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Voice Mail As A Differentiator

The Pipeline

If you’re in sales, you know that a crowd favourite is differentiation. Companies, marketing folks, sales people all want to differentiate, which is not an easy thing in a climate where differences are few and subtle. Sales Success

Avoid Maybe Purgatory: Turn Maybes into Small Yeses

Smart Selling Tools

The conversation was prompted when Heidi phoned to follow-up after Jonathan signed up for a free trial. In closing, Jonathan suggested that Heidi check back in two weeks’ time. So when Heidi called back in two weeks, Jonathan wasn’t ready with a purchase decision.

What's it take to generate leads that fuel your forecast?


Is it the person who signed up for your webinar this week? While all of these scenarios have potential, none could be called a lead. Just try to pass them on to your field sales team and you’ll see. They won’t get followed up. Because the chances are pretty low—probably 3% to 4% at best—that any of these names are bonafide opportunities if you are a B2B company with a complex sales process. And that’s usually not something Sales is going to do.