How to Plan a Virtual Event That Generates Leads in 4 Easy Steps

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Conferences and workshops are obviously being canceled, and the associated costs are significant. In this regard, what you’re really selling as the meat of your online event is a workshop with clear, actionable outcomes. Think in terms of door prizes for attendees or another incentive.

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30 of the Best SaaS Partner Programs (and Why They Are So Good)


Study them, learn from them, and apply their best practices in your own partner programs. Shopify’s Partner Academy includes courses, study guides, and exams to help both developers and consultants make the most of the platform.

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10 sales productivity tactics to close more deals

Whether your sales training comes in the form of in-person workshops, online courses, conferences, from outside consultants, internal databases, mentorship, or ideally a combination of all these formats—it’s crucial to train your reps on these qualities. Financial incentives always help.

Sales Culture: The Ultimate Guide

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Lastly, use a variety of sales contests and incentives. Attend a workshop on objection handling.”. Support might be: “Meet with manager for call review; get ticket for workshop.”. Sales culture is a fuzzy concept.