Are You Growing Your Channel Partners through Symbiotic Relationships?

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When designed & executed correctly, channel partners provide your business an incredible amount of leverage. Correctly managed channel partners can help you expand into. As a sales leader, you are always looking for the most optimal route to your customers.

Why Telemarketing Remains the Unsung Hero of Lead Generation

The Sales Association

Why Telemarketing Remains the Unsung Hero of Lead Generation. By Kathy Tito Denise Clancey is a true luminary in the field of telesales and telemarketing. Today Denise runs her own firm to help organizations launch, re-engineer, or re-claim the management of their telesales and telemarketing organizations. Denise: One of my first jobs at MCI had me running a B2B telemarketing team, reporting to the head of Direct Marketing who reported to the VP of Marketing.


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6 B2B Sales Trends for Amazing Success in 2019

Sales and Marketing Management

Also, data from channels such as chat, social media, phone, web and more must come together into a single view of the customer. More and more, reps are using social media platforms as a channel through which to start conversations and begin developing relationships with their prospects.

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Is Anyone Leading Lead Management?


Telemarketing Inbound. Telemarketing Outbound (qualification and lead generation). Telemarketing Sales. International Channel Management. Sales Channel Management. Sales Lead Management is a complicated process. It needs a leader to pull all of the competing interests and people together to work as a team. Sales lead management is a tough subject to truly get your arms around.

Don’t Miss This Event: The Gatekeeper Died

No More Cold Calling

The Gatekeeper Died: Why That’s a Good Thing” is the topic for my new, monthly, live Sales TV Show on the Sales Experts Channel. New episodes will premiere on the third Tuesday of every month at 2:00 Pacific/5:00 Eastern on The Sales Experts Channel.

Busting the myth – Do more calls really equal to more leads?


More calls equal to more leads is one of the most prominent principles in selling wherein global-scale sales enterprises like call centers and telemarketing agencies’ business models sprung from. Busting the myth – Do more calls really equal to more leads? .

Wanna Win? Jump Up the Lead Quantity and Add Nurturing!


It’s way ‘old-school’ to try and kick-start sales by dramatically jumping up sales lead quantity, and then rely on the sales channel to deal with it. Add a telemarketing element and this alone can improve the first few stages of the pipeline, until the suspect becomes a prospect ready for sales contact. James Obermayer, Executive Director and CEO of the Sales Lead Management Association and President of Sales Leakage Consulting is a regular guest blogger with ViewPoint.

Lead Generation Lies That are Wreaking Havoc with Your Sales


And today, that consistency needs to reach across channels. Social Media Marketing is an effective lean gen channel for B2C but not as much for B2B. When B2B marketers use social channels like LinkedIn and Twitter to showcase thought leadership they create an opportunity to gain credibility with key decision makers and potentially take relationships with prospects and existing customers to another level.

Always be Onboarding: The Peak Performance Mindset for Sellers


From the telemarketer to the field marketing person, to the Customer Success Manager and channel partner — each of these individuals are now sellers and each of them has to play from a common playbook that represents the corporate brand and be aligned to the revenue strategy.

How To Be An Authentic Social Seller (video)


This Expert Insight Interview discusses: The history of LinkedIn and how it became a widespread marketing channel. Back in the 70s and 80s, telemarketers figured out that they could reach people on the phone and sell them things.

Cold Calling Is Alive! How to Cold Call, Connect, Convert, and Crush on the Phone


Telemarketing. The way cold calling is conducted today has been changed by technology, channels of communication, supporting processes, and different goals. Telemarketing. Cold calling and telemarketing terms are often considered interchangeable.

The 5 Top Media for Cold Prospecting


But what are the most effective outbound marketing channels for kicking off a business relationship? These are the five essential channels you can rely on for generating a steady stream of inquiries that you can then convert to qualified leads, and have a prayer of closing enough sales to meet your revenue quota. Outbound telemarketing The telephone is the Swiss Army knife in the B-to-B marketer’s backpack: a flexible, personal, dependable resource with infinite applications.

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Always be Onboarding: The Peak Performance Mindset for Sellers


From the telemarketer to the field marketing person, to the Customer Success Manager and channel partner — each of these individuals are now sellers and each of them has to play from a common playbook that represents the corporate brand and be aligned to the revenue strategy.

What is Inside Sales? The Definition of Modern-Day Selling


They will often try to get in touch with prospects via multiple touches, and use many channels to communicate with contacts, to maximize their success. The genesis of inside sales has its roots in telemarketing. Telemarketers would cold-call all day long, often rudely interrupting a prospect’s day or dinner to ask them if they wanted to buy a random product. Your customers need multi-touch cadences sent through omni channel communication.

No More Quotas, No More Commission: Sales Without SDRs

Sales Hacker

Prospecting is a type of marketing that basically entails telemarketing and what I consider email spam and LinkedIn spam because it is 99% of the time, a sales pitch.

You Can’t Put in What God Left Out … and Other Important Things Learned in Business and Life


Jim Obermayer is the founder of the Sales Lead Management Association , and host of the Funnel Radio Channel. It's really where I got experience in business to business telemarketing. Jim recently interviewed PointClear’s Dan McDade about the five most important things he’s learned in business and life—in one of an ongoing series of radio programs featuring sales and marketing industry leaders. Following is an edited transcript, or you can listen to the program in its entirety here.

Best Practices for Sales Development Reps (SDRs) in 2018


They are required to behave more than just telemarketers and focus on more than just getting leads. The Three Primary Channels That SDRs Use to Stay on Top of Their Leads Include: . Prospecting will get them to achieve positive appointments and a channelized way to work towards the goal. Written By. Rahul Thakur. Share. Get a Free Quote. contact-form-7]. Defining the Work of Sales Development Representatives (SDRs).

Why Inbound Marketing Isn’t Enough: Leverage Outbound Marketing


The terms inbound and outbound embody a type of cultural shift in the entire way of how marketing works, particularly across different channels. Truth be told, frankly, inbound marketing isn’t enough as at this time seemingly everyone is making use of inbound marketing so, the channels are becoming noisy. Telemarketing/Cold Calling: Build a list of qualified prospects through online research and then, start engaging with those prospects by calling them directly. Written By.

12 Sales Metrics that Matter Most-Harvard Business Review

HeavyHitter Sales

Seventy percent of inside salespeople perform lead generation and telemarketing activities.  Sales Preparedness Eighty-three percent of participants thought their outside field sales teams were equipped with the sales strategies, tools, and skills to exceed their numbers, compared to fifty-seven percent for inside sales and forty percent for channel sales. Harvard Business Review is arguably the most prestigious publication for business leaders and management thinkers.

Building Client Trust in a Virtual World

No More Cold Calling

Dawn Westerberg , senior channel marketing manager at Sage Intacct, put it to me this way, “We need to be deserving of a customer’s trust. It’s becoming as intrusive as telemarketing.”. To know you is to like you. “As

Why Your Lead Generation is Broken


Alternately, if the business has some form of sales channel  Partners, VARs, Distributors or Dealer network, then they expect them to generate their own leads and may even fire them if they fail to sell enough. Lead Generation in B2B Sales is a topic that usually ends up in finger pointing and a verbal bun fight, between the people in Sales and Marketing.

3 Steps to Effective Sales Management


Salesforce Strategies – What are your go to market and market access strategies (telemarketing, channel, direct, partners, agents)? As sales managers, you all know how important it is to be effective at managing your sales staff and sales pipeline.

Inside/Outside, Is It Even Relevant Anymore?

Partners in Excellence

Comedians would joke about annoying telemarketers–that’s what a lot of inside sales people were called, even though they were doing no marketing, just pure selling. I remember the DEC Telemarketing Center in the outskirts of Boston (Some of you will have to go to the history books or Wikipedia to look up DEC). Sometimes I wonder about the discussions I hear about Inside versus Outside/Field/Direct sales. I suppose, at one point in time the distinction was relevant.

6 Inbound Marketing Strategies for Technology Companies in 2021 (and Beyond)


For marketers, the old approaches to brand and product promotion are no longer relevant, and marketing channels that were considered novelties in the past are already well-entrenched. As tech companies grow and expand their business, customers start expecting more.

Laurie Page: “Calling Should Ultimately Be Part of Your Touch Cadence”


As we continue, especially with many SaaS, inside sales is a viable channel for these organizations. It was called telemarketing at the time. We’ve even done some studies with different channels (video, email, phone, texting), and different prospects prefer different mediums. Laurie Page. Managing Partner, The Bridge Group. Laurie is never shy to point out tactics masquerading as strategy.

Inbound or outbound sales—which one should you focus on?

We’ll spend the rest of the article describing those situations to you to point you to the strategy that will be the best growth channel for your business. However, with an inbound sales strategy, tracking data and ROI can be difficult, especially with leads coming from so many channels. Having a solid CRM is key, and so is knowing how to implement web analytics to capture data across all channels. Wondering what the right sales approach for your company is?

Is a Lead Generation Appointment Setting Service Worth It?


This one is a B2B telemarketing firm that obtains leads and schedules appointments with high-quality leads by making skilled cold calls. In short, they can be embedded right into your brand’s communication channels and workflows. In any industry, there will always be competition.

An Open Letter to Social Sellers Everywhere

Tony Hughes

Where I'm going with this is that Trigger Event selling is a science irrespective of technological channel. Over-achievers are communicators and leverage every channel conceivably available to get to the target - whatever it takes, maintaining integrity but staying the course. Personally, I'm not going to invest millions into something I haven't vetted thoroughly face-to-face and through references as well as performing sound, back-channel due diligence.

Top sales blogs all sales managers need to follow


HubSpot shows you how to use data to reach out precisely when a prospect wants and not a moment sooner, leverage emerging channels to give prospects options and more control over how they engage with you, and pick up sales strategies that leave prospects feeling helped not harassed.

Emptying Your Sales Trash By Colleen Francis

Sales Training Advice

Do you sound like a radio ad or a telemarketer? To get attention and be memorable in the eyes of prospects and clients, you need to leverage several media channels at once. Trash your current follow-up system and invest in a multistep approach that uses multiple channels (e.g., One day while I was out on my early-morning oceanside run in the South Beach neighborhood of Miami Beach, Florida, I passed a large group of city workers picking up trash from the waterfront.