What is the Most Valued Content for IT Decision Makers?

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Today’s buyer is more empowered than ever before, leveraging content from the Internet, discussion groups and social media to take charge of the purchase decision-making process. By a large margin, Financial Justification / ROI content was perceived as the most valuable in driving decisions.

Are you ready for even more decision makers per deal in 2014?

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Research indicates that there are now over 8 people involved in the average B2B purchase decision. And as purchases get larger, even more people become involved in the decision. The research says that for proposals above $500k, there are over 10 stakeholders scrutinizing the decision.

Direct Dials: More than Meets the Eye

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This was just bang the phones, get the decision makers, sell the deals. Verified emails are another critical tool! Empower the sales team to target higher-level decision makers. And it this is valuable, please subscribe to our Youtube channel.

So It’s Your First Day as the CMO…

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From assessing which channels perform the best, to evaluating existing tracking capabilities or implementing new attribution solutions, establishing key milestones ensures you are continuously providing value for your business. First days can be stressful.

A Winning Game Plan for Writing Cold Prospecting Emails That Sell

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With this accurate data, your team can get in front of the the decision makers who drive open reqs, before they post on job boards. In this case, I cross-checked Salesforce to see that my prospect, Matt, was involved with the purchasing decisions at his previous companies. Your former sales teams used our data to get ahold of the decision makers in their target accounts.

New Product Launch – Identifying the Right Promotional Channels

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Prepare the field and give them tools to succeed. Then generate demand through promotional channels. Make sure you have the right promotional channels for your product launch. Download the Persona Ecosystem tool to explore the ideal channels for your promotion plan.

Guide to outbound sales: Best strategies, tools, and tips


5 essential outbound sales tools and software. These benefits of outbound sales make it a powerful channel for generating revenue. B2B and enterprise sales tend to have longer sales cycles with more decision-makers. And that persona is a valuable tool for your salespeople.

Best 150+ Sales Tools: The Complete List (2019 Update)

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And then, there are sales tools…. So if technology improves your process, or helps you close more deals, add it to your arsenal of sales tools and get cracking! There’s Plenty Of Fish (I Mean Sales Tools) In The Sea. There’s a vast ocean of sales tools in the market.

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The Ultimate List of YouTube Channels for Sales Professionals


Not too long ago, we compiled a list of top-notch YouTube channels for HR and recruitment professionals. Now, on to the ultimate guide to the YouTube channels producing the best sales content today! Featured Video: The Phone is the Most Powerful Tool in Sales.

Live Webcast: Hit Your Channel Sales Goals with ROI Selling

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Thursday, February 9, 2017 11a ET Featuring: Tom Pisello, Alinean CEO / Founder and Dave Stachura, Alinean VP, Customer Success In an effort to reduce costs and boost sales, you enter 2017 under the gun to deliver even more business growth from your Channel Partners. The challenge: Your buyers have changed, no longer responding to the same old channel rep pitch. Alinean business case Business Value Consulting Channel Partners Dave Stachura Pisello ROI Selling Value Selling

36 Best Lead Generation Tools to Increase Leads by 300%

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We’ve gathered a list of the best lead generation tools on the market today. Instead of relying on “spray and pray” methods of reaching out to customers, brands can gather lists of verified leads from reputable channels. Below are the different categories of tools in this list.

[VIDEO] Discover Org Charts: 5 Ways to Leverage Organizational Intel

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This seemingly simple chart is one of the most effective tools your sales team has. Include decision-makers in email for better response rates. It’s really important in our outbound channel that we focus on two areas when it comes to the organizational charts.

[VIDEO] 40% more Demos & 2.5x bigger ACV: The Results of Our Account-Based Everything Experiment

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In episode 3 of INSIDE LOOK, key players from the sales and marketing teams – share their strategy and key takeaways following a series of multi-channel, cross-functional plays for our HR dataset. We based call cadence on engagement in our marketing automation tool.

Sales Skill-Sets vs Sales Tool-Sets

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Our decisions are colored by the history and experiences that shape our perspective. Of course, my retort is that you won’t increase sales if you don’t have the right tools to compete more efficiently and effectively.

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Smart Selling Visions: Up-Close with Top Revenue Leader Greg Sherrill, CEO of @ChannelRocket

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This week I interview Greg Sherrill, CEO and Co-Founder of Channel Rocket. Nancy: What does Channel Rocket do? Channel Rocket is a SaaS sales enablement platform that helps manufacturers grow sales through their direct and indirect sales channels.

Five Ways to Amp Up Direct Sales

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In this context, I’m referring to companies that sell their products and services directly to their customer base rather than selling through retail or other sales channels (distributors, value-added resellers, system integrators, and so on).

Value of Assessment ROI & TCO Tools for Demand-Gen and Sales Enablement Campaigns

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Used to evolve direct and channel sales professionals from antiquated features / function / price selling, to modern solution selling techniques, Alinean value-based interactive sales tools have been proven to reduce the time it takes to develop credible assessments and business cases from days to an hour or less, reduce discounting and increase deal size by 20%, reduce sales cycles by 30-40%, drive channel partner loyalty, and increase the competitive success rate of proposals by over 60%.

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Smart Selling Visions: Up-Close with Top Revenue Leader Brian Leach, CEO of @unboxedtech

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In everything we create—from our learning management system and custom training content to our m obile sales apps and observation tool —the user experience is ridiculously simple and highly engaging. Plus, our tools are versatile.

How Social Sellers Build Their Pipeline with LinkedIn

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I provide the Account Networking Tool to build a referral database around your customer. They’re missing the real value of the platform: it’s a sales tool. These are the decision-makers you need to access. LinkedIn provides tools that facilitate social gifting.

5 Ways to Supercharge Your Sales Enablement Efforts

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In particular, consideration needs to be given to how customers make their decisions, how they can utilize the products or services sold to them, and specific obstacles. “Align all your efforts to what really matters, which is how your potential customers approach challenges, make buying decisions, and implement or use your products and services,” says Tamara Schenk , research director at CSO Insights.

Three Key Metrics for Your 2015 Selling Effectiveness

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Each stakeholder may be at a different point in the decision making process – some early: just getting a handle on the issues, and some late: already with a clear solution in mind.

The New Face of Competition

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The tool will help you understand the gap between buyer, competition, and your organization. You can then build messaging that resonates with decision makers inside your target accounts. Identifying the right channels to tune into can generate significant revenue lifts.

5 Ways Marketing Can Contribute to Social Selling Excellence

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Yet many reps struggle to get that critical first meeting with a decision maker. LinkedIn is by far the #1 tool for social selling. The best marketing leaders are working hard to enable reps to maximize this tool. TURN REPS INTO MARKETING CHANNELS.

6 Top Reasons Sales Leaders are Scared of Social Selling

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84% of B2B decision makers begin their buying process with a referral. This is an important decision for you. LinkedIn is the predominant channel right now. Chance of an email getting to a decision maker and resulting in a meeting?

Everything Has Changed In Buying/Selling, Except Us!

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In complex B2B buying, it has become a consensus decision, instead of a decision maker, there are 6.8. The majority of buying decisions end in no decision made, primarily because buyers struggle with their own internal processes.

Why Engaging Buying Committees is Your Key to 2015 Sales Success

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Accenture) The #1 criteria for making a purchasing decision is widespread support for you and your company across your prospect’s organization? CEB) At the enterprise level, there are as many as 10 members in the buying decision committee? Again, LinkedIn is a great tool for this.

Beyond the Chatbot: Tips and Tricks for Sales Enablement Chat

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As the Director of Customer Marketing here at DiscoverOrg, I’m always looking for ways to help our customers learn how to leverage new and different sales enablement tools into their workflow. Claire: What should users expect from a sales enablement chat tool? We’ve all used chatbots.

How to Guard Your Sales Prospecting Against 'Fake News'

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You rely on the information you get through these channels, but you also know they are fraught with uncertainty. . Unless your source is talking directly to decision-makers at the company, you’re still risking wasting your and your company’s time on prospecting that may not pan out. Explore Existing Tools. Author: Jake Shaffren The 2016 presidential election in the United States brought “fake news” into the vernacular of a growing number of Americans.

How Slack’s Sales Team Uses Slack to Close More Deals


He was also part of the team that launched Troops—our Slack-to-Salesforce automation tool. Troops’ Slack-based tools can help your team close more deals. You bring in decision makers, check LinkedIn for additional connections, and build a game plan.

To Get B2B Leads, Pick Up the Damn Phone!

No More Cold Calling

Successful sales professionals understand that technology is a must-have business tool. That’s still true, but cold calling has evolved as sales channels have evolved. And with few exceptions, this cannot be done online, especially if you’re targeting high-level decision-makers.

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Top 20 Sales & Marketing Vendors to Follow on Twitter @Dreamforce ’14

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Act-On’s streamlined user interface puts first-rate marketing tools at your fingertips, making campaigns and programs easier and faster. Phone, email, SMS and other channels are the lifeblood of inside sales. That’s me with Sassy.

Is Account-Based Marketing the Holy Grail for Lead Generation Nirvana? [PowerOpinions Part 4]


Simply, marketing is much more involved in revenue and customer generation, and the marketing tools and available data now allow marketers to contribute in tangible ways to delivering customers within a defined set of companies.

Tom Pisello: The ROI Guy: Tech Marketers May Need to Rethink.

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Tom Pisello: The ROI Guy This blog is dedicated to the strategies and tools used by solution providers to better prove and improve the value of B2B solutions to frugal buyers - using diagnostic assessments, interactive white papers, ROI calculators and TCO comparisons.

In Search of the Perfect Sales Tech Stack (Here’s What’s Working Today)

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To find the answer, we reached out to top sales companies to learn more about the tools they’re using. Enablement : Sales Enablement is centered around getting the right people in the right conversations with the right decision-makers in the right way. Intelligence Tools.

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Prospect like a pro: Tips every sales team needs


While there’s quite a bit of data available to give us hints as to what behaviors, tactics, and tools can improve a sales team’s sales prospecting techniques, there’s also a heavy element of subjectivity embedded within the way that a rep approaches a dialogue with a new prospect.

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Are your Customers Outpacing your Sales Team?

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Download this tool to keep pace with your customers by utilizing the agile sales approach. Key Benefits of the Tool: Keep pace with customer expectations. More selling is done virtually – buyers are making decision without a rep in the room.

How to Bridge the Sales & Marketing Divide

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Personas help the sales team understand why buyers make purchase decisions. Interview prospects, customers and lost/no decision opportunities. A Buying Process Map (BPM) is a tool leveraged by marketing and sales. A decision maker buys for different reasons than am influencer.

Smart Selling Visions: Up-Close with Top Revenue Leader Leslie Stretch of @CallidusCloud

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To align with the needs of sales CallidusCloud’s Lead to Money suite automates lead generation, mobile learning, sales coaching, sales enablement, configure price quote, sales gamification, incentive compensation, and channel management to generate more deals, for more money, in record time.

Provocation-Based Selling: Loosening the Status-Quo for Sales Success

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With less money to go around, proposals are subjected to higher levels of review in buying organizations, and the managers you’ve traditionally dealt with are no longer the decision makers.

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Account-Based Hype: How ABM Makes Outbound Sales Cool Again for B2B


By concentrating on decision makers and influencers, a company can reduce the length of sales cycles and increase customer retention. But, with the arsenal of sales and marketing automation tools available, it’s easy for revenue teams to downplay its importance.