A Sales Enablement Tool for the CEO

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Uncover the Blind Spots in Your Territory

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When your territory is changed, it opens a lot of questions for Sales Reps. To answer those questions, we built a Territory Evaluator. This downloadable tool helps you evaluate your new territory in relevant terms: Selling time as required to meet quota. Why Territories Change.

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Should Your Field Marketing Team Own a Number?

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Pick five non-marketing employees at random, and ask them what value your field marketing team brings to your organization. If you’re reluctant to do this exercise, it’s likely because you want to avoid blank stares and wild guesses that humble you.

Digital Sales Strategies Using Event Campaigning


If you’re looking to use event campaigning to build pipeline , here are three simple steps that these teams are using that you can adopt for your organization.

5 Examples of Memorable B2B Direct Mail Campaigns


When most marketers think outbound marketing, they think emails, paid advertising, and other digital campaigns aimed at engaging their target audience. We’ve written at length about how effective those tactics can be — but today, we’re talking about a different type of marketing campaign.

How to launch a cold canvassing campaign: 5 simple steps


In this article, I’ll show you a step-by-step process to execute your first cold canvassing campaign. Generally the goal of a canvassing campaign is to introduce your company, collect information about your consumers, and understand their needs.

6 Tips For Millennial-Friendly Email Marketing Campaigns

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You can take it too far, of course, veering into “trying too hard” territory and coming across as a stoic adult who desperately wants to be cool — but that shouldn’t happen if you stay relaxed. The post 6 Tips For Millennial-Friendly Email Marketing Campaigns appeared first on Connext Digital.

What You Need to Prospect Successfully

Anthony Iannarino

You need a plan for your territory. Build a Prospecting Campaign You Can Execute. A good campaign will also include multiple touches. Your campaign might start with a series of phone calls and a voice mail message.

The Pipeline ? 5 Ways to Boost Your Email Prospecting Response.

The Pipeline

Get it right, and each of your campaigns can deliver you fresh sales opportunities within days, and sometimes even minutes. Territory Alignment. Home About The Pipeline. Contest. Free Resources. Search. 0 Subscribers. Subscribe by Email. We take privacy seriously.

HOW??? Fortune 50 Customer 3x’s Sales Pipeline in 90 days


Their sellers have thousands of accounts in each of their territories, and can’t possibly talk to all of the accounts in a territory. So, they have been doing propensity scoring with their email and social media campaigns.

A Sales Enablement Tool for the CEO

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Launched marketing campaigns to generate interest. Set territory revenue/unit goals by product. Distribute Marketing campaign schedules. Do your sales reps know what marketing campaigns directly impact their territories?

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Inside Sales Power Tip 150 – Positive Attitude Wins Business

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To challenge your beliefs, and be more open to optimism, think of yourself as a learner when you are new to a job or new to a territory, or have new products and services put on you to sell.

Outsourced Tele-prospecting: 10% less cost, 90% more revenue


It was a best of both world’s brand promise, and part of a hugely successful campaign. Even if you decide to insource (or already have an inside sales team), consider outsourcing as a way to benchmark internal results, test new markets, solutions and/or approaches and to cover vacant territories. Remember the old light beer tagline: “Tastes Great, Less Filling”? There's another win-win value proposition that applies to outsourced tele-prospecting: “Costs Less. Generates More.”

3 Ways a Sales Leader Should Rollout a Quota Increase

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The impact to the individual sellers and their territories. Rebalancing of any territories due to the new quota. Marketing – Sit down with your CMO to see what campaigns they are running. You just got your new quota and it’s gone up.

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How to Use Intent Data & the Freemium Model to Book More Enterprise Meetings

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By tuning into this data in real time, we can systematically identify and target the personas in our territory who are most likely to convert to customers. It’s important to make sure your request is processed for your account executives’ territories.

The Data Will Bring Us Together: Relationship Therapy with Sales and Marketing

DiscoverOrg Sales

That’s just one example of how you can use multiple data points to launch more effective marketing campaigns. Location data for marketing campaigns. What are some ways you use multiple data points to launch more effective marketing campaigns?

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Top 10 CMO Transformational Best Practices

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Are you contributing 30% of the revenue via marketing driven campaigns? define our ideal customer profile (ICP) and the potential by territory. Without collaboration with sales, lead generation campaigns will fail.

10 Inside Sales Ideas From Ken Krogue

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C campaign (strategy). Use systems thinking to grow your territory and your team. The resources page at InsideSales offers 27 different campaign strategies – good way to get the brain thinking about new ways to prospect.

Marketing hacks to make you a sales management guru

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Throw out the “that’s the way we’ve always done it” stories and use data to get a clearer lens on your territories. Put on your science hat and ask some questions about your territories: How well did a particular message fly with each audience?

Part 2: Outbound ABS: Creating Your Own Growth Index


Here are the four campaigns you can begin running to formulate your Outbound Growth Index. But Shamus … we’ve already run this campaign in the past.” This should be the first campaign you run because it has the highest likelihood of landing a similar Total Contract Value (TCV).

Put Sales and Marketing to Work by Turning Your Total Addressable Market into a Targetable List

Sales and Marketing Management

Being able to visualize your market is a bonus that helps with defining and assigning territories, allocating field resources, and focusing marketing efforts.

Decreasing Sales Ramp For New Hires


If we can teach them the fundamentals of consistently building pipeline in their territory – they will sell more, faster. Over a 4-8 week period we are spending time with new sales reps doing the following: Defining sales territory strategy from an outreach perspective.

The No. 1 Thing Leadership Can Do to Align Marketing and Sales

Sales and Marketing Management

Campaign meetings. Territory coverage alignment. Author: Jay Mitchell, Owner and Principal, Mereo LLC In order to learn how to align marketing and sales teams, we must understand how devastating a gap between these departments can be for an organization overall. Sales and marketing are both vital to a B2B organization. Both departments play a role in connecting with, engaging and landing buyers. Despite the gap, these two departments share many of the same concerns and end goals.

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An Outrageously Incredible, Mind-Blowing Piece on Sales Puffery

Hubspot Sales

The company argued that its campaign only touted general claims of superiority. And in 1997, Papa John's stoked that anger a bit more with a campaign specifically targeting the quality of Pizza Hut's pizza. This piece is the single best article you will ever read about anything.

Why You Need ?No? as Feedback to Improve Your Results

Anthony Iannarino

” But it comes with the territory in B2B sales. You might also recognize that your contacts are running a skunkworks campaign, trying to get something going before revealing it, and you are early stages. No one enjoys being told “no.”

Re: Salesperson or Entrepreneur?

Bernadette McClelland

They want you to step into the role of CEO of your own business (territory, accounts etc) and be so much more responsive and be able to paint a bigger picture for them with authority. Re: Salesperson or Entrepreneur?

A Peek Into Demandbase’s Data-Driven Field Marketing Approach


As a Field Marketer supporting the sales organization, it is critical to know the state of the business, the pipeline in each of our field territories and even drill down to an individual rep’s metrics to know how this data can drive our decision making and planning.

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Money Monday Strategic Prospecting Plan

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Selling is a profession, and it is an admirable profession that deserves your mindful and thoughtful approach to growing your territory. Do you have a strategic prospecting plan or will you just “wing it” again, like you often do?

5 Selling Lessons From the Saddle

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There are some hard times in any sales campaign, when decisions go the wrong way or when an opportunity is lost. Sales equally is [mostly] an individual activity where the salesperson carries the quota for a set of accounts or territory.

The Ultimate Guide to Sales Operations in 2019

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As you'll read below, sales operations includes everything from lead management, sales strategy, and territory structuring and alignment to process optimization, compensation plans, sales automation, training, and data analytics and reporting. Territory Definition.

7 Quick Wins for Sales and Marketing Alignment

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SiriusDecisions points out that first 67% of a buyer’s decision-making process is completed online – in Marketing territory. We hear a lot about sales and marketing alignment: How important it is for B2B, and how so few of us are doing it right. SALES: Marketing leads are crap.

Should Salespeople Prospect Anymore?

Your Sales Management Guru

and as the discussion of “territory development” evolved several of the salespeople simply didn’t feel it was their responsibility to prospect because of the futility of cold calling/phone calling and event marketing. Are you territory based or open territories?

6 Things to Consider When Adding Foreign Partners


Use your ideal buyer persona , demographics, and psychographics as your guiding light to determine if your target market will respond well to your campaign. Expanding your partner program into uncharted channel territory is, at times, scary, exhilarating, and refreshing all at once.

The Key Differences Between Inside Sales vs Outside Sales

Closer's Coffee

Inside sales reps typically leverage tools like phone calls, social media, email campaigns, video conferences, and virtual webinars to connect with potential customers. Here’s What You Need To Know About The Inside Sales and Outside Sales Roles.

Is Your Sales Compensation Driving the Right Behaviors?

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They have targeted their selling campaigns for the coming year to maximize their income. Territory potential and/or Quota calculated incorrectly. It's a critical time of year for sales compensation. New plans were rolled out at the January kickoff.

Is Account-Based Marketing the Holy Grail for Lead Generation Nirvana? [PowerOpinions Part 2]


Run CPL campaigns! In less than 1,000 words, Adam covers so much territory I found myself needing to read this several times through—and as it sank in I found my head shaking up and down in agreement.

Five Ways to Grow Revenue (and Lower Cost)


It’s not a campaign. Single media campaigns waste an enormous amount of money. Integrated, multi-media campaigns directed toward focused audience groups work best. If you’re using a single prospect database, capturing touch and response metrics is relatively simple; however, it takes database marketing expertise, a centralized approach and discipline in planning, campaign development and lead handling to substantially increase visibility into results and ROI.

The Scalable Sales Manager: the Key to Unlocking Your Sales Teams’ True Potential

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Tasked with recruiting and hiring, overseeing large teams, providing guidance and training, building culture, setting quotas, creating sales plans, analyzing data, forecasting, assigning territories… the list of responsibilities is as diverse as it is long.

Find Prospects on Crunchbase


The most commonly used filters used by account executives and SDRs include: Region: This filter is helpful if your team is divided into territories or if your product is targeted to a specific region of the world.

Data Governance: Salesforce Objects in a Lead-to-Cash Process

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Examples of transactional objects: Campaigns. Usually people are clear that leads are someone who has shown interest in the product at a particular point in time, and that they come from marketing campaigns. The stages might look something like this: Campaign > Lead.