How to Align Modern Sales, Success, and Marketing with Sales Engagement


Better metrics than MQL. Teams need mutually agreed upon metrics to track success. Switch to tracking these metrics that matter to all teams. A reliable attribution model. Metrics are all well and good but not if you can’t track the source they’re coming from. When CS is aligned on the current Sales Engagement strategy, this creates a seamless journey from prospect to customer to evangelist for your buyers.

Show Me the Money

The ROI Guy

Although financial justification / ROI is required, most buyers struggle with the numbers. According to IDC, 2/3rds of buyers indicate they don’t have the knowledge, research metrics or tools needed to do ROI / business value calculations. The good news is that buyers seek help from solution providers to produce the business case. Vendor provided calculators may look good, but without independent validation, will do little to convince today’s skeptical buyer.