Leverage Your Channel Sales Partners to Grow Revenue, with Jay McBain, Episode #115


For the first time ever on the #SellingWithSocial podcast, my guest and I address how sales organizations can identify and build relationships with channel sales partners to drive sales. Learn how to work with channel partners to multiply #sales.

The Fatal Sales Leadership Presumption within LinkedIn

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LinkedIn is one of the best channels for discovering leaders especially if your decision makers are in sales leadership roles. ” There does continue to be this fatal sales leadership presumption by many LinkedIn Members.

Top 3 Sales Strategy Priorities of CEOs

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Our guest today is Rob Hornish, the President of Americas Sales for Polycom. Rob has 20 years of sales leadership experience in the high-tech industry sector, with a proven record of building, scaling and developing high performing teams.

Sales Leadership Talent of Self Direction

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For those in sales leadership role, they too must be accurate in their actions while striving always to be better. More importantly, this sales leadership talent showcases the “passion” of the salesperson’s endeavors.

Sales Leadership, Bag Phone or Smart Phone?

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Funny thing about sales leadership is some past sales leaders sometimes fail to continue to be forward thinking as new ideas or technologies evolve. Now younger sales professionals may not remember the first mobile phones that were literally in a bag. Today we have all those smart phones and other smart devices that allow those in sales leadership to reach out and touch someone instantaneously.

Succeeding as a Woman of Color in Sales Leadership with Mandy Bynum McLaughlin, New Relic

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In this interview, I talked with Mandy Bynum McLaughlin, Director of Sales Development – Enterprise and Commercial at New Relic. Other questions we tackled: Being a woman of color in sales – have there been specific challenges that you’ve faced? You are a sales manager, Mandy.

The Ultimate List of YouTube Channels for Sales Professionals


With just the click of a mouse and a quick Google search, today’s sales reps have a whole host of resources right at their fingertips—resources that help them streamline and simplify activities like prospect research, sales outreach, and professional development. 2. Sales Hacker.

3 Big Takeaways from SiriusDecisions Sales Leadership Exchange

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I had the pleasure of attending SiriusDecisions Sales Leadership Exchange last week, an exclusive gathering of some 120 sales executives and sales enablement leaders.

Sales Leadership: Gaining Insight & Accountability

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Sales Leadership: Gaining Insight and Accountability. Most sales leaders have a lot of confidence-which is good, but many have never experienced what many CEO’s have, that is an insights and help from other CEO’s. We like to recommend too many of our clients that creating a Client Advisory Board and a Sales Management Advisory Board will begin to improve the business operations and provide a source for insight and accountability. Sales Management Board of Advisors.

Sales Leadership: Finding Fresh Air

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Sales Leadership: The Need for Fresh Air. This is not an unusual practice for me as our client base can be in multiple time zones around the world; the issue was I had 2 from a sales manager from the Eastern Time Zone that had come in after 9pm. With the day to day stress levels that sales leaders face, it is critical you focus on your personal self as well as the health of your team and company. Ken’s latest book is “Leading High Performance Sales Teams”.

Sales Leadership: Bringing a Sharp Focus to Your Sales Meetings

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Sales Leadership: Bringing a Sharp Focus to Your. Sales Meetings. more on that later), in both environments I have begun to revert to a similar sales management technique to achieve the desired results. If you are attempting to bring an increase focus on weekly sales and activity and exceeding your monthly sales goals, this idea will help you. Write each entry underneath your sales goal.

Sales Leadership: Has your team watched Pawn Stars?

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Sales Leaders: Has Your Team Watched Pawn Stars? 3) Your sales team has not been trained to effectively sell the value of your firm or the value of the impact of your products/services on your prospects business! HINT: this needs to be done early and continually through the sales process. You need to build the mental toughness of your sales team. They then need to discuss at the next sales meeting what they observed.

Sales Leadership: Be a Postive Force

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Sales Leadership: Be a Positive Force . Last week I wrote about the summer blahs and sales leadership’s responsibility, it included an idea to “pump up your mental power”. My keynote program stresses the need for everyone to consider their personal philosophy and in the times we live in and as sales leaders we must remain a positive force within our organizations. You can also learn more on my YouTube Channel.

If Done Right, Your Referral System Won’t Actually Cost a Thing

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It’s also the ultimate sales advantage. Sales has always gotten a bad rap, but it’s gotten much worse as sales channels have evolved. The problem is with typical sales metrics. Referral makers don’t want your money. They want to know you’re trustworthy.

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Meet The ‘A Listers’? Who Are Ruining Their Selling Careers

Bernadette McClelland

And for a couple of reasons: 1. Because they were from sales leaders and. Don’t follow a proven sales process. As someone who works with business owners, sales leaders and salespeople alike, I have heard all of these and even a few more, and herein lies the problem.

The Science of Strategy – What Steve Jobs and I Have in Common

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Forces such as new technology, new players in the market, fluctuating prices, opportunity for new channels and unreliable suppliers that can impact your direction. It’s what strong leadership entails. Book your Conference or Sales Kick Off Meeting today!

‘Let’s talk about CEX, baby’

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I was fortunate to be a part of a TLQ (Total Leadership Quality) Program at Xerox where the work of Edward Deming was incorporated into our culture and when ‘Customer Delight’ became a focal point in the company’s rebirth.

Who Are We Fooling?

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Take the famous example of two “leading sources of insights” for the sales community, coming to polar opposite conclusions as to when it the best time to make cold calls. This reality no doubt explains the shift to and rise of sales enablement. By Tibor Shanto.

Sales Trends to Expect in 2019 from the Experts

Alice Heiman

The sales industry is incredibly progressive. So, we decided to ask a group of sales experts this one question: What is the biggest trend you expect to see in the sales industry in 2019? . Sales Trends of 2019 . AI for Sales . Sales Effectiveness vs. Noise.

True Story: What Every Salesperson Ought To Know Before Writing Content

Bernadette McClelland

Much has been written about salespeople, especially those who are employees, speaking up, writing and curating on social channels such as LinkedIn. Imagine you are being interviewed for a sales role by your client: For what purpose would you be speaking?

Voice Mail Week – Part I – Context – Sales eXchange 206 (#video)

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The Discovery channel has their annual tradition of Shark Week, and now we introduce Voice Mail Week. Below is the first of three installments (2 video) looking at voice mail and how to use it to your advantage and sales success. Sales Process Tibor Shanto Voice Mail Technique

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Are You Derailing Your Prospecting Success?

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she shares the story of Alex, a sales rep who kept repeating this common sales mistake. How does that affect your distribution channel? How else is the lack of up-to-date info on your sales portal impacting your ability to drive revenue growth?

Walking the Tightrope: How to Be a Good Sales Manager AND Sales Leader


As a sales manager, you know where you should spend your time. You are also told that you should be more than a sales manager; you should also be a leader. But is this right for everyone going into sales management? The Sales Manager.

Hit the Bullseye: Know and Do the Most Meaningful Activities w/Kristina McMillan

Igniting Sales Transformation

In this episode, Barb talks to Kristina McMillan , VP of Research at TOPO about why it is so important to FOCUS on the right activities if you want to achieve the right sales results. Sales activities should be driven by current data, trends and buyer expectations.

Use Sales Engagement To Break Through The Noise, with Mark Kosoglow, Episode #113


Sales engagement is a fairly new term but one that every sales rep needs to understand and a skill they need to master. On this episode of #SellingWithSocial, I’m honored to have Mark Kosoglow, co-author of the book, “Sales Engagement” on the podcast. BOOK: Sales Engagement.

What Every Sales Leader Needs to Know When Selling to the Modern Marketing Executive


The modern marketing executive has seen every sales trick in the book. In our webinar Enter into the Mind of the Marketing Executive Buyer we assembled a panel of three marketing executives to answer seven questions every sales leader wants to know. Omni Channel Touchpoints.

Sales Hacks Are Not Working!!

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I think about the sales and marketing professions a lot. Sales, in particular. I listen, although that is sometimes hard to do when we have certain factions in the sales training and coaching world arguing with each other about WHO owns the better approach to selling these days.

3 Things Sales Leaders Must do to Stay in Sync with Their Sales Team

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You have a sales process in place, but the sales manager and sales people are using separate spread sheets with additional stages, because the current sales process doesn’t meet their needs. Hold yourself accountable TO the sales team: .

[eBook] Account-Based Marketing

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Looking to give a boost your sales? This partnership resulted in our Account-Based Marketing Playbook to identify how to take a more targeted approach to your sales process. Sales Strategy Using Account-Based Marketing.

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Trends in Selling with Allen Mueller, Miller Heiman Group

Igniting Sales Transformation

As I do with most guests, we started out talking about Allen’s history and she landed in a career in sales. That was followed up by talking about the state of the sales and service industries today. How organizations can optimize their sales enablement strategy and execution.

Why Your Team’s Prospecting Methodology and Sales Cadence Is Broken, with David Elkington, Episode #108


It’s hard to believe, but many sales leaders never give strategic thought to the implementation of their team’s sales cadence. What is a sales cadence? It’s a strategic sequence of sales activities that increase connections and enable you to better qualify leads.

Getting to the Top 1%

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In this interview, I talked with Cynthia Barnes who is recognized as one of the world’s most influential Women in Sales Thought Leaders. When I talked with Cynthia I wanted to find out: Why we need women-centric sales training and professional development.

Transitioning from Sales Contributor to Leading Teams with Melissa Lui, ServiceTitan

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My guest in this Conversations with Women in Sales interview is Melissa Lui, Sales Development Manager at ServiceTitan. Melissa started as an SDR and within in a short period of time, she had demonstrated her ability to make the next move into sales leadership.

How Social Selling Got Me 21 Meetings in 2 Days

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That’s the number of people I’m meeting for the first time at the Sales Innovation Expo in London this month. I publicized the Sales Innovation Expo on all of my social channels, then sent personal messages to each of my LinkedIn connections in the U.K.

Are you words making you invisible to your buyers?

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So if you know that a certain event paves the way for something positive for your sales success, you will selectively look for people experiencing that event; a promotion leading to a predictable change in suppliers, should lead you to look for people being promoted to that role.

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What vs. How

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“WHAT” is the end goal; it’s directional! “ HOW ” is the journey…” The difference between good and great sales leaders is in their ability to get things done. Check out this video and see what the truly best sales leaders do to win.

3 Important Ways Account-Based Sales Teams Can Stay Relevant

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What does it take to increase sales in today’s uncertain business environment? Now more than ever, sales leaders and their account-based sales teams must be prepared for change. Above all, to increase sales, the speed of decision-making must accelerate.

Social Selling: What the Sales Pros Do Differently

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Any sales professional who says it’s easy to keep up communication on social networks is either lying or doing it incorrectly. Your marketing department can help by providing relevant content to the sales team. But sales reps have work to do as well. Well, sales is not a party.

This is What Happens When You Align Sales and Marketing

Alice Heiman

You increase your sales. Unfortunately, there is misalignment between sales and marketing at most companies. percent of sales professionals produc e enough revenue to meet their quota. Is there a disconnect between your sales and marketing team when it comes to the definition of a lead ? Is your sales team leaving MQLs unanswered and complaining that those are not leads ? . Align Sales and Marketing in 3 Steps.

How to Use Digital Engagement on LinkedIn To Sell And Hire, with Jenn Walsh, Episode #87


Jenn is a seasoned sales professional in the insurance industry and has recently started her new consulting company, Genuine Shift. sales @M_3Jr #DigitalSales Click To Tweet. LinkedIn is a powerful channel sales organizations can use to find and court new talent for their organization.