Voice Mail As A Differentiator

The Pipeline

They spend time and effort to meet a social norm and construct not of their own making or choosing, all in an effort to fit in and not be different from the herd perusing the same prospect. By Tibor Shanto – tibor.shanto@sellbetter.ca .

Why Edgy Conversations Will Make You a Better Business Owner or.

Score More Sales

If larger vendors calling on large companies have trouble with this – it is no wonder that small and medium-sized businesses do, too. Looking forward to the call today, Lori! The line between constructive honesty and being tacky can be a very fine one. Request a Call Back.

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Avoid Maybe Purgatory: Turn Maybes into Small Yeses

Smart Selling Tools

In closing, Jonathan suggested that Heidi check back in two weeks’ time. So when Heidi called back in two weeks, Jonathan wasn’t ready with a purchase decision. ‘ To “ooch” is to construct small experiments to test one’s hypothesis.

What's it take to generate leads that fuel your forecast?


While all of these scenarios have potential, none could be called a lead. Sales won’t spend the time it takes to cull through 100 so-called leads for 3 to 4 good ones. If Sales has to make 100 phone calls to determine which 3 are worth something, they won’t invest the time, and it’s not smart for your company to ask them to. Picking up the phone and making some calls. Voicemails and emails are carefully constructed and tested.