Are You Building a Company or Just Laying “Marketing Brick”?


Are you laying marketing brick at $30-60 bucks an hour or building a business you can be proud of? Are you building a business with your lead generation efforts that drive sales or are you spending the company’s money on tactics that have tepid responses? Marketing Strategy

How High Growth Companies Conduct Market Research

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New Company Launches – Sales People Need Not Apply

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If you are like many in the sales profession you probably thought – “that’s not possible in my industry.” ” Unfortunately I have come to believe that the headline is actually a new reality for a large and ever-expanding list of companies and industries.

Why a Customer-First Approach Is Essential for Company Growth


A customer-first approach is essential for company growth, and sales reps that put the customer’s needs first are rewarded with loyal customers, industry credibility, respect and referral business. The Sales Incentive for Prioritizing Customer Needs.

How High-Growth Companies Buy Leads


Naturally, companies only want to invest in lead generation channels that yield higher returns. With some companies struggling to see value in purchased leads, this begs the question: Should they continue to buy leads or just cut them altogether? Leads are expensive!

5 Questions Every Account-Based Marketing Pro Has Answered


Sales has been targeting contacts at key accounts for decades. On the marketing side, account-based marketing (ABM) has gained major traction, becoming a key strategy to better align with sales and close quality deals. Sales stages.

An S.O.S. From Sales Ops to Company Leadership

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Listen up Chief Sales Officer. Take note CEO, marketing leader and CIO. It’s time that Sales Operations gets your undivided attention. Download the Leaders Guide to Sales Ops Enablement by clicking here. There are multiple reasons why Sales Ops needs your attention now.

2016’s Most Prospected Companies By State

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No matter our company or our role, I think I can safely say we ALL receive numerous prospecting emails and calls every day. Your company announces new funding or new hiring initiatives? The Most Prospected To Companies” By State During the 2nd Half of 2016.

Does Your Company Need a Chief Customer Officer?

No More Cold Calling

Then marketing complains that sales won’t accept their leads, while sales moans that marketing leads aren’t qualified (which is true, because cold leads generally suck). Too many companies lack a cohesive process to develop deeper relationships with existing clients.

"Marketing is too important to be left to marketers."


It’s funny because it sounds like marketers are too stupid to be in charge of marketing. And, as a marketer, I love laughing at myself and those who do what I do. So, what you get is an over-engineered, low-value deliverable that marketers then have to convince you that you need.

Video Is A Proven Winner for Sales and Marketing-Debate Over

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Video is no longer an option for high performing companies focused on their online success and impression. The post Video Is A Proven Winner for Sales and Marketing-Debate Over appeared first on Fill the Funnel.

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The Product Focused Company

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They had product divisions with product managers, marketing, sales, customer service. Each product division was focused on maximizing their own growth and share of the market. In some ways, from the company point of view, that wasn’t a bad strategy.

How Fast Growing Companies can Fuel Your Revenue

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Fast growing companies are often the best prospects for products and services. Fast growing companies need to hire more people, open new offices, and acquire additional hardware, software and services. These companies not only have a need to change, they are changing.

10 Essential Salesforce Metrics for Every Company to Track


One of the key features of Salesforce CRM is the configurability of its company performance dashboard. And to do that, you must create a data-driven sales culture. What do you often look at during sales and executive meetings? For instance, an inside sales company might always look at the raw data of their number of outbound calls and online demos. On the other hand, a company that relies mostly on online sales is likely to look at their leads by source.

Is Your Compensation Plan Evolving with the Company?

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This post is for Small Company CSOs and VPs of Sales. One of the core strengths of any small business is its ability to adapt and pivot with the market. Despite this luxury, the small company sales compensation plan is usually left on the backburner.

Should Sales Take Over Marketing?

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As a CMO you''re constantly being criticized for not measuring the return on marketing spend. The back and forth is: “I need more marketing dollars”. The CEO may even be considering moving marketing under sales. At least the Sales team is carrying a number.

Stay Engaged with Borrowers Using Email Marketing


One of the biggest struggles today’s lenders have is shifting from a refi market to a purchase market. Fortunately, using email marketing can be an effective tool to sustain continuous awareness in both borrowers and referral partners.

How Your Marketing Turns on Sales Objections – Part 05

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If we remember marketing extends beyond paid advertisements and the importance of word of mouth marketing, then our actions or our company’s actions specific to delivery can generate sales objections. Bad PR Sales Objections.

How to End the Sales & Marketing Argument

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Kids argue with their parents and everyone argues with their cable company and wireless phone providers. So why is it so hard to understand why marketing argues with sales? Dave Kurlan marketing leads lead follow up sales follow up

Your Company’s Best Brochure is You

Keith Rosen

Learn why the hasty and untimely use of brochures and other marketing material can easily spoil even the best prospecting efforts. Instead of scheduling another time to speak, Marty lost control of his sales process.

When will Sales catch up with Marketing?

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The sales field is suffering. Sales forces lack buyer-centered tools for success. When will Sales catch up with Marketing? Sales field alignment with the modern day buyer requires more than lip service. CMO’s can help sales make the number in 2014.

How Top Companies Develop Product Launch Messaging

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Sales and Channel Marketing at Intuit. Rob lead sales, channel marketing and analytics across Intuit’s retail, e-tail, inside sales, resellers, OEMs and financial Institutions. . Today’s topic is Product Launch and Messaging.

Dale Vermillion: 3 Ss to Selling Success in a Competitive Rising Rate Market


The biggest mistake loan officers are making today is they’ve become transactional in their sales efforts. Sales success requires a new, relational mindset — especially now with interest rates starting to climb. Technology is a tool to complement the sales effort.

Case Study: How a Company Hurt its Business with a Change in the Comp Plan

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This is a story of how a bad comp plan can ruin a sales force. The CEO was upset with the rampant discounting used by his sales team. The sales force revolted and sales plummeted. To right the ship (pun intended), he hired a new head of sales.

Hiding Behind The Can’t Find Me Marketing Curtain

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What I have discovered is this “Can’t Find Me” marketing curtain appears to be more common with businesses offering professionals services such as sales training or executive coaching.

Marketing Automation is Not Marketing Strategy


We are republishing this blog by Ruth Stevens (originally run January 29, 2014) because she hits the nail on the head about marketing automation. In the opening paragraph she states: “Marketers sometimes see automation as a silver bullet.

Do We Really Need Marketing?

Jonathan Farrington

I have a very long commercial memory, and I remember with considerable clarity that in days long ago, the “marketing function” was a sideshow, almost an after-thought, or an add-on to the real engine room within most companies – the sales force. They may have thought that they were responsible for promoting – and occasionally defending – the company’s image, but in reality, they were at the beckoning of anyone in the boardroom/C-Suite.

Should Marketing Be Measured On Revenue?

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As a disclaimer, I’m a “sales guy,” and may misunderstand marketing. But I often see discussions about marketing needs to be measured on revenue. Much of what I talk about in this post can equally be applied to sales focusing purely on revenue.).

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We Analyzed 1,000 Emails & Voicemails to Understand How the Top SaaS Companies Chase Enterprise Deals.


A new study from Process Street in partnership with sales email tool PersistIQ reveals the inside sales outreach of the world’s 281 top SaaS companies, and how they respond when a high-ticket lead (in this case, we used Vodafone) signs up for a free trial or demo. Sales

How to Bridge the Sales & Marketing Divide

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More often than not, sales and marketing live in siloes. Reps wonder what marketing does and contributes; marketing complains reps ignore their efforts. For a company to survive these days, sales and marketing must work in concert.

When Sales Met Marketing …

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And not unnaturally, few marketers will question the value of sales leads however they are generated, but the reality is that a poorly integrated lead generation program can actually reduce the overall productivity of a sales-force.

8 Questions to Select the Right Markets to Compete

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Today’s topic is how to select the right markets to compete in. The first responsibility for the President is to define for his company which markets you will, and will not, compete.

Realtors – Your Marketing Message Sucks – Part 01

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So you open your mail and find the following direct mail piece from a realtor with the following marketing message: Would you let a stranger into you home? . Then you turn over the card and read the rest of the marketing message: If you show your home yourself, that’s what you are doing.

How to Improve Your Marketing Campaign Execution

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Recently, I chatted with a b2b marketing leader of a 25~+ sales rep company. Let’s refer to this marketing leader as Kathy. I was expecting to hear something about content marketing, lead generation or buyer behavior.

7 Truths About Sales and Marketing (That CEOs Need to Know - Part 1)


Understanding the CEO’s role in eliminating wasted marketing spend and increasing sales results—the first of a 9 part blog series. One of my favorite authors and speakers, Mike Weinberg, says the following about the CEO’s role in companies: “As goes the leader, so goes the organization.

How Social Media Influences Market Reach

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For any business from the smallest to the largest, market reach is essential. Potential buyers must know about you, your company and your solutions. This is why marketing is the first phase of the 3 Phase Sales Process. Slow and Steady Wins the Market Reach Race.

Your 2014 Marketing Budget Roadmap

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As a marketing leader, the CEO is going to measure your 2014 success in three ways: Leads – Number of Sales Qualified Leads delivered to Sales. Opportunities – Percent contribution by Marketing to the Sales Funnel. An LDR is not a sales rep either.

Maybe Better Marketing Not More Marketing Is Your Answer

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Marketing is the key to building any small business. Your ideal customers, your colleagues, your community must know about you, your company and your solutions. Social media has provided very affordable better marketing channels for you to reach out from the comfort of your office.

How Marketing Fails by Failing to Market Itself

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One of the most difficult responsibilities for a B2B marketer is sales enablement. What makes it difficult is the lack of adoption and rejection by sales. The sales field is often critical of any marketing effort. Too often marketing teams lose focus.

How Your Marketing Turns on Sales Objections – Part 04

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If you have been following the posts for this week, you will notice all cover sales objections that are created by poor marketing. Price – The Fallback Sales Objection. Unfortunately, many small business owners lead with price in their marketing.