So It’s Your First Day as the CMO…

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From assessing which channels perform the best, to evaluating existing tracking capabilities or implementing new attribution solutions, establishing key milestones ensures you are continuously providing value for your business. First days can be stressful.

Sales Training Online

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Sales training online can transform the delivery of sales training programs to a greater number of sales people to boost sales performance in the short to medium term. Sales Training Online. Sales training online is also very useful as sales skill reinforcement solution.

The Ultimate List of YouTube Channels for Sales Professionals


Not too long ago, we compiled a list of top-notch YouTube channels for HR and recruitment professionals. Now, on to the ultimate guide to the YouTube channels producing the best sales content today! If you’re in need of a sales reboot, check out the Criteria for Success YouTube channel.

Smart Selling Visions: Up-Close with Top Revenue Leader Greg Sherrill, CEO of @ChannelRocket

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This week I interview Greg Sherrill, CEO and Co-Founder of Channel Rocket. Nancy: What does Channel Rocket do? Channel Rocket is a SaaS sales enablement platform that helps manufacturers grow sales through their direct and indirect sales channels.

Five Ways to Amp Up Direct Sales

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In this context, I’m referring to companies that sell their products and services directly to their customer base rather than selling through retail or other sales channels (distributors, value-added resellers, system integrators, and so on).

Sales Tips: A Critical December Tactic

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By Gary Walker, EVP of Channel Sales & Operations, CustomerCentric Selling® - The Sales Training Company. Limited availability to decision makers due to the Christmas holidays. After Friday the 23rd you’ll find that many decision makers are gone for the holiday.

8 Ways to Use BASHO Emails in Cold Email Outreach – With Examples

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A “BASHO email” is a fancy-pants name for a very personalized B2B email , usually addressed to a decision maker at a high-value account. When your prospect is a decision maker. One decision-maker at his target account, Matt, had recently changed jobs.

Social Selling on LinkedIn

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Social selling on LinkedIn is an additive process to existing sales tactics to connect with decision makers and influencers. The Presentation, Negotiating and Decision stages etc in the sales process is not part of social selling.

6 Top Reasons Sales Leaders are Scared of Social Selling

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84% of B2B decision makers begin their buying process with a referral. You’ve trained your assistant to prevent them from getting through. This is an important decision for you. LinkedIn is the predominant channel right now. Trust is the name of the game in sales.

Sales Tips: Understanding "No Decision" Losses

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Sales Tips: No Decision Losses - The Good, Bad & Ugly. By Gary Walker, EVP of Channel Sales & Operations, CustomerCentric Selling® - The Sales Training Company. No Decision is a decision to do nothing or to maintain status quo.

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5 Ways Marketing Can Contribute to Social Selling Excellence

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Yet many reps struggle to get that critical first meeting with a decision maker. Social Selling training budgets increased 48% in 2013. TURN REPS INTO MARKETING CHANNELS. Once optimized, each rep’s LinkedIn page becomes a marketing channel.

Three Key Metrics for Your 2015 Selling Effectiveness

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Each stakeholder may be at a different point in the decision making process – some early: just getting a handle on the issues, and some late: already with a clear solution in mind. 2) Training Effectiveness: In the US, companies will spend more than $5B on sales training last year (SPI).

4 megatrends for sales organizations from McKinsey

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Some 74% of B2B decision makers, for example, use LinkedIn for business reasons, while 42% use Twitter. Sales leaders need to develop frictionless and personalized models to connect with the customer across any channel.

Sales Skills Course

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Research shows that the mindset of the salesperson is actually more important that any sales skills because if the mindset of the sales person is not right, no amount of sales training will work. Sales Training Class. Decision making skills.

5 Ways to Supercharge Your Sales Enablement Efforts

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In particular, consideration needs to be given to how customers make their decisions, how they can utilize the products or services sold to them, and specific obstacles. “Align all your efforts to what really matters, which is how your potential customers approach challenges, make buying decisions, and implement or use your products and services,” says Tamara Schenk , research director at CSO Insights. Training, training, training.

Bringing Your Authentic Self to Sales

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Decision makers can feel the insincerity of the reps focused solely on achieving quota. More than a few training companies insist that we (sellers) should NEVER bring up a potential problem, issue or objection that the buyer might have before they do.

Smart Selling Visions: Up-Close with Top Revenue Leader Brian Leach, CEO of @unboxedtech

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In everything we create—from our learning management system and custom training content to our m obile sales apps and observation tool —the user experience is ridiculously simple and highly engaging. Decision makers know there’s no silver bullet to increase sales.

The Top Sales Trends of 2018

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Greater emphasis on SDR training. The hardest thing to do when prospecting for new business is to stand out in a sea of salespeople who are constantly calling and emailing decision makers. Want to jump on this train now? 2) More front-line training.

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10 Most Important Sales Trends That Will Define 2019 (And Predictions)

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I think we’ll start to see more training and conversations trending in this direction. Companies to watch: Educational resources like Sales Hacker, new training and copy companies like CopyShoppe , and intent data companies like LinkedIn , Bombora , Signal HQ , and Demandbase.

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How to Make the Number with Less People

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Establish a fun atmosphere with good feedback channels. Training your sales team how to social sell will immediately improve your sales pipeline. 84% of decision makers begin their buying process with a referral (source: Edelman Trust Barometer).

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How to Communicate Winning Sales Techniques With Automated ‘Win Reports’


Once the report has been reviewed, it can easily be shared with the sales team in a channel or via email. For more information on sharing success across your organization, read our blog on how to get rock star sales reps to train their peers. .

A Different Approach to 2014

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They also know how they make a purchasing decision. They create their own opportunities by using unclogged channels such as LinkedIn. They maximize opportunities by getting warm introductions with key decision makers, inside target accounts.

Are your Customers Outpacing your Sales Team?

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Buyers have been trained to expect speed, availability, and a self-directed buying experience. More selling is done virtually – buyers are making decision without a rep in the room. Sellers facilitate vs. closing – buyers are more educated and make a decision to buy.

The Proven Process for Developing a Go-to-Market Strategy

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decision makers for every sale who have a say in whether a product is purchased. Decision maker: gives final approval for the purchase. You’ll have three variables to test: the channel you advertise on, the audience you target, and the message you share.

[VIDEO] Whiteboard Wednesday: Increase Retention in Sales – with Data (Steve Waters)

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Considering ramp-up time is 3+ months for new SDRs … well, let’s just say if it seems like you’re spending a LOT of time training newbies these days, you’re not imagining it. Welcome to another Whiteboard Wednesday, hosted by Steve Waters , DiscoverOrg’s Director of Sales.

How to Protect Your Email Efforts from Extinction

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Despite chat platforms such as Slack gaining popularity, most companies still rely on email to discuss formal matters and companywide decisions. A full 72 percent of American consumers reported to MarketingSherpa that email is their preferred communication channel for business matters. Any decision maker at a company with more than $5 million in annual revenue gets an influx of solicitation emails every single day. Author: T.J.

All Salespeople Must Learn These 4 Marketing Tactics to Increase Sales in 2019

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They know what blogs they read, what newsletters they subscribe to, what slack channels they’re active on, and they spend time and money to make sure their brand is also present in those channels. Bonus: Choose a channel and start to build your own community.

Sales Tips: 5 Ways to Make Your Year-end Number in Q4

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By Gary Walker, EVP of Channel Sales & Operations, CustomerCentric Selling® - The Sales Training Company. that you would like to focus your energies and your company’s resources to provide them with the information they need to make an informed purchase decision by December 14th.

48 Shocking Social Selling Statistics


The truth is, most sales reps haven’t received any formal training in this area. 93% of sales executives have not received any formal training on social selling ( source ). Over 70% of B2B purchase decision makers use social media to help them decide ( source ).

Sales process templates: Essential stages for 8 common B2B pipelines


Verify that the point-of-contact is the primary decision-maker; if they’re not, determine who else would need to sign off on the purchase. Verify that the point-of-contact is the primary decision-maker; if they’re not, determine who else would need to sign off on the purchase. Verify that the point-of-contact is the primary decision-maker; if they’re not, determine who else would need to sign off on the purchase. Secure buy-in from all decision-makers.

PowerViews with Jamie Turner: Mobile Marketing Leads the Way


Click to start video at this point — Social media and mobile markets are more than just ways of boosting one''s reach within LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook, there are real robust tools for utilizing and analyzing these marketing channels, Jamie expressed.

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How Enterprises Are Adopting Social Selling


But at a very base level, it’s how a salesperson uses social media to listen and engage with decision makers that are on these networks, asking questions and looking for help.”. How do you reach out to the decision makers and buyers in the different social media platforms?

11 Actions Sales Management Must Take Now!

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Analyze and profile the sales team and distribution channels that you need to penetrate your markets. . Your channel partner strategy should complement the efforts of your team, not cannibalize them. Quantify the results of each partner, and keep senior channel management updated.

Cold Calling – Insights from Chris Orlob at Gong

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Phone as a channel isn’t going anywhere. Phone has become a novel channel. Do you think that cold calling, when Millennials take over, really take over decision making, when they hit their 40s and that type of stuff, where do you see phone fitting into that?

Future of B2B Sales

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Multi-Channel Unified Experience. This entails the provision of 24/7 access to specs, pricing, information, ordering etc through all channels, but mostly digital or social media. Sales people will use the multi-channel approach to become a trusted advisor to a core group of buyers.

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Sales Skill-Sets vs Sales Tool-Sets

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Our decisions are colored by the history and experiences that shape our perspective. So it’s not surprising that each time I talk with my friends on the sales training front, they tell me that the path to increasing sales is to improve selling skills.

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Sales Hacker’s Top Sales Trends & Predictions You MUST Be Aware Of In 2018

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YoY Increase in CAC leading to increased reliance on channel partnerships. The role of text messaging and other unconventional communication channels in sales prospecting and customer success. Review Sites Continue to Influence Decision Makers in a Powerful Way.

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4 Tips for Selling to the Social Savvy Buyer


We know B2B decision makers are using social media to inform their buying decisions. 69% of sales professionals are self-taught and have no active social selling training program in place ( source ). This concept extends beyond review sites to social channels.

Want Sales Success in 2018: Here Are the 7 Surefire Skills of the Sales Sherpa

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Basically, they need to help their prospects make better decisions than they could on their own. Studies show that the more information we have, t he harder it is to make decisions. Identify the decision-makers, the pain points for each of them, and what objections they might have.

Everything Has Changed In Buying/Selling, Except Us!

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In complex B2B buying, it has become a consensus decision, instead of a decision maker, there are 6.8. The majority of buying decisions end in no decision made, primarily because buyers struggle with their own internal processes.