How a Business Services CEO Seizes Market Opportunities

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One such company is CAS, a division of the American Chemical Society. Over the last 6 months, there have only been an elite few known as “Accelerators” — those companies that have thrived in a recessionary environment.

How Software Leaders Pragmatically Prepare for 2021

SBI Growth

The software industry has experienced more disruption in the last 6 months than in the previous 10 years. With an increased need for online purchasing, content management, payment processing, and more, leading software CEOs have navigated changes in demand drivers.


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NAICS Code Directory for Sales and Marketing Teams


For B2B sales and marketing teams, having a 360-degree view of customers and prospects is key. Industry classification remains a foundational component to achieving ABM (account-based marketing) success. 3251 Basic Chemical Manufacturing. 445210 Meat Markets.

Market Expansion: Three Approaches for Companies Looking to Grow


The map shows the literal market expansion T-Mobile achieved from the purchase. Market expansion strategy is one of four quadrants that make up the go-to-market framework for businesses. A core piece of expansion is the idea of increasing a seller’s total addressable market.

How to Navigate Pricing In a Pandemic

Sales and Marketing Management

B2B leaders and sales and marketing teams across the globe are finding ways to adapt in this time of crisis. I’ve been talking to leaders in industries far and wide, from manufacturing, distribution, chemicals processing, tech, pharma and more.

How to get better at reading emotions in sales

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In order to get better at reading emotions, we need to overcome the chemicals in our own brains. Things can get emotional in sales especially B2B where the stakes are high. You’re trying to meet your quota, and figure out the new normal with COVID-19. It’s no wonder we’re all a little on edge.

Make Your Sales Force Your Loyalty Program

Sales and Marketing Management

In our research across a broad spectrum of business-to-business companies, including medical devices, chemicals, pulp and paper, pharmaceuticals, heavy earth-moving equipment and banking, we consistently find the most important factor that builds a strong, loyalty-based relationship between a customer and a company is superb account management by their sales representative.

Taking Customer Service from Cost Center to Profit Center

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retail, restaurants, medical devices, chemicals), I consistently find that what creates loyalty is the absence of perceived risk. Author: John Larson How many times has one of your customers approached you with an issue or a problem? For instance, “I purchased this product from you and it does not work.” Or, “I thought this product had feature X, but I found out it doesn’t and I want to return it.” Or possibly, “You told me my order would arrive on Wednesday and it came on Friday.”.

What is Your Company’s DNA?

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Not chemical, biological DNA, of course, but what I call corporate DNA. What does that DNA mean for positioning a company to win in the market? The key to maximizing competitive advantage is to pinpoint that DNA and use it to your advantage; that is, to position your company in the market so that you can win. Our conversation with you and your team wasn’t a marketing discussion,” said Scott Anderson, CMO of Sitecore, a content management software company. “It

Are You Ready to Enhance Your Productivity?

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You may find his work on Entrepreneur, and they describe his writing as, ‘Nick often discusses social media, marketing, and branding primarily for small and medium enterprises (SMEs).’. __. Photo by Geralt via Pixabay.

The Importance Of A Balanced Inventory Management System

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NOTE: Mariana Vieth is Director of Marketing at WSI , provides today’s insightful article, ‘The Importance Of A Balanced Inventory Management System.’. Small e-commerce and retail businesses face many issues in their industries, ranging from marketing to resolving customer complaints.

Tips & Tricks to Make Money From Home

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If you use any chemicals in the process, you might want to consider remodeling a little, e.g., garage floor epoxy paint offers excellent protection against stains, spills, and chemical damage. MarketingMany people dream about working and making money from home.

The Power of Stories and Sales Leadership

Women Sales Pros

We are wired for stories because they activate chemicals in our brains. This type of feel-good story activates the oxytocin chemical in the brain. This chemical makes us more empathetic. She has also been named as one of the Top Sales &Marketing Influencers from To p Sales World , Top 10 Women in Sales Experts to Follow and is one of Global Gurus Top 30 Sales Professionals in 2019. We’ve all heard the phrase that “knowledge is power.”

Spam Sparks the Human Curiosity Gene

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Savvy marketers use this human curiosity gene to their benefit by writing emotionally compelling copy and headlines that spark that innate desire to seek what lies within. For when our human curiosity gene is satisfied, we receive a rush of emotions based upon the chemical interactions within our brains. Marketing compelling copy human curiosity gene SPAM emailsThe reason so many SPAM emails are opened is because they spark the human curiosity gene.

The Future of Sales: What will the World Look Like for Sales Teams After the Quarantine? with Hang Black, Episode #147


As an experienced leader in high-tech companies, her expertise spans sales enablement, business development, marketing and engineering in large companies like AMD and Cisco as well as smaller companies such as Gigamon and 8×8. Modern Marketing Engine Podcast – Bernie Borges.

Introducing the Miller Heiman Group Icons

Miller Heiman Group

With more than 30 years combined experience with our core programs, the group is an incredible asset to each of their organization s’ sales success; and we are thrilled to welcome them to the inaugural Icons program,” said Aimee Schuster, chief marketing officer of Miller Heiman Group. Kevin Lewis , Milliken Chemical.

Transactional Versus Complex Selling

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For example, you can’t get any more commoditized than selling commodities like basic chemicals, oil, water, etc. For example, I have a very large client that sells basic chemicals. Inside Sales Is Only Great For Transactional… Future Of Buying Insight Selling Lean Sales And Marketing Procurement Strategies Sales Process Sales Strategies Value Proposition

How to Increase Profit Margin: 5 Strategies for Any Business


Evaluate your marketing strategies and service infrastructure to see if you can improve how you attract and retain customers. Chemical (Basic): -0.72%. Chemical (Diversified) : 6.43%. Chemical (Specialty): 2.21%. Total Market: 5.05%. Businesses exist to make money.

We Become Commoditized Only When We Let Ourselves Be Commoditized!

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They are both very high quality and reliability, they come from outstanding companies with the most powerful brands in the market. While each of these is priced similarly, they thrive in the markets, because Google and Microsoft have found other ways to differentiate and drive sales. We choose to focus only on the most “commoditized” attributes in how we position, market, and sell our products. They sell basic materials (oil, gas, chemicals, etc.),

How Do You Combine Artificial Intelligence with Human Selling?

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Across acres of fields and greenhouses, farmers are using AI to vastly reduce their use of chemicals and minimize damage to the environment. Business Development Sales brand business development career client communication elinor stutz employee entrepreneur job marketing-communication mindset motivation prospect Relationship Selling sales Smooth Sale Smooth Sale blog smoothsale blog smoothsaleblog

Sensemaking: Selling To Customers In The “Simple Quadrant”

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” Depending on the market/application maturity, the business may have started as very complex, as patterns start to emerge, and people’s experience gets deeper, the business may mature and move to the complicated space. So our marketing, content, and digital strategies become very important in making the buying journey as easy and efficient as possible. One of my clients sold basic chemicals. It turned out, it was product planners, product marketing and designers.

Once Upon a Time: Storytelling Stimulates the Brain into Action

The ROI Guy

By Dan Sixsmith Storytelling is a term that has emerged in marketing and sales as a means of leading the buyer down a path toward the realization that your solution is something he/she needs. What does this mean for your B2B marketing and sales strategy? Alinean Dan Sixsmith Storytelling Value Marketing Value Selling ValueStory visual storytelling

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22 Sales Buzzwords You Love to Hate – and How to Use Them the Right Way

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RevOps helps achieve sales and marketing alignment”. That happy place where every marketing qualified lead turns into a sales qualified lead. Account-based selling and marketing is a strategy that creates hyper-focus and personalized resources for your ideal customers.

A Modern Selling Tip: Learn to Sell the Way You Buy, with David Priemer, Episode #150


in Chemistry and Atmospheric Science from York University and a Master’s degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Toronto. There is a very low bar for people to create solutions of all kinds, which has saturated the B2B technology market.


HeavyHitter Sales

It turns out your innate nature to help people is really the result of a chemical reaction.   All marketing departments should pay attention to this fact when creating sales training collateral! During the first four years of your life, 90 percent of your brain’s growth and development occurred. Your mind evolved as it interacted with the world around you and recorded strange and exciting new experiences. Now, it has been accumulating these experiences for decades.

Don’t Give Up On The Obvious

The How and Why to Sell to Friends

After trying a myriad of ideas involving sophisticated chemicals, ultrasonic weapons, and a substantial budget to battle thousands of pigeons, the actual solution that worked beautifully cost less than $25. If you want to hear sales and marketing go toe-to-toe, you’ll enjoy this show.

Our Products Are Becoming Commoditized!

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Over time, as products get greater market penetration, as competition increases, as we go through cycles of enhancement of the products, as customers get greater familiarity with them—-products, inevitably become commoditized. No product, no market is immune to this. As companies struggle to grow and perform, we can infer from general industry and market data, the problems every business faces are not getting easier.

The Importance Of Establishing A Cadence

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” A system, whether it’s a physical process, chemical process, is in balance with the right flow. In the financial markets, there are rhythms that drive the market–sometimes these are very complex, but in the world of “quants” they discover these rhythms and what causes disruption in the rhythms. Execution Lean Sales And Marketing Results Sales Effectiveness Sales Management Time Management

Sales middle managers – what motivates them the most?

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The importance of middle managers can be especially significant in industries and fields that value innovation, like computer games, software, consulting, biotech and marketing, according to Mollick. The results are part of Insigniam’s 2014 Middle Management Survey, which is based on responses from 200 managers in Global 1000 companies from several industries, including healthcare, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, energy, manufacturing, and biotech. Sales Middle Managers.

Engagement Experience fuels Customer Experience

One Millimeter Mindset

Like a chemical equation, is the desired reaction balanced and controlled? Think about an over-dependence on cold calling, marketing automation and running around networking events throwing business cards at everything. Even if our functional roles are not primarily in marketing and selling, our customers’ engagement experiences bias them about how we will deliver outcomes.

Win Together—Core Principles

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An example is a company that was knowingly poisoning a community’s water for years with chemicals. When everyone wins together, it brings about what every marketing person and organization is striving for: turning customers into fans!

TSE 1141: The Fundamentals of Visnostic Selling

Sales Evangelist

Her goal is to help sales and marketing professionals harness the power of neuroscience by translating vendor-speak into client-speak. The book talks about storytelling and neuroscience and explains the chemical reactions that happen in the brain. When you trigger chemicals in your client’s brain without him even realizing it, that’s powerful. You can figure out your segmentation by talking to past clients who will tell you more than your marketing department ever could.

Complex Or Simple Buying Process

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selection of RF shielding for a smartphone, selection of specific bulk chemicals). Business Acumen Future Of Buying Insight Selling Lean Sales And Marketing Sales and Marketing Tools Sales Effectiveness Sales ProcessOver the past few months, I’ve been reviewing a lot of my thinking about business to business buying and selling processes, and how we achieve success in both.

Remote Selling Viewpoints with Hans Fuller of @StorySlab


Many are in complex industries like manufacturing, machinery, chemicals, and healthcare where reps are accustomed to in-person meetings where they can engage in the dialog necessary for effective consultative selling. Remote Selling has become an important focus for every sales organization.

#MyFirstSevenJobs Kathy Dyer And Chris Ahearn

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Vice President of Product-To-Market Far East, NCR Corporation. Manny Hanny long since been absorbed into Chemical bank which was then absorbed into Chase. There’s a series going around the web about people’s First Seven Jobs. It’s been fun and fascinating to see the very first jobs people held. There’s a diverse selection of people’s first seven jobs here , Fred Wilson , Brad Feld , and Keenan. I jumped onto the bandwagon with my first 7 jobs.

Winning the Social Media Engagement Contest

The ROI Guy

As social media grows in use, promotional power and business value, the most popular and engaged companies will have a distinct competitive advantage in revenue generation, marketing efficiency and return on marketing. Industries found to have companies with the least overall social media engagement (on average) include: Energy; Utilities; Wholesale & Distribution; Pharmaceuticals; Healthcare; Chemicals; Professional Services / Service Providers.

The Ultimate Guide to Price Optimization

Hubspot Sales

Geographical market specifics. You also need to understand your market and industry trends. For example, HubSpot charges per marketing contact and offers additional features for each tier. The right pricing can make or break a business.

Make Your Value Pricing Count: Get Value Selling into the DNA of Your Organization Q&A


For our October Webinar, Steve Laborda shared actionable steps for achieving commercial success by translating existing Value Pricing strategies into sales and marketing. So ideally you will have some marketers as well, because you will have to have the value-based pricing.

What a Client Intake Form Is & What It Should Look Like [Template]


Plenty of scientists dedicate a significant portion of their careers studying a potential chemical reaction — only to find it's not actually possible. Not everything is meant to be.

#MyFirstSevenJobs John Pesec and Chris Palmisano

Partners in Excellence

19 years old Laborer/janitor in chemical plant. Dumped chemicals in tanks, scrubbed floors and toilets. Chris Palmi sano, Vice President, Global Sales And Marketing, Khorus. A number of weeks ago, I started following some posts about people’s First Seven Jobs. It was fun and fascinating to see the very first jobs people held. There’s a diverse selection of people’s first seven jobs here , Fred Wilson , Brad Feld , and Keenan.