Everything You Need to Know About Sales Collateral

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As a sales leader, you've probably wondered what impacts your prospects and potential customers. By creating and equipping your sales team with sales collateral content and materials. Not only does this enrich your prospect’s experience with your company, but it makes your sales reps’ jobs easier. Sales collateral is part of sales enablement , which is the process of providing your sales team the resources they need to close deals.

Make More Effective Sales Collateral This Summer

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The most effective prospect-facing collateral is the result of collaborative sales and marketing teams. While the marketing team is responsible for the development and design of sales collateral, it is marginally effective if it doesn’t incorporate the needs and goals of the sales team. Sales Team Enablement Marketing Strategy Sales Tools Summertime Sales


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3 Types of Product Marketing Collateral That Boost Sales Win Rate


Product marketers are the go-to resource for providing messaging guidance, product training, competitive intelligence, and other tools to their sales teams. When created and delivered properly, sales collateral produced by product marketing is highly visible, widely adopted, and produces quantifiable results in the form of win rate increases. Three types of collateral in particular are especially valuable in helping salespeople improve their odds of winning deals.

How to Align Your Sales Collateral with the Modern Buyer’s Journey


The best sellers use tailored sales collateral — materials developed by their business to support the sales process — to engage prospects at the right time with the right information to close deals faster. Today’s most effective collateral bears little resemblance to the jargon-heavy brochures of years past. In fact, modern sales collateral pivots away from the vendor’s perspective and instead incorporates insight from credible third parties.

The Top Marketing Tools Guide of 2018

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Because it is perfectly timed with our annual Top Marketing Tools Guide. Our Top Marketing Tools Guide has just 17. We wanted to find a good mix of solutions that are at the intersection of marketing and sales. And Flipdeck which uses a cards-and-decks approach to make your best content easily shareable by your Sales Reps from their phone. Don’t have time to read through a bunch of collateral?

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Keeping Your Company’s Brand Consistent and Accurate When It Counts

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What kind of answers would we get from the sales team? What is your company’s Brand Image? If we asked everyone in marketing would we get the same answer? Most importantly, what answer would we get from your customer? These.

Sales Acceleration: Email Tracking and Sales Collateral Analytics Answer the Prospect Engagement Question

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With that set of unfavorable qualities, how does a sales person even know if the prospect is even engaged from the get-go and figure out where they are in the sales process? But now, owing to increasingly sophisticated tracking technology for email and sales collateral, sales people can now readily control and monitor buyer behavior. LiveHive has developed a sales collateral analytics tool designed to measure if the buying and selling cycle is aligned.

9 Things Terribly Wrong With Sales Today: The Sales Tools

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Sales is suffering from 9 brutal ills: Number 5 in this 9 part series. Not enough salespeople understand the game/rules of sales. Too much reliance on selling tools. “Welcome to the team,” said my new sales manager, as he dropped a giant yellow pages phonebook on my desk. In 1996 all salespeople had was the phone, snail mail, bifold collateral with info sheets, that we would physically mail and our hard work.

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The Top Sales Tool for 2014

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As a Sales Operations leader, you have 3 major challenges heading into 2014. Understanding how your customers are evolving and determining whether your sales team is keeping pace. This tool has been around for a few years now. To assist you further, sign-up for SBI’s Sales & Marketing Research Review here. You will have access to guides, templates and tools to help your BPM drive revenue. Jesse runs Sales Operations for a Value Added Reseller.

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How to Generate Larger Deals and Shortened Sales Cycles

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In this series, we ask Sales Tech Executives to describe how their solution can change a sales organization in a significant way. We call it Sales Tech Game Changers. Nancy: What are the top 3 ways your solution changes the game for a sales organization? John: Seismic is an enterprise-grade sales and marketing enablement solution. Seismic levels the playing field for sales. Seismic generates larger deals and shortened sales cycles.

7 must-have features for your sales enablement tool


We all want to make more money, and if you work in sales, it’s also a major part of your job description. There are endless avenues to win new business and with that comes new technology to make your sales strategy smarter. One of the most popular tools used by cutting-edge sales teams today are sales enablement tools. Not all sales enablement tools are created equal. How to choose the right sales enablement tool. Happy sales!

Could You Sell Without the Tools and Trappings

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What if you didn’t have access to email as a medium available to you as a sales tool? As cruel as it might seem, pretend that the entire $999 a month per person worth of sales tools that make up your tech stack disintegrated. No more technological tools to manage your sequence , to find your contact information, to dial your phone, to record and transcribe your call, and to track the clicks on your collateral and your slide decks? You need to make sales.

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The Sales Cadence Tool You Need To Generate More Leads


Create an efficient and productive sales team with the right sales cadence tool. In this article: Give Your Sales Team the Right Tools What Is a Sales Cadence and Why Do You Need it? How Software Can Help Your Sales Cadence Strategy Optimize Lead Scoring and Lead Prioritization Call the Right Leads with Phone Prospecting Cadence Get Visibility into Your Pipeline with Email Cadence Sales Cadence Timing Sales Cadence Frequency.

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The 7 Best Sales Funnel Software Tools for 2020

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The sales funnel might be the most notorious, fundamental, straightforward model detailing the process by which prospects become customers. The old school sales funnel is typically divided into three stages: awareness, consideration, and decision. The term "sales funnel software" generally refers to platforms and resources that facilitate that process by helping businesses automate or create assets such as landing pages, follow-up emails, and payment gateways. Sales Process

The 12 Sales Tools You Should Be Using


Success in sales can be a hard, tall mountain to climb. And it’s a mountain you must climb over and over again because sales reps can’t rest on their laurels. READ 7 Highly Effective Best Practices for Sales Reps. The good news is that there is an ever-evolving suite of solutions that can help sales reps reach the summit. From productivity boosters to grammar help, there’s a sales tool for everything. READ How to get your sales stack in line.

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How Great Sales Enablement Tools Drive Readiness


In a highly competitive environment, enabling your salespeople to be at their best—and giving them the right tools to do so—can make all the difference. Sales enablement refers to the training, tools, content management, and resources provided to the sales team to help them successfully close more deals. When sales, marketing, and operations work together in this way, reps can onboard more quickly, upskill in key areas, and spend more time selling.

The 4 Most Essential Types of Digital Selling Tools


An artist is often only as good as the tools they have. In the same way, your sales team can only be as effective as you have equipped them to be. . To truly unleash productivity and drive revenue, reps and agents need tools that enable them to excel. Communication tools.

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Discovering the Best Sales Enablement Tools and Software


If your business hasn’t adopted a Sales enablement strategy yet — what are you waiting for? The main benefit of Sales enablement (i.e. ensuring that Sales reps are continuously and sufficiently enabled with content and coaching) is that it optimizes Sales and Marketing performance. The bottom line is that not only do you need the best assets, but also Sales enablement tools and software to deploy those materials.

Sales Enablement Defined: What are Content Management Tools?


Sales reps need the knowledge and skill to understand your industry, products, customers, and competitors, as well as compelling and relevant content to engage buyers at every stage of the journey. From internal training and coaching content, to your website, to customer-facing presentations and collateral, your Sales team needs to be studying and handling this content daily. . Sales can quickly find the most relevant, up-to-date content they need.

How to Create a Compelling Sell Sheet That Gets Results

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They generally surround one of the most fundamental concepts in sales — the elevator pitch. Visme , an online graphics tool, provides some excellent sell sheet templates like this one: Image Source. Sales CollateralImagine you need to relay information about the most compelling benefits of a product to a prospect with a waning attention span within a fixed amount of time. Those circumstances might seem familiar.

Sales Enablement Defined: What are Content Management Tools?


When sales can’t locate necessary content, marketers’ time and efforts have completely gone to waste, and as a result, reps’ time is also wasted looking for and putting together materials that they don’t realize already exist. This next post in our “Sales Enablement Defined” series dives into how content management tools empower both sales and marketing to become more efficient and collectively drive success. Bridges the gap between sales and marketing.

Sales Enablement Defined: What are Content Management Tools?


When sales can’t locate necessary content, marketers’ time and efforts have completely gone to waste, and as a result, reps’ time is also wasted looking for and putting together materials that they don’t realize already exist. This next post in our “Sales Enablement Defined” series dives into how content management tools empower both sales and marketing to become more efficient and collectively drive success. Bridges the gap between sales and marketing.

5 Ways to Supercharge Your Sales Enablement Efforts

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Attempts to get sales enablement right are on the rise , as organizations grapple with the idea that shorter product life cycles, a more informed customer base, and global competition make the way they sell just as important as what they are selling. In fact, according to the CSO Insights 2016 Sales Enablement Optimization Study , the number of businesses with a dedicated enablement function has increased from 19% to 33% since 2013. Streamlining the sales process.

Web Tool Matches Your Expertise With Questions on Twitter

Fill the Funnel

A new web tool called InboxQ creates an automated way for you to view all of those questions, comments and requests for help on Twitter, on the topic of your expertise and guide those questions directly to you to answer. Most LinkedIn sales training teaches you to search LinkedIn’s Question area and answer questions that you have expertise in. An innovative, free tool is now available that allows you to do the same thing with Twitter in an easy, automated way.

Liberate Your Sales Force with a Proposal Generation Tool

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What can a proposal generation tool do for you? Imagine that you are a sales manager. You are gazing out through the glass windows of your plush office across the vast expanse of desks where your sales force performs their in-office tasks. But then you notice several reps busily typing away on their laptops, running back and forth to the copiers and printers and keying excerpts from collateral pieces and customer stories into Word files and PowerPoint presentations.

How Product Launch Execution Can Make or Break Your Forecast

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The Marketing function has created the necessary collateral to. All hard work has been completed. Your organization is ready to launch your brand new product going into the new year. The Product organization has done all the pre-launch planning correctly.

What the Top 1% of Sales Reps Do Differently

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We don’t love to admit it, but powerful sales tools can increase our chances success. And that includes sales collateral. The post What the Top 1% of Sales Reps Do Differently appeared first on Fill the Funnel. Guest Posts Sales Web Tools Performance Reps salesFor top-performing reps, it isn’t the resources they’re given that determines their success — it’s their resourcefulness.

11 Ways to Enable Your Sales Team to Succeed

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Sales enablement is the process, practices, technologies and tools that improves the productivity and performance of the sales organization and sales team. Examples of sales enablement include playbooks, processes, collateral, CRM system, success metrics, and sales portals. Sales Success Sales Playbook Sales Training Sales Team Enablement Sales Tools

Mediafly Acquires Presentify to Transform Marketing and Sales Content

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Mediafly Acquires Presentify to Transform Marketing and Sales Content. While sales enablement technology is the proven medium for sellers to deliver their sales stories in a way that resonates with modern buyers, to maximize return on investment, sales organizations need inspiring content.

Sales Enablement vs. Sales Operations


Sales operations (sales ops) and sales enablement are terms used often within an organization. But how do they contribute to sales productivity and overall business performance? Sales reps need support to drive growth and increase likelihood of success, whether they’re going through initial onboarding, working through the buyer’s journey or collaborating with marketing. Sales Enablement versus Sales Operations. Managing sales tech stack.

How to Create More “Selling Time” with IT Tools

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Any IT tools that can free up a few minutes or a few hours for folks will be greatly appreciated. For sales pros, this is more than nice—it’s liberating. I well remember a specific day early on in my own sales career. Organized my contact files and updated my rolodex (I know, dinosaur sales epoch). Assembled 50 collateral packs and attached my business card to each. I was a sales rep, and I had not done any selling. IT tools can pick up some of the slack.

Sales Intelligence: What to Expect When You’re Prospecting

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But long, complicated sales cycles need more than just names and numbers. Marketing and sales intelligence data is dynamic, which is to say frequently and continuously refreshed. But sales intelligence gets more intelligent by the day (that would be machine learning, predictive intelligence, and other dimensions) – in addition to simply growing the database. This is an introduction to the use and impact of marketing and sales intelligence data on business decisions.

Sales Training Tip with the Top Sales Tool for 2014

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Sales Training Article: Top Sales Tool for 2014. By John Kearney, Sales Benchmark Index (SBI) Image courtesy of FrameAngel at FreeDigitalPhotos.net As a Sales Operations leader, you have 3 major challenges heading into 2014. Understanding how your customers are evolving and determining whether your sales team is keeping pace 3. This tool has been around for a few years now. Data Monitoring Jesse runs Sales Operations for a Value Added Reseller.

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Nancy’s Sales App of the Week: @ChannelRocket

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Get to know your sales tools in just 2 minutes a week. This week, Nancy profiles Channel Rocket, a sales acceleration tool that lets all your sellers deliver pitches tailored to any audience, in any vertical, any time. Sales ToolSkool Video Transcript: This week’s topic is a tool that lets all your sellers deliver pitches tailored to any audience, in any vertical, at any time. Until then… Sell Smarter, with smart selling tools.

How Sales Reps Are Hitting Quotas Without Hitting the Streets

Sales and Marketing Management

Author: Mark Kovac, David Deming and Sushant Khandelwal Virtual selling in business-to-business markets, often associated with inside sales, has carried a bit of a stigma within field-dominated sales organizations. Myth 1: Field sales reps sell primarily in person.

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Sales and Marketing Alignment Engagement Platforms: Sales Enablement Defined


Sales engagement platforms are no longer “nice to have;” they are a requirement for mature sales organizations that provide personal experiences for their buyers. With new sales engagement platforms designed to streamline sales processes being constantly introduced into the market, it can be overwhelming for sales enablement teams to decipher one from the other to determine which to select for their organization. What is a sales engagement platform?

70 of the Best Sales Enablement Tools to Arm Your Team With

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Approaching a task armed with the tools, systems, and knowledge you need just feels better than walking in unprepared. This is especially important for sales professionals — and sales organizations are making greater strides to ensure their reps are successful on the job. In a field where turnover is high, giving sales reps access to resources needed to effectively and efficiently close more deals can have a major impact on your company’s bottom line. Sales Hub.

Is your Team Ready for Virtual Selling Success in Q3: 5 Key Questions to Ask

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Sales teams have faced a long list of challenges this year due to the pandemic. While some industries had to rethink their selling approach completely—financial services and medical device sales in particular—others such as high tech were already onboard. When it comes to sales, remote work presents a unique set of issues. Sales managers leading geographically dispersed sellers are doubling down on the fundamentals. A New Era of Sales Management.

SalesTech Video: Modus

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It helps them capture more leads and customers, create compelling content, communicate product differentiation, compare collateral effectiveness, and close more business. Nancy Nardin, Smart Selling Tools. Field Sales. Sales Enablement. Konecranes USA Marketing wanted a seamless way to deliver both sales and marketing content to their sales teams, but also deliver a quality sales. Sales Asset Management. Sales Enablement. Field Sales.

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3 Ways Sales Can Help the Marketing Team (and Help Themselves)

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Let’s agree that the goal of your marketing team should be to help your sales team. But as sales professionals, how can you feed your sales intelligence in to your marketing team and how can they use that intelligence to better help you close sales? To improve quality of marketing leads, here are three key pieces of information sales must share with the marketing team: Raw feedback from customers and prospects.