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Coaches Benefit from Tryouts, Sales Managers Fail Using Gut Instinct

Understanding the Sales Force

As I think back to high-school baseball, a couple of things came to mind that have a lot to do with sales development. His first high school baseball coach saw his potential, calling him up to play on the varsity team when he was still in the 8th grade. Mike attended two high schools.

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AI in Sales Management…is just getting started

Sales 2.0

This is the first in a series of interviews with sales management subject matter experts, examining the current and future states of AI in sales. This first interview is with Oliver Churchill , the founder and CEO of Acuity Sales Decision Science. Call that… “Just add AI.” I was curious to hear what he thinks.


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Sales Managers: Think You’re Ready for Referrals?

No More Cold Calling

Here are five important steps to make your team referral sales experts. If salespeople were self-motivated, they wouldn’t need sales managers or metrics. That’s why we need sales managers. Actually, what we need is strong sales leadership. Sales managers do what they ask others to do.

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How to Get Prospects to Call You Back

No More Cold Calling

If no one’s returning your calls, you must be cold calling. I know who’s calling. No one leaves a message when they’re just cold calling a list. Reality check: Cold calling success rates are dismal. Sometimes I actually invite a call. The next day I received a call at 7:45 a.m. I see you.

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7 Must-Have Automated Documents for Sales Success

Learn why automating your documents is key to sales success. Companies are increasingly implementing technology to bring efficiency to their workforce. Data accessibility aside, teams continuously struggle with manual processes for document generation.

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7 Skills Every Sales Manager Needs

It’s hard to become a sales manager without first being a good sales rep. After all, when the majority of your own quota is based on your team’s sales performance, you need to know how to sell. . But that doesn’t mean the best closer is guaranteed to make the best sales manager. Let’s look at each one.

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52 Sales Management Tips

The Pipeline

The Sales Manager’s Success Guide. Even though I was a sales manager long before I had the opportunity to get involved in training, it was my work with trainers that help me appreciate not only the real challenges sales managers face, but their importance to a successful sales team executing their sales winning consistently.