Direct Mobile Dials are Fueling B2B Communication Channels


Whether it is reaching out when a company is going through a growth trend, responding in a timely fashion to an RFP, or reaching out to renew an existing contract; timing can mean the difference between revenue and missed opportunity. Email is still a popular tool to reach out as well.

The Ultimate List of YouTube Channels for Sales Professionals


Thanks to the influx of information made available online in the last decade or so, modern business professionals are thriving. But, we say, if you aren’t using YouTube to hone your skillset, pick up new tips and tricks, or stay up-to-date on industry news, you’re missing out.

The 33 Best Sales Training Video Channels on YouTube

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billion on training and development, including external providers, internal expenses and tuition reimbursement, according to The American Society for Training and Development. Warning: If you’re supposed to be productive today, bookmark this post and come back to it.

Channel Partner Conflict: 3 Ways to Manage When It All Goes Wrong

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What is Channel Conflict? Channel partners can be mutually beneficial. But, sometimes, channel partnerships are disrupted by other dealers who sell their product direct to consumer. This is when channel conflict arises, and this article tells you just what to do about it.

Sales Today Is Truly a Balancing Act

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Source Nielsen 2015 Financial Channel Track) One out of three people still want that human touch. However, with a greater emphasis in this instance on developing (not train) the tellers or other banking associates, there is an opportunity to change customers’ behaviors.

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How Tesla Is Threatening An American Sales Tradition

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However, dealerships are attractive to automakers for one giant reason: they take manufacturer’s inventory and sales expenses off their books. Tesla decided to sell directly to their customers. Across the nation dealers attemepted to block the move.

Rethinking The Sales Organization

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Hire a bunch of people, give them territories with goals and turn them loose to sell. There were variations of that theme, sometimes we used indirect sales organizations, like manufacturer’s reps, resellers, channel partners, and others to sell for us.

Missing the Obvious in B2B Marketing Actions

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What was surprising was what contributed to distrust and a lack of credibility. . So much is written about B2B marketing actions specific to content marketing, context marketing, websites and face to face B2B networking events.

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Increasing Sales Tool Adoption – A Proven Customer Perspective

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We recently asked the developer of a very successful ROI/TCO tool what it took to get the tool to have such a big impact on driving incremental business, increasing competitive win rates and reduced discounting. The short answer – “You can’t just build it and expect folks to come.

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How to Reach Today's Buyers with Modern Prospecting

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Face-to-face sales interactions are typically viewed as the most valuable activity by Sales Leaders. Today, getting in the door is more difficult than executing face-to-face sales calls. Download this tool to rapidly improve your prospecting results.

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People May Not Answer The Phone – But They Listen To Voicemail

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Communication takes many forms, and for the most part for most of our interactions with others, we accept that not only are there different ways to communicate information, and information you want to lead to specific actions. I have to work extra hard not to laugh when a seller tells me that “their first contact has to be direct!” Direct would be there in their office, face-to-face. I am not here to tease you, so here we go.

6 B2B Sales Trends for Amazing Success in 2019

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Author: Sabrina Ferraioli “A trend gains power over time, because it’s not merely part of a moment, it’s a tool, a connector that will become more valuable as other people commit to engaging in it.". — Seth Godin. Social selling, unlike social media marketing, is a one-to-one methodology.

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Executive Coaching, Sales Coaching, Coaching Is Not Transactional

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The argument was to justify additional income. Of course, many coaches do not have a proven process and possibly this is why they are turning to online solutions. I don’t know about these coaches, but my sense is they are attempting to capitalize on the quick fix mentality.

The Dos and Don’ts of Engaging Your Lead in Person

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Author: Ryan Myers We’ve all been caught in a tricky text thread, the kind where you absentmindedly respond to a friend’s question with a simple “OK” and then suddenly find yourself getting the cold shoulder. If only you’d had that conversation face-to-face! Perhaps that’s why so many people in sales — a full 65 percent , according to Chief Marketer’s 2018 B2B Lead Gen Trend Survey — prefer in-person meetings. Everyone knows what you’re in the room to discuss.

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Generating Leads at Trade Shows: The A-Z Guide for 2019

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The average marketing department spends a LOT of money on trade shows and events – to the tune of 32% ?f Trade shows are an expensive way to generate leads, even if you don’t have a booth. To generate leads at trade shows, you have to start strategizing in advance.

The Social Media Complacency Current

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Social media is a great marketing channel. In these interactions, people get to know other people and trust begins to build. Yes social media postings can also open the door to trust. This complacency then begins to affect their daily productivity.

How Marketing can Partner with Sales to Drive Results

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We recently surveyed hundreds of marketing leaders in small to medium size businesses. In our research, we found that marketers are feeling the growing pressure to prove their marketing spend is generating results. Engage the Sales Force to Understand the Buyer.

The Eroding Distinction Between Inside And Field Sales

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There’s a lot written about the shift from field sales to inside sales. I had a very large corporate customer, I spent my days wandering from office to office meeting face to face with my customers. A visit to the customer was never required.

The Sales Challenge of I Need Prospects Part 2

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For most to overcome this sales challenge of “I need prospects,” begins with marketing. Yet there still is so much confusion about what is marketing; how to define marketing and what marketing actions deliver the best results especially with the influence of social media.

Inside Sales Is Only Great For Transactional Commoditized Products!

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And the costs of selling were starting to spiral out of control. The top management team was asking me what to do. Instead, I suggested some completely different models–perhaps leveraging channel partners, or moving much more of the sales function inside.

Reaching Out to Buyers When They’re Inactive on Social Media


Are you unable to reach your buyers on social media while conducting your digital prospecting ? This can make reaching out to buyers difficult. and Bernie Borges, two of Vengreso’s Co-founders, talk about how to reach buyers who are not active on social media.

3 Tips in How to Increase Business Alliances

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The quest to increase sales begins with marketing because if no one knows about you or your company (the first two sales objections) you will never have the opportunity to share your solution (the third sales objection. Reach Out to Your Small Business Competitors.

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You'll Talk to Anyone Is a Sales Prospecting Necessity

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Michael would talk to anyone and by being so open he made incredible contacts. Yet we as children are conditioned not to talk to strangers. To overcome this negative yet protective childhood conditioning requires us to leave our comfort zones and to accept that our FEAR of talking to strangers is F alse E vidence A ppearing R eal. ” This is her mental strategy to overcome that negative childhood conditioning.

Creating Crap At The Speed Of Light!

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The article is filled with a lot of data, much taken out of context, much from research that has been questioned or even discredited, but it supports the authors’ points and what they have to sell. In reality, these high performers are leveraging everything available to them.

How to Measure Sales Fitness

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With all these new tools making a salesperson’s job easier, there’s no excuse for your sales team not to excel. On the flip side, if the salesperson showed up to the meeting fully prepared having read his previous colleague’s CRM notes, the decision-maker would be happy to have a meeting. They know how to demonstrate value. Let’s look at the day-to-day life of a sales rep, starting with traditional face-to-face meetings.

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‘Let’s talk about CEX, baby’

Bernadette McClelland

People might misunderstand what we’re tryin’ to say, you know? On one hand we expand our vocabulary as a critical way to grow, communicate, and demonstrate our perceived level of intelligence. To do that we need to also analyse our own levels of awareness and agility.

Are You Too Hard to Reach?

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A prospect recently left a voicemail for me and stated his phone number so quickly that I had to listen to the message three times from two different phones. To sell successfully, we must make it easy for customers to buy. To me this is lazy and unprofessional.

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Send In The “Bots”

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AI, “Bots” and related technologies can do a lot to help improve our effectiveness and efficiency. The technology enables us to unload mundane tasks, both making us more effective and efficient. And, of course, there are those that enable the users to do terrible things. We hear reports, almost daily, of concerted efforts to exploit social and other networks with these bots. My “mistake” was belonging to LinkedIn.

Old School Marketing Beliefs Are a Barrier to Business Growth

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” He then shared how in his corporate world, people met face to face and he firmly believed in flying in airplanes to make those connections happen. The goal is to make a friend and to be asked back for that first meeting.

What They Don’t Teach You About Prospecting

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Prospecting is hard, emotionally draining work, and it is the price you have to pay to earn a high income. So, using the smarts and skills you already have, do you have what it takes to imitate the best and become the best at your sales craft? Here are some questions that many sales professionals have asked me: Q: Salespeople love to hate prospecting. Can you expand on why it’s time to think of prospecting differently? . Selling is a human to human endeavor.

Selling is Social, Duh!

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With all the buzz around social media and how the 21st century business marketplace has dramatically, there appears to be this very obvious disconnect: Selling is social. The continued reference to social selling is more hype and potentially even a scam as I wrote about Sales 2.0

The New Virtual Handshake and How to Get It Right (Hint: It’s the Future of Sales)

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We need to couple new, modern sales tactics with the basics that made us the highest earners in organizations worldwide. We need to reject the idea that only younger, newer generations can keep up and adapt to changing technology. And they’ve hurt our ability to sell.

Lead Prospecting on Twitter: Try This 3-Step, No-Fluff Process

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It’s pretty easy to find marketing applications for Twitter, but what about sales applications for the little blue bird? And we thought there should be a fluff-free process you could implement to use Twitter to connect with prospects at a higher rate.

What is Inside Sales? Sales Enablement Defined


Inside sales is a type of sales where representatives perform regular sales activities remotely rather than consistent face-to-face meetings. Inside sales relies greatly on technology, from mobile devices to CRM software and social media, to keep ongoing communication with customers and leads. Fewer and fewer sales reps are traveling to meet clients on a regular basis, ditching the briefcase and rolodex for a laptop and smartphone.

The Sales Screen Time Delusional Vortex

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Americans appear to be even more compulsive by checking their phones 150 times a day. To increase sales requires the personal touch such as a phone call, a face to face meeting or even a handwritten thank you note.

Personalized Sales Training : A Modern Learning Advantage


Training tailored to the individual offers two forms of value: It saves time (the sales reps’ time), which also builds trust. They know you won’t bore them with topics that are irrelevant to their jobs and immediate goals. Another way to capture feedback is with formal scorecards.

How to and Why to Cold Mail – Sales eXchange 203

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I think clod calling is a necessary part of a multipronged approach for engaging with potential buyers you have not have not spoken to before, or have a means of generating a referral to. 80% Of Sales Are Made On the Fifth to Twelfth Contact. Selling to Executives Tibor Shanto

The Next 'Can't Miss' Game Changer for Salespeople

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I just read the following blog post by Dave Kurlan and I immediately asked for his permission to repost it here. I''ll give you the background and tell you why this incredible tool will be the one to supercharge your sales. Would you like to start blogging?

Is Technology Tanking Your Lead Generation System?

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And technology will eliminate the time-consuming, face-to-face aspect of communication. Digital technology certainly helps facilitate conversations, but when it comes to relationship-building, technology can also be a hindrance, a distraction, and a crutch.

Networking Is Not Net-Broadcasting from the Social Media Bully Pulpit

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This past week beyond those LinkedIn members who do not know the difference between a discussion, an event or a job, I received numerous emails including these with my immediate response: I encourage you to subscribe to my monthly Newsletter and weekly Marketing – Why should I?