Keep Your B2B Sales & Sanity Intact During the Coronavirus Outbreak

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In sales, it’s normal to deal with slow seasons, bad seasons, and horrible seasons. Is there a future for your sales and company? We decided to address these concerns and provide you with some tips on adapting your sales and workflow to the current conditions. Travel bans are lifted early, and aviation and tourism go back to normal. The travel bans remain in place until the end of 2020, leaving aviation and tourism completely frozen.

How to Adapt to the New Sales Environment: A 2-Step Approach to Navigating COVID-19

Sales Hacker

Let’s look at how you can adapt to the new sales environment brought on by COVID-19, so you can continue to serve your partners, clients, and team members in this difficult time. We still have to find ways to fuel the sales funnel. RELATED: Keep Your B2B Sales & Sanity Intact During the Coronavirus Outbreak. Okay, now that you know how to approach sales in a time of crisis, let’s look at three things you can do to be more effective.

A Guide to Latent Semantic Indexing and LSI Keywords


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