The Only Black Friday Sale that Matters

Mr. Inside Sales

It’s that time of year again–the time when every company has a black Friday sale. . I’m going to make this easy for you: We’re offering just one product on sale–the best product we have at the lowest price it has EVER been offered. .

Metrics—Which One is Most Important?

Mr. Inside Sales

Feeling a little overwhelmed by all the new sales tracking technology that seems to come out every month (almost every week)? you can automate just about everything else—including phone calls, voice mails, email campaigns, etc. How about numbers of calls?


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Sales Tool of the Week: eBook on Cold Calling Scripts & Testimonial.

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Sales Tips and Strategies to Grow Revenues. Sales Tool of the Week: eBook on Cold Calling Scripts & Testimonial Tool + Congrats, Sales Stars! Sales e-book on Creating Scripts. I’m pretty much a skeptic when I hear about tools, books, and resources to help anyone who is doing cold calling or who are calling a list of prospective customers. Inside Sales” – and he knows his stuff. B2B Sales.

Close More Sales with this Training Program

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Check out our best inside sales training available on the Internet: On-Demand Training! And until you find out what’s really holding your prospect back, you’ll just go around and around in circles. Then give your team access to my award winning inside sales training!

Metrics—Which One is Most Important?

Mr. Inside Sales

you can automate just about everything else—including phone calls, voice mails, email campaigns, etc. While working with a new client last week, his management team was asking me which metrics they should focus on as they begin to adopt the new best practice approach we just introduced. How about numbers of calls? Length of the first call? What I stressed is to use recordings to measure how well a rep handles each part of the phone call.

Stop “Following Up,” and Start Closing

Mr. Inside Sales

call to prospects whom you’ve already pitched? Is it something like: “I’m just calling to follow up on our proposal….”. I’m just calling to see what you thought about our bid?”. They put the control of the call in your prospect’s hands. Why not lead your prospect into the sale by referring back to the benefits he or she is going to get by working with you? Prospect}, I’ve been excited to get back to you today. How do you open your 2 nd or 3 rd.

Metrics: Why Most Companies Get it Wrong

Mr. Inside Sales

If you’re in inside sales management, then you know all about metrics. In fact, whenever I consult with new clients the owners and managers automatically begin showing me their call monitoring reports. They show me metrics on how many calls a rep is making, how much average time each rep spends on the phone, what their conversion rate is, and on and on. The problem though is that those metrics are not what drive sales.

Guest Post: Hey Sales Leaders, Let’s Think Differently About Metrics


Guest post by Bryan Elsesser, Senior Director of Sales Development at Aircall. Bryan is not your average sales leader: In addition to his day job, he’s a Long Island volunteer firefighter, occasional opera singer, and proud husband and father of three. . What Sales Metrics I’m Tracking.

NFL Schedule Released this Thursday—Are You Ready?

Mr. Inside Sales

And that led me to think about sales teams and individual producers. I have the privilege of working with a lot of companies, coaching and training and scripting their sales process, but for each company I work with, there are thousands who go without ongoing coaching.

Overcome Call Reluctance Today!

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Two weeks into the New Year, and are you already stressed about picking up the phone and making prospecting calls? I learned a secret years ago that enabled me to overcome my fear of making calls, and that allowed me to make hundreds of cold calls stress-free.

How to Be a Leader

Mr. Inside Sales

This quote sums up my management philosophy: A leader isn’t afraid of jumping into the trenches and showing their team exactly how to succeed in their job. In sales, this means leading by example. They tell me that now they’re in management, they don’t “get on the phones” anymore.

How to Amp up your sales letters

Your Sales Management Guru

How to Amp Up Your Sales Letter and Ensure a Response. How to Amp Up Your Sales Letter and Ensure a Response. A sales letter is one of the best tools you have to make an impression. There are a few basic rules that, if followed, can lead to a sales letter that leads to, well, leads. Follow this guide to creating an amazing sales letter that sells. A good sales letter is always personalized to the potential client – avoid boilerplate copy!

What Is a Call Disposition And How Can You Measure It?


As reported in one study , sales reps only spend approximately 37 percent of their time selling — often due to a lack of automation implementation. As a solution, it was recommended that sales teams focus on a combination of big data and sales technology applications.

Of Value Propositions and Elevator Pitches for B2B ? Score More.

Score More Sales

Sales Tips and Strategies to Grow Revenues. Recently I spoke with OpenView Venture Partners Managing Director Brian Zimmerman about the importance of having a strong value proposition as you build your company. Too many sales managers assume that their reps are all on the same page, when in fact many are sharing fractured pieces of the value their company brings. Lori Richardson of Score More Sales was recently ranked as one of the Top 25 Sales Influencers for 2012.

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Using Dispositions to Automate The Sales Process & Standardize Data


There’s an emerging term in modern sales rhetoric that you may have heard but can not yet define. Call dispositions have been talked about as an automation and sales intelligence tool, a new way to leverage your CRM, a data consistency practice and more.

How To Use Sales Dialers To Close Deals Faster


Imagine having to call 50-100 people in a day. You might not think that automatic sales dialers have that much to offer you. What Is A Sales Dialer? A sales dialer is pretty much what it sounds like: technology that automatically dials numbers for salespeople.

If You Love Sales—Then Pass This On

Mr. Inside Sales

I found a short book called, The Salesman’s Book of Wisdom, by Dr. Chriswell Freeman, and the introduction on “The Joy of Selling” was so awesome, that I wanted to share the three paragraphs with you. Share this with others if you resonate with it as well: “Selling has been called the greatest profession in the world and with good cause. Few experiences in business can match the excitement of a big sale. What keeps top sales professionals motivated?

The Power of Thinking BIG

Mr. Inside Sales

Emerson was a keenly gifted philosopher, but he spoke like a seasoned sales manager: He understood the power of big thoughts. In my sales career, everything changed when I started asking for bigger orders. Suddenly, I was doubling and even tripling my monthly sales all because I had the courage to ask for more. The post The Power of Thinking BIG appeared first on Mr. Inside Sales. “Ask yourself this question: ‘How big can I dream?’”. Conrad Hilton.

Sound Like a Professional in 2020

Mr. Inside Sales

How good (or bad) does your sales team sound when prospecting over the phone? Have you recorded and listened to their calls lately? On Friday, (Jan 3 rd ), I received a sales call that went like this: Me: “Good morning, Mike Brooks here, how can I help you?”.

The Harder You Work, The Luckier You’ll Get

Mr. Inside Sales

I was working with a sales manager last week—he manages a team of 20 inside sales reps with a direct report manager who helps manage half that team—and I asked him what kind of producer he was when he was selling. “I Simple: they don’t spend enough time making calls. I fact,” he offered, “If they just spent more time dialing, they would all make a heck of a lot more sales and commissions,” he concluded. Sales solve everything.”.

Today my wish came true: New Revolutionary Sales Software Introduced


Smart Selling Tools has been informing sellers about productivity tools for three years. It’s a revolutionary sales productivity software tool designed for companies of all sizes and budgets – and I do mean revolutionary. Here’s what you need to know about this incredible new sales software: It continuously updates your organization’s prospect database so no contact information is ever out-of-date. No back-and-forth is necessary.

Do This to Develop the Attitude of Top Producers

Mr. Inside Sales

Living by this philosophy has enabled me to accomplish much in my life, and it was the spring board to transitioning to top performance in sales. Then my sales manager pointed out that the top closers started with the same pool of leads I had; they had just put in the time to cull through them, diligently, and after months of extensive work, they discovered, converted, and cultivated a great list of prospects and clients.



Cold Calling is dead and as a Sales Trainer who teaches  or used to teach Cold Calling – I dont make that statement lightly. Times change, people change and because of that I firmly believe that Cold Calling no longer has a part to play in modern business. This is further evidenced by a survey by Leap Job which claims only 2% of cold calls result in an appointment, casting a question mark over the effectiveness, or lack of it from Cold Calling.

Phone Prospecting – Cool and Not Cool

The Pipeline

Prospecting is the act of engaging with someone with the purpose of initiating a sales cycle. It is not about striking a relationship that you hope will lead to something, that’s called dating; anyway, who says they can’t buy from you before you form a real relationship; who says there needs to be a whole lotta clicking, liking, and retweeting before you can engage? The post Phone Prospecting – Cool and Not Cool appeared first on Renbor Sales Solutions Inc.

7 Ways to Improve the Effectiveness of Your Sales Role-Plays — and Start Closing More Deals 


Think back to the last time you started a new hobby. The same can be said for sales. A lot of sales organizations incorporate some practice and role-plays into their enablement programs. In fact, when they’re done well, practice and role-plays benefit everyone on the sales team.

?? Sales CRM: An absolute guide


Every company needs an effective sales structure or process if they want to scale their business. Behind every sale, there are various steps a salesperson follows. The answer to these pain points is a versatile sales CRM software. What is a sales CRM software?

CRM 52

The Pipeline ? Winning with Voicemail

The Pipeline

The Pipeline Renbor Sales Solutions Inc.s Stored in Attitude , Cold calling , Communication , Guest Post , Productivity , Prospecting , Sales Strategy , Sales Technique , Voice mail , execution. I’ve been working with several sales teams making a whole lot of phone calls, and am getting an earful about reaching a prospect’s voicemail. It appears the running average today is that somewhere between 75 & 90 percent of calls end up going to voicemail.

Salesperson Skills Of Top Performers [INFOGRAPHIC]

Learn which eight sales associate skills you’ll need to empower yourself or your sales representatives to become top performers. RELATED: How To Develop A Next Gen Sales Rep w/Mor Assouline @Practice Panther. In this article: What Successful Sales Professionals Have in Common. Why Sales Success Decreases over the Years. Evaluating Sales Representatives Performance. The Sales Associate Skills That Make a Great Representative. Provides Huge Assist to Sacramento Kings’ Sales Organization

It’s hardly surprising then that the Kings sales organization is big on technology tools. The adoption was led by Inside Sales Manager, Matthew Johnson, who has been with the Kings organization for nine years.

The Pipeline ? Mastering Voice Mail

The Pipeline

The Pipeline Renbor Sales Solutions Inc.s Stored in Attitude , Business Acumen , EDGE Sales Process , Prospecting , Sales Technique , Video , Voice mail , execution. As with many things in sales, it is not always about what you do, but why you do things, what your objective should be and how to properly execute to create the right balance and get a good number of calls back. Sales Skills , sell better , Tibor Shanto , Video , Voice mail. Sales 2.0.

4 Steps to Irresistible Sales Calls

Sales Training Advice

Sales calls – be it follow up or cold calling – are essentially all a process of winning the customer over. This is where the divide starts between the effective sales professionals and the not so effective talents within the team. 1 – Do You Believe? – One of the key resistances that many sales people go through, at times subconsciously too is the aspect of lack of belief in what they have to offer. Featured: Sales Prospecting Sales Strategies

X-Factor Compensation Leaders: How to Be Incredible at Incentive Planning (Palo Alto Networks)


Sales compensation is one of the most important components of sales planning. Sales operations and compensation professionals must compile a team to piecing together metrics and goals, which carries an incredible amount of responsibility. The resulting incentive plan must develop a compensation process that will motivates the right sales behaviors to achieve goals, all while driving growth. Time in sales compensation: 11 years. Comp Planning Sales Comp

What's it take to generate leads that fuel your forecast?


While all of these scenarios have potential, none could be called a lead. Just try to pass them on to your field sales team and you’ll see. Because the chances are pretty low—probably 3% to 4% at best—that any of these names are bonafide opportunities if you are a B2B company with a complex sales process. Sales won’t spend the time it takes to cull through 100 so-called leads for 3 to 4 good ones. And that’s usually not something Sales is going to do.

Bob Burg's Apology ? How Empathy Grows You and Your Business.

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Sales Tips and Strategies to Grow Revenues. It was truly delightful to see the post that very successful business-building author and speaker Bob Burg created about something he calls a pre-apology. He explains it better than I will, so be sure to check out his post, then come back here. “ Never say you’re sorry – it’s a sign of weakness ,” I was told by several of my corporate technology sales managers and CEOs. B2B Sales.

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Sales Tip to Dear Mike: Unsolicited e-Mail Not Effective in Sales.

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Sales Tips and Strategies to Grow Revenues. Sales Tip to Dear Mike: Unsolicited E-Mail Not Effective in Sales Anymore! When will salespeople realize that old tactics to get attention do not work in a modern sales world? Operator Assisted calls, large event calls and web casting. Conduct conference calls with attendees in more than 90 countries. Low price guarantee on all international calls). 50 DAYS To Build Your Sales – 2nd edition.

Cold Calling Is Alive! How to Cold Call, Connect, Convert, and Crush on the Phone


If you’ve worked in marketing or sales over the past decade then you’ve most likely heard it said: “Cold calling is dead.” And yet, many of the most successful businesses still practice cold calling in 2020, and they won’t be stopping anytime soon. What Is Cold Calling?

PODCAST 85: AI will not replace SDRs/BDRs w/ Dan O’Connell

Sales Hacker

This week on the Sales Hacker podcast, we speak with Dan O’Connell, Chief Strategy Officer at Dialpad. How AI & ML are impacting the future of sales. Orienting your sales process around the buyer. Subscribe to the Sales Hacker Podcast. Outreach has your back.

How to Coach Salespeople to Leave Sales Voicemails That Get Callbacks

The Brooks Group

Whether your sales reps are cold calling or following up with warm prospects, they’re likely encountering voicemail boxes and answering machines many times each day. But sales voicemails can be effective when they’re done correctly. Coach your sales reps with these tips to leave voice messages that actually get callbacks. Before we jump into the tips, remember this: Before They Leave a Sales Voicemail. Call back later.

The Mobile App is here! Conversation Intelligence on the go.

In such moments, the only people I really feel for are sales professionals. Because as a sales person: You travel much more frequently. My frequently traveling friends in sales try to fill up travel time by: Creating proposal and presentations Calling their managers or team members for a quick check in Responding to emails Responding to Slack messages Watching videos of cats taking down dogs The inevitable question that hounds anyone in sales — " How can I use my time effectively?"

How to capture more leads with appointment scheduling


Most sales professionals wish they could spend more of their time pitching to prospects, but the reality is that outbound sales start with lead generation – the tedious and ongoing process of identifying, qualifying, and booking sales appointments with qualified leads. Keep reading to learn more about how professional salespeople are leveraging an integrated appointment schedule to enhance their sales performance. Appointment scheduling is an asset to any sales team.