Five Metrics You Must Measure In Order To Be An Effective Sales Coach


Sales coaching without data is like Batman without Robin, or peanut butter without jelly, or Brady without Belichick, or…well, you get the picture. Think calls, emails, outbound dials. The #1 most tracked selling activity is calls.

Metrics: Why Most Companies Get it Wrong

Mr. Inside Sales

If you’re in inside sales management, then you know all about metrics. In fact, whenever I consult with new clients the owners and managers automatically begin showing me their call monitoring reports.

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Inside Sales Force Management Closing Techniques & Training Ideas

Mr. Inside Sales

Inside Sales Management: Are you Measuring What Matters Most? Learn about successful inside sales force management closing strategy, process techniques, training ideas, prospecting tools and best practices for managers and representatives.

Fear And Loathing: The Sales And Marketing Technology Stacks

Partners in Excellence

It seems Dreamforce has become the magnet for all the sales and marketing automation suppliers to trot out their shiny new toys and releases, enticing us to buy. I have dozens of people reaching out, wanting to introduce me to their latest greatest technologies oriented at helping sales and marketing professionals. The goal of all these systems is, theoretically, to help sales and marketing professionals. Lead gen, demand gen, lead management. Time management.