The Top 12 Factors that Cause Delayed Closings and What to Do About Them

Understanding the Sales Force

Invariably, each drive back home has taken twice the time it should have because of road construction. 4 traffic delays because of road construction delayed us for another 2 and 1/2 hours. Dave Kurlan Consultative Selling sales process closing tips selling skills

Top Sales Performers Remember to Spin Their Hats

Increase Sales

Consultant. Consultant. Consultative sales is a relatively new term to sales. New in that it has been around for the last three decades and is associated with Consultative Selling by Mack Hanan as well as SPIN Selling by Neil Rackham.

My Favorite Sales Books

Partners in Excellence

At this moment, I’m writing “blurbs” for several soon to be published books, by friends, on selling and sales management. Perhaps, it’s because I’ve read so much about selling, that I’m looking for something “out of the envelope.”

An Open Letter to Social Sellers Everywhere

Tony Hughes

It is dangerous to implement basic social selling techniques. I wanted to take a moment to express a word of caution in applying a cure-all or over-simplified approach to strategic selling within social mediums. or Social Selling is it's often missing the context of the coming Web 3.0

How to Use Value Propositions Early in the Sales Cycle: Flexible Case Studies Drive More Qualified B2B Sales Opportunities


Understanding Sales Challenges , Richardson’s recently compiled survey, identified the top 3 concerns among seller executives: (1) Competing against a low cost provider, (2) Combatting the status quo and (3) Knowledge about how to team sell effectively. It isn’t hard to start value selling.