Decisions Have Changed


I’m sure you’ve heard that buyers have more power now than ever before because of all the tools and information at the buyer’s disposal. Long gone are the days where buyers relied on salespeople to be their sole education channel. First off, let’s make the distinction between B2B buyers and B2C buyers because these businesses differ drastically with respect to approach and transaction values. Today’s B2B buyers rarely act alone.

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How to Sell to 4 Different Personality Types

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Those two factors meant I was an extremely good prospect. You have to adapt your strategy to the buyer’s personality type. You want to continually get their buy-in, so ask questions like, "So, we agree that you can use Templates to automate the prospecting process?".

CMO: Why Don’t Your Prospects Care?

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You’re asking yourself “Why aren’t my prospects responding to my campaigns?” The fact is customers and prospects aren’t responding to your campaigns. You begin rehashing the feedback from sales, customers and prospect surveys. Read more on personas here.

The Prospecting Problem: Balancing Inbound and Outbound Sales Strategies

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Many companies wrongly think they have to either build an inbound prospecting strategy or an outbound one. Prospecting is something every sales organization needs to master. Most sales prospecting falls into two broad approaches — Inbound and outbound sales. Your Buyer.

Emotional Intelligence in Sales, Empathy and the Actor’s Magic “If”

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Using this same technique, you can develop greater emotional intelligence in sales and discover how you— and in turn our prospect—might think, feel, and act within their particular circumstances. Social media has made it easy to start painting a picture of your prospect so start there.

How to Make a Successful Prospecting Email Even More Effective

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One of the greatest feelings for sales people is receiving an email from a prospect that confirms a meeting. Prospecting

Value Messaging: Your Ticket to Winning More and Losing Less?

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Value messaging provides vital fuel for conversations: How to communicate and quantify the value you can uniquely deliver to prospects, who are more focused on economics and outcomes than ever before. Tall and confident, with a more than notable German precision.

Prospecting At Scale To Grow Sales


Wondering how prospecting at scale can help you grow sales? Scaling your prospecting efforts becomes easier when you focus on these four vital components. RELATED: 4 Best Practices For Incorporating Twitter Into Your Prospecting Sequence. It’s all about the buyer persona.

Gartner: The Technology Sales Rep Has Lost Their Mojo!

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As technology buyers have changed, now more knowledgeable, empowered and in control of the purchase decision process, technology sales reps have not evolved to keep pace, this according to a recent article by Gartner.

B2B is Dead – Long Live B2P

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B2B, on the other hand, is generally dictated by a misguided understanding of prospective customers. B2B is inherently trapped into the box of corporate safety and bland messaging because B2B buyers are so often associated with risk-aversion. Download the Full Buyer Persona Study.

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The new ABCs of Selling: Always Be Challenging!

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This week, CEB held their annual Sales and Marketing Summit, with 1,200 celebrating all things and revealing some of the latest research on how to more effectively evolve your sales and marketing for a new breed of buyer.

The Triple Touch: How to Easily Accelerate Prospect Responses

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What if I told you there was a simple, 3-step strategy that takes the guesswork out of your sales cadence and accelerates prospect responses? For those of us on the front lines, sending emails, making our phone calls, and getting the attention of B2B prospects can be an uphill battle.

Mastering the Consensus Sale: Do you know your 5.4?

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Not only should Sales challenge its prospects, armed with new intelligence and personalized insights to win more business, but now the research shows it also needs to proactively identify and build consensus among all of the decision makers.