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The Ultimate Guide to Channel Sales

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What is channel sales? In a channel sales model, a company sells through third partners -- affiliate partners (who get commission on each purchase), resellers, value-added providers (who typically bundle your product with their own), or another entity that doesn't work for it directly.

Sales dashboard templates, examples & KPIs for high-performing teams

Sales dashboard examples: which type do you need to use? While on the other hand, using the wrong sales data can drive customers away and hurt your bottom line. This could be your sales CRM , an Excel doc, Google Sheets, customer service software, or some other sales management tool.

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The 33 Best Sales Training Video Channels on YouTube

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Whether you and your team need some bite-sized instruction, a full course correction or just a bit of motivation, there’s a wide variety of YouTube sales training channels that can help you. I guarantee you’ll hear his voice in your head. Videos by Niche Sales Training Channels.

Your CRM, your choice


We don’t, for example, buy high-heeled slip ons to wear when we go trail running. Even in 2019, plenty of businesses aren’t entirely sure what Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions can do for them specifically. And it certainly doesn’t guarantee success. You probably have a symphony of stakeholders – perhaps employees, customers, investors, suppliers, retailers, press, and government bodies. Sales & service. Looking after customers.

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Sales Compensation and Quota Options During the COVID-19 Pandemic

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Compensation is also a concern for close to 100% of sales organizations as they figure out how to handle grounded sales teams, who are relegated to holding video conferences with prospective customers that have their own worries, including shrinking budgets and diminished financial outlooks.

4 Key Considerations for More Personalized Marketing


Today’s customers are faced with hundreds of different buying options. Consider these statistics ( source ): In a study of 650 multi-channel marketing campaigns, personalized campaigns consistently and overwhelmingly beat out static campaigns in generating a high response rate from recipients.

How to Create the Service Level Agreement Your Customers Expect

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When you purchase a product from a company, you expect to receive a certain level of service in return for your investment. You navigate to their customer support page, open up a new chat, and a customer service representative replies to your question almost immediately.

The 4 kinds of promises you should never make to customers


A study by Accenture found that over 60% of companies who broke promises to consumers were serial offenders: Does this mean you should stop making promises to customers? And as a sales rep, you already know that long-term customers are the bread and butter of your company’s profitability.

The Elegant 4-Step Process Any Rep Can Use to Ask for Sales Referrals (PLUS Templates)

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Customers aren’t bogged down with referral asks yet, especially since only 29% of customers are providing referrals when 92% of customers said they would. This proves that customers don’t mind giving referrals, but few companies are making it part of their process.

Sales Leads – How to Tame a Unicorn


The decision maker that your Sales Development Rep (SDR) contacts via email, phone and other channels of communication. Among those who might be interested in your product/service, some won’t buy for a number of reasons. They use a similar product/service and are satisfied.

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The ultimate guide to sales development

In high-performing organizations, marketing teams cast a wide net of outreach through campaigns and content to increase awareness among potential customers. Grab a free copy of our book on customer acquisition for B2B software companies! Things used to be a lot simpler.

18 essential sales KPIs: What to measure and how to track everything

Customer acquisition cost. Customer lifetime value. Sales KPI templates and examples. Unfortunately, simply having more sales data doesn’t guarantee more sales. So far, we’ve mentioned a few examples of sales KPIs and metrics. Customer acquisition cost (CAC).

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What Air Crash Investigations Didn't Tell You About QF32 (Airbus A380)

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This is an unlikely but true story about iconic brands being protected by an amazing airline captain , the power of social media, and how to create customer-centric culture. Richard de Crespigny is an example of what Jim Collins calls ‘Level 5 Leadership’.

How to Start a Business: A Complete Guide for Startup Entrepreneurs

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It covers what your business will sell, how it will be structured, what the market looks like, how you plan to sell your product or service, what funding you'll need, what your financial projections are, and which permits, leases, and other documentation will be required. acquiring customers?

The Magical High-Quality Sales Lead — How to Tame a Unicorn


The decision maker that your Sales Development Rep (SDR) contacts via email, phone and other channels of communication. Among those who might be interested in your product/service, some won’t buy for a number of reasons. Take a closer look at the Ideal Customer Profile.

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Fresh tips to handle B2B lead generation using live chat


In the abundance of brands, products, and services, it is becoming increasingly difficult to generate and utilize leads. Today, you have to take a few extra steps to grab the attention of potential customers. According to the research, more than 60% of customers are more likely to return to a website that offers live chat, but that is only one of many benefits of this service. Real-time interaction goes hand in hand with improved response times and faster service.