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Leverage Your Channel Sales Partners to Grow Revenue, with Jay McBain, Episode #115


For the first time ever on the #SellingWithSocial podcast, my guest and I address how sales organizations can identify and build relationships with channel sales partners to drive sales. Jay leads Forrester’s research and advisory for global channels, alliances, and partnerships.

Using Your PRM for Channel Sales Enablement


At the core of channel sales enablement is the assurance that channel partners can function autonomously while vendors maintain and manage consistent branding, messaging, and more. According to the CSO Insights 2016 Channel Sales Optimization Study , 46.9

The Ultimate Guide to Channel Sales

Hubspot Sales

What is channel sales? In a channel sales model, a company sells through third partners -- affiliate partners (who get commission on each purchase), resellers, value-added providers (who typically bundle your product with their own), or another entity that doesn't work for it directly.

Sales Training Online

The Digital Sales Institute

Sales training online can transform the delivery of sales training programs to a greater number of sales people to boost sales performance in the short to medium term. Sales Training Online. Sales training online is also very useful as sales skill reinforcement solution.

Online Sales Training Course

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An online sales training course that has been created to meet the expectations of both the beginner and more experienced salesperson. The Digital Sales Institute online sales training course is self-paced, so a salesperson start and pick up again wherever they left off previously.

Social Selling Training Course

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What are the benefits of undertaking a social selling training course and what can a salesperson expect to learn? Any business in the B2B (and increasingly in the B2C space) can leverage social selling to drive increased customer or prospect engagement.

Make Your Sales Training a Big Success


Salespeople are hungry for an immersive, interactive learning experience — one that delivers the right content and guidance at the right time through the channels where they live. Most Organizations Get Sales Training Wrong. Effective Sales Training is Dynamic.

Sales Training Programs Worth Taking

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Sales training programs worth taking is a constant topic in the world of sales. The truth is that whether delivered in class, in house or online sales training programs have helped thousands of salespeople to improve their selling skills. Sales training programs.

Sales Skills Training

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Sales Skills Training. Sales skills training should empower the salesperson to reach a higher level of sales performance when selling to customers and prospects. Sales Skills Training. Sales Skills Training List. MOST sales skills training.

Sales Skills Training Lessons

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Sales Skills Training Lessons. Sales skills training lessons should empower the salesperson to reach a higher level of sales performance when selling to customers and prospects. Sales Skills Training Lessons. Sales Skills Training Lessons List.

The Essential Selling Skills Bootcamp Part 4: Continuing to Prospect in a Cluttered World

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Telephone Prospecting. The Five Steps of Telephone Prospecting. Social Prospecting. Best Sales Prospecting Tools. The Reality of Telephone prospecting. You will have everyone tell you that telephone prospecting doesn’t work or cold calling is dead.

Will “Demo Automation” Work for Your B2B Sales Organization?

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At the same time, he was seeing a jump in requests for demos as his qualified prospect pool was increasing. Demo Automation might be an effective solution for you if you’re struggling with similar challenges, including: Trying to keep up with the number of demos requested by prospects.

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30 Sales Prospecting Email Templates Guaranteed to Start a Relationship

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Yes, you read the title right -- I guarantee that these templates will get responses from prospects. But, compared to the overly salesy prospecting email templates most salespeople are sending, I am confident that these will work better -- or your money back. Email Prospecting

5 Tricks That Will Magically Get Prospects Interested in You

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It's easy to sell to prospects who are already interested in your product. But the best salespeople are distinguished from the average ones when it comes to uninterested prospects. How to Earn Your Prospect's Interest. Enlist your prospect as a teacher.

30 of the Best SaaS Partner Programs (and Why They Are So Good)


As AppDirect co-CEO Daniel Saks points out , “80% of on-premise software vendors operate a channel program to enable other companies to sell their products, while only 20% of SaaS vendors operate similar programs.” Allbound Best Practices Blog Article Channel Partners PRM Solutions

13 Top Sales Training Companies Share Tips to Challenge the Status Quo

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Here are the tips for creating a winning sales culture through sales training and beyond. One of the most important parts of sales training is understanding the product. A single BDR has more interaction with customers and prospects in a month than a product manager has in a year.

4 Tips That Will Help You Immediately Catch Your Prospect’s Attention

MJ Hoffman

It’s easy to sell to prospects who are already interested in your product. But the best salespeople are distinguished from the average ones when it comes to uninterested prospects. Here are four tips that will help you immediately catch your prospect’s attention. I’m Jeff from Boston, and I sell sales training and consulting in Boston. But your buyer, who is both educated and experienced, knows that as a salesperson, you are biased.

Sales Tips: How to Determine WHERE Your 2017 Revenue Will Come From

Customer Centric Selling

By Gary Walker, EVP of Channel Sales & Operations, CustomerCentric Selling® - The Sales Training Company. However, what I did have was basic management training, skills, and education. Identify the ‘Top Ten’ prospects that you will carry into 2017.

Sales Tips: Understanding "No Decision" Losses

Customer Centric Selling

By Gary Walker, EVP of Channel Sales & Operations, CustomerCentric Selling® - The Sales Training Company. Train (not just educate) your salespeople how to execute against that new sales process. Sales Tips: No Decision Losses - The Good, Bad & Ugly.

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Key Sales Skills Development

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Every salespeople with the determination to succeed needs to update themselves of how the various influences and channels are changing the way buyers buy. Technology, data, content, AI and social channels will drive the sales process of the future.

Sales Skills Definition

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Let me explain further, once upon a time door to door sales was a dominant channel in both B2B and B2C. The hiring profile and training of sales people should reflect the skills definition as laid out in a sales playbook or strategy.

How to Be a BDR Superstar with Jackie Lipnicki, ScribbleLive

Igniting Sales Transformation

And SDR/BDR reps are often the first personal point of contact with a prospect, so they’ve got to be excellent at what they do. How important it is for a BDR to research their prospect before reaching out to try and engage them.

Sales Skills To Master

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So getting a sales conversation started with a prospect has become both art and science. Learn to understand a prospect’s needs. Will use a multi-channel approach to selling. Can educate prospects with new ideas and ways of seeing things.

Social Selling Meaning

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The reality is that social media has given us the resources (buyer or seller) to expand out how we get opinions and advice, making us all more savvy and educated in our buying decisions. To be used to make smarter decisions on how to target, who to prospect and who to sell to.

Power-Up Your B2B Sales Enablement Strategy With These Essential Tips

Sales Hacker

Worse, your competition — who probably has a strong sales enablement strategy — will easily outpace you and drown out any of your basic prospecting efforts. Support communication in ALL channels. And it also does not mean connecting with a prospect and immediately pitching them.

The Ultimate Sales Strategy

Your Sales Management Guru

Next, they fail to fully understand how or what the impact of their solution will have on their prospects business. Second, many salespeople has been trained to discover the ‘pains ” that a prospect is experiencing. Sales Management Training Sales Training

Sales Process Steps

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In a practical level, the sales process steps act as a prescriptive guide for salespeople to follow when engaging in sales prospecting, business development, retaining customers and closing deals. Adaptable across channels. Sales Prospecting.

16 B2B cold email templates from the experts


Simply sending out a generic sales email to a list of prospects is bound to return poor results. Prospecting Cold Email Templates to Secure a Call, Meeting, or Demo. Prospecting Cold Email Templates to Secure a Call, Meeting, or Demo. Screenshots are a fantastic way to show that you have done your homework and also communicates a story quickly for a prospect, allowing us to not just send over a wall of text.

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The Rise of the Value Management Office (VMO)?

The ROI Guy

B2B solution providers are realizing they need to do a better, more consistent and comprehensive job of communicating and quantifying value to ever more frugal prospects.

What is Social Selling

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This has been the traditional approach to buyer engagement (marketing, cold calling, events, prospecting etc) for a long, long time, since the 1920’s to be precise. Today’s buyers are self-educating, informed and hyper-connected.

How to Be an Extrovert

Grant Cardone

This was back before the internet when there were fewer channels and people had more attention on television. As a professional speaker and educator I become an extrovert in order to deliver information, but when I attend seminars as a guest I am much more introverted.

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Definition of Social Selling

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In essence, social selling is training salespeople to leverage the benefits of social media for one-to-one personalized communication with customers, influencers and prospects. To train salespeople to find, select and curate content for sharing every day.

3 Reasons to Market Your Small Business Like A Drug Dealer

Sales and Marketing Management

This is meant for educational and training purposes because of the clear examples and useful insights that can easily be understood by analyzing what they do. This approach is much more effective in converting prospects into customers.

The Startup’s 4-step Guide to Building Strong Sales Pipeline

DiscoverOrg Sales

Build a targeted list of your most viable prospects. This example means that you are gathering two out of three types of prospect data: Fit, Intent, and Opportunity – which, collectively, is considered sales intelligence. Sales and marketing event season just ended.

Social Media The New Sea of Sales Pitches

Increase Sales

Poorly educated or trained small business owners or sales professionals. I can forgive those who are uneducated or poorly educated, but I cannot forgive those who should know better. LinkedIn has become the go to place for B2B prospecting.

16 B2B cold email templates that sales experts swear by


Simply sending out a generic sales email to a list of prospects is bound to return poor results. When you’re building or refining your own email prospecting strategy, it helps to see first-hand how others have done it successfully.

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Five Ways to Amp Up Direct Sales

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In this context, I’m referring to companies that sell their products and services directly to their customer base rather than selling through retail or other sales channels (distributors, value-added resellers, system integrators, and so on). Not education or pedigree.

Future of B2B Sales

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The acceleration of commoditization and substitution due to buyer education. Leading sales organizations are focused on making their product offerings, sales touch points, access to information and internal systems as easy as possible for customers and prospects. Future of B2B Sales.

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5 Must-Follow B2B Sales Influencers


For those unfamiliar, Jeb is the CEO of Sales Gravy, a sales training organization known by many as THE sales acceleration company. Jeb carries his sales wisdom over to all his social media channels and spreads his expertise to the masses.

The Five Pillars to Business Value / ROI Selling Success

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The fact is that your sales reps and channel partners are spoiled by easy to use consumer applications, and expect every program they use to be visually stunning, intuitive to use, and not require any training or instructions.

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