Seven Things You Need to Study to Boost Your Sales

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The top people in every profession got there by studying. Sales closing competition competitors customer product prospect selling service Raw talent and intelligence will only take you so far.

Study 286

LinkedIn Study Women In Sales

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This week, LinkedIn shared some statistics in its study women in sales. Close More Deals. The post LinkedIn Study Women In Sales appeared first on Score More Sales.

Study 274

Inside Sales Power Tip 140 – Study Buyers

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This brings me to the question – Are you studying your buyers to even KNOW what they like and don’t like? Close More Deals. The post Inside Sales Power Tip 140 – Study Buyers appeared first on Score More Sales.

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Study Says to Highlight 3 Features in a Sales Presentation

Understanding the Sales Force

The goal of this study was very cool indeed, but the study, despite being developed by two business professors from Georgetown and UCLA, was poorly designed. Understanding the Sales Force by Dave Kurlan A very interesting article caught my attention on Inc. Magazine''s website.

Study 212

In the Race to Win More Customers, Sales Needs Digital Transformation

In a recent study by 451 Research, 31% of. and ensuring the timely close of deals in the pipeline. 1 Online: | Twitter: @getconga WHITE PAPER | THE CONGA SURVEY: INSIGHTS ON THE STATE OF DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION WHITE PAPER THE CONGA SURVEY: INSIGHTS ON THE.

Study Reveals Why B2B Salespeople Lose Deals

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Specifically, I was trying to find the obstacles that prevented them from closing more business (as opposed to a general list of items that made their job more difficult). Harvard Business Review is arguably the most prestigious publication for business leaders and management thinkers.

Study 152

Closing and Negotiating Challenges - Symptoms of Another Selling Problem

Understanding the Sales Force

Surprisingly, recruiting salespeople was not one of the topics addressed in this year's 2017 Selling Challenges Study. Dave Kurlan Consultative Selling close more sales negotiating objective management group selling value Richardson OMG AssessmentImage Copyright Shironosov.

Case Study - Which Sales Approach is Really More Effective?

Understanding the Sales Force

This helps to shorten the sales cycle, increase closing percentages and most importantly, differentiate, allowing you to sell value instead of price. If your company needs to outsell the competition, you''ll need to do it using a formal, structured sales process with a consultative approach or you''ll find yourself with unreliable forecasts, a longer than necessary sales process, smaller deals and a lower closing percentage. (c)

The Stanford Study that just Might Help you Sell More

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Salespeople know they won’t close a deal if they can’t make the connection between their solutions and a high-value outcome. What’s happening during sales conversations, and why deals fail to close, may both have something to do with the curse of knowledge.

Study 141

Lessons from the NFL on How to Close More Business

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He said, “Early in my career, Bill called me into his office, and we sat there – for a long time – studying film. Here are two things you can do starting today to increase your closing ratio and make more money: 1. Ask for bigger orders on every close. Ahhhhh….

Close More Deals With This Pricing Strategy

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So it behooves us to study consumer behavior and apply it to our business. When you offer the Buyer too many choices they don’t chose anything at all. Your job as a Sales Rep is to provide the best solution to the Buyer’s problems. Don’t overwhelm them by offering them more than they need.

Ultimate guide to sales emails: How to write sales emails that convert (templates, examples and case studies)

In this guide you’ll discover how to write sales emails that get results, generate pipeline, and ultimately close deals. Well, for one, thousands of B2B sales teams all over the world are using our Close to send emails, make calls, and close deals every day.

Amazing New Study on Buyer Behavior


The study detailed in this white paper set out to find: What is it like for buyers to be sold to every day? This comprehensive study was conducted on 488 buyers representing $4.2 The post Amazing New Study on Buyer Behavior appeared first on SalesPOP!

Study 54

How Referrals Close the Buyer Divide

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Study this carefully and determine if you are the type of sales rep with whom buyers don’t want to do business. The post How Referrals Close the Buyer Divide appeared first on No More Cold Calling. Pushy and arrogant sales reps still give the rest of us a bad name.

A Conversation With Julian Lumpkin: Leveraging Case Studies as a Fundamental Part of the Sales Process


As a sales manager at Axial, I realized how important case studies are in the sales process. To understand what sets the best reps apart, I want to first recap exactly how success stories are different from case studies. In the closing stages of a deal, it’s a little bit broader.

How The Best SaaS Sales Teams Are Improving Close Rates Today

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A successful close is the end goal that every sales team guns for. But despite a focus on closing sales, it remains one of the biggest issues for teams. Closing sales is critical for driving growth. So how are SaaS companies improving their close rate now?

ABC = Always Be Closing Collaborating

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The ‘ABC: Always be Closing’ mantra has been drilled into the minds of sales teams. In Glengarry Glen Ross , Blake passionately proclaimed: more closing equals higher commission, and if you can’t close, “hit the bricks, pal!” .

Touchpoint Analysis – Your Key to Unlocking the Secrets of the Customer Journey

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Article Sales Strategy analysis case study closing point control cs customer experience customer journey customer journey map CX finding Matt Slonaker measure saas secrets situation touc-pointLeaders take the time to look at their own business practices comprehensively through the lens of their customers to understand how they measure up to their customers’ needs and expectations. They continually ask and seek answers to whether each customer.

Heavy Hitter Sales Blog: Personality Study of 1000 Top Salespeople.

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Closing Techniques Using Sales Linguistics. Why Year End Deals Dont Close: THE CESSPOOL! Personality Study of 1,000 Top Salespeople-Harvard Business Review. An active presence drives the salesperson to ask customers difficult and uncomfortable questions in order to close gaps in information. The results indicate that overly friendly salespeople are too close to their customers and have difficulty establishing dominance. Heavy Hitter Sales Blog. Recent Posts.

Study 128

The Perfect Close

Your Sales Management Guru

The Perfect Close. -a Believe me James Muir’s book, The Perfect Close is a great add to any sales library. His 13 chapters flow logically, even though on page one he clearly states if you want to know his Perfect Close, skip everything and go to Chapter 12-more about that later.

Study Proves 3-Deep Questioning Can Strengthen Sales Reps’ Relationship with Buyers

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A recent study published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology analyzed getting-to?know?you According to the study, the follow?up The Questioning Approach that Builds Connection and Increases Close Rate.

Study 72

A Failure to Close

The ROI Guy

If you ask the average sales rep why the deal didn’t close, they’ll likely tell you “Price”. This proves that if “Price” is the main reason for your “Failure to Close”, evolving from features / price to business value could be your ticket to sales success. Sources: Aberdeen - [link] SiriusDecisions Interview: The Value of Value Marketing and Selling - [link] CSO Insights - Decoding the Decision Dynamic - Sales Enablement Optimization Study 2015 Key Trends Analysis.

Using Phone and eMail to Close Business

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The study was researched by Leads360. Recently there was a report published on converting B2B sales leads into deals that we blogged about. They also just created a handy Infographic to go with it, so take a look and enjoy.

Overcoming Buyer Apathy: Using the Five Buyer Personas to Close More Sales

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Closing the deal can be challenging—but it doesn’t have to be. Use real-world case studies to illustrate your points, and never make any assertions that you can’t back up with hard data. By studying the unique characteristics that feed each persona’s preferred sales approach, you can speak the language of your specific buyer and overcome buyer apathy.

Sales Leaders Can Close Big Deals in Q4 by Reducing Customer Risk

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You need to close a few of the big ones in the late stages of your sales process to hit your number this year. How do you know if these late stage deals will close in Q4? This is what you hear from the team: “If Acme closes I am going to have a great year”. “I

10 sales productivity tactics to close more deals

10 sales productivity tactics you can use to close more deals. Digging deeper into exactly how to achieve sales productivity gains on your team, here are 10 of our best sales productivity tactics, strategies, tools and processes you can implement and start closing more deals today.

19 Strategies for Creating a Sales Proposal that Closes for You [Infographic]

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The infographic below, from Instructional Solutions , has 19 tips that will improve your next proposal, grow your business, and avoid closing mistakes. Don't overpromise just to close their business. Sales Closing Techniques

Unconventional Ways to Get Your Salespeople Out of a Rut and Closing More Deals

Steven Rosen

In fact, studies show that taking a break can actually bolster your creative thought processes. Day or night, office or coffee shop – work with your team to let them perform to the best of their ability and they will start closing big deals again.

Why Your Account Based Sales Reps Shouldn’t Close Business This Year

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Closing the sales year with a bang is nice, but signing new clients shouldn’t be the focus for account based selling teams in Q4. Savvy account based sales reps know the one or two deals they can close this year because they’ve outlined the steps to get there.

Stop the Lose-Lose-Lose Selling and Increase Your Close Rate


At least 50% mentioned a desire to close more sales. How do we build confidence and closing rates? They don’t get the close easily or in the time frame they could. Our control studies show sellers who are prepared close 17-25% more than those that don’t.

7 Insights that will Improve Your Presentation Close Rate

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New York Yankee Mariano Rivera “The Closer” This may sound funny coming from a presentation trainer, but the most effective way to improve your presentation close rate doesn’t happen during your presentation. How does your close rate compare to others in your industry?

How to Convert & Close Sales Demo Requests [Data]

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Our team at AcademyOcean analyzed 1,000 demo requests of SaaS companies to determine what makes a successful demo, and how to optimize your demo strategy to close more customers. Let's review the demo request journey to dig into strategies to make them more likely to convert and close.

Data 83

17 Effective Sales Closing Techniques to Gain More Deals


Closing is a make or break moment in sales. Sales closing techniques are generally of two types: soft closing methods and hard closing methods. According to a study by DiscoverOrg, soft sales closing techniques are the best to close a deal, rather than creating a yes/no situation with a hard close. Sales executives have to use techniques which help them in closing a deal faster and more effectively.

12 TED Talks on Effective Communication to Help You Close

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Effective communication helps you forge strong connections, collaborate with internal and external stakeholders, close deals, and convince people to share your views. And yet we suck at it -- a Pew Research study found that Americans are more polarized than we’ve ever been.

How to Use Humor to Close Your Next Sales Deal

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In a recent study, humor was found to increase sales by 15%. Humor humanizes the sales process and, with proper direction, closes more deals. The post How to Use Humor to Close Your Next Sales Deal appeared first on Carew International Sales Training.

A Day in the Life of an Account Executive

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An Account Executive (AE) is responsible both for serving the account needs of existing customers, and closing new deals. They typically have a revenue target, and are paid commissions on each sale they close. Career Development Certified Sales Expert Winning By Design Case Studies

7 Sales Call Steps That Lead to Closed Deals

When you think of a rep that’s hungry to close deals, you probably picture the stereotypical seat-of-their-pants, adrenaline-pumped sales junkies. Again, we know this from studying roughly 1 million B2B sales calls recorded on web conferencing platforms like Zoom and GoToMeeting.

7 Sales Call Steps That Lead to Closed Deals

When you think of a rep that’s hungry to close deals, you probably picture the stereotypical seat-of-their-pants, adrenaline-pumped sales junkies. Again, we know this from studying roughly 2 million B2B sales calls recorded on web conferencing platforms like Zoom and GoToMeeting.

Increase Inbound Close Rates by Bringing Lead Activity into Slack


There have been lots of studies around lead response times. Especially for companies with a high inbound lead volume, decreasing lead response times can be essential to improving inbound close rates. The faster you are, the more likely it is you’ll close a deal.

Smart Selling Visions: Up-Close with Top Revenue Leaders

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We then measure every company in our Live Content database against your Ideal Profile Score and tell you how closely they match. We’ve launched a new weekly blog feature. Each week, I’ll interview an executive from one of the top sales and marketing solutions company.