Keep Your B2B Sales & Sanity Intact During the Coronavirus Outbreak

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Travel bans are lifted early, and aviation and tourism go back to normal. The travel bans remain in place until the end of 2020, leaving aviation and tourism completely frozen. A growing pandemic, new strict travel limitations, long-term ban on tourism, a decrease in customer confidence — everything indicates that it will take awhile before we can talk about returning to normalcy. In sales, it’s normal to deal with slow seasons, bad seasons, and horrible seasons.

How to Adapt to the New Sales Environment: A 2-Step Approach to Navigating COVID-19

Sales Hacker

This will be slightly different for every organization, but In response to COVID-19, we’ve typically seen companies switching their focus to two channels: Digital — webinars, digital advertising, content, etc. Going after verticals like hospitality, insurance, tourism, health, etc., As salespeople, we’re naturally resilient. Every day we recover quickly from the many rejections we receive from prospects, clients, and the market, only to hop on a call and get rejected again.

A Guide to Latent Semantic Indexing and LSI Keywords


That blog post could belong to a wildlife conservation organization, it could belong to a tourism group, or maybe even a local hiking club. For more ways to improve your B2B SEO strategy, check out some of the following resources: How to Optimize a YouTube Channel for SEO Success. Since the advent of the search engine, SEO tactics have been in a constant state of evolution.