How to transition from outside sales to inside sales


Inside sales refers to any form of selling that isn’t done face-to-face. Unlike outside sales (or field sales ) reps, inside sales reps connect with potential customers remotely through phone, email , and web conferencing. Among B2B companies, the use of inside sales reps has exploded in popularity. According to one Salesloft study, inside sales reps are hired more frequently than outside sales reps by a ratio of 10:1.

The Ultimate Guide to Sales Metrics: What to Track, How to Track It, & Why

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While metrics are important in every aspect of any business, they’re especially critical in sales. Sales leaders can’t use their intuition to guide their decisions — not only are they dealing with a huge amount of information, but the risk of failure is high. That’s why successful companies obsessively measure everything about their go-to-market model, sales strategy, and salespeople. Let's take a look at what sales metrics are. Sales Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

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How Selling Has Allowed Me to Experience Different Careers

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I never even went back to cancel my classes. I still liked selling and thus I began my pursuit of an outside sales opportunity. This company had been nationally recognized as having the best sales training in the industry, and they did. I was fortunate to work my way up to being a fully fledged sales rep, then a sales manager, and then to becoming the youngest branch manager out of their 365+ branch offices.

B2B Appointment Setting


B2B companies will realize early on if they don’t have enough sales opportunities. A CRM, sales automation software, calling, database, and reporting tools. There are hundreds of different tools your sales organization could have to help with B2B appointment setting. A key piece of information to look for is the cancellation policy. But behind the scenes the appointment setting company will be configuring the sales stack, training their team, and so on.

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