Why Sales People’s Product Demo’s Suck and What to Do About it!

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Product demos and trials seem to be the thing these days, especially in the world of SaaS (Software as a Service). Product demos and trials have quickly become standard operating procedure in sales today and this trend shows no sign of abating. 10 Rules for Better Product Demos.

The Modern Manager’s Guide to a Productive Coaching Session


This ensures that reps are speaking openly about their challenges and goals during coaching sessions and that all feedback is constructive. Request a free, personalized demo of LevelEleven today! Request a demo!

New Managers: Here's How to Build a Sales Process For Your Team

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It enables accurate forecasting and lets sales and marketing work together constructively. Are prospects automatically enrolled in a demo of your product or do they need to speak with a salesperson first? How to Build a Sales Process for a New Team.

Burnout Part 2 – Recognizing Burnout in Your Employees


What to look for: Unable to tolerate or listen to constructive criticism Short or limited patience for tackling challenging tasks Getting stuck on minute details. Request a Demo. It’s nearing the end of Q4 and you’re pushing your team hard to meet the organization’s end-of-year goals.

Stage to Stage Conversion Rate Visualization: Introducing Conversions by Costello


For example, now we knew what percentage of deals going from discovery-to-demo and from demo-to-close stages. For example, some reps were great at setting demos but couldn’t close the deal, while other reps had the opposite problem.

The Customer Is Always Right (Until They're Wrong)

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You’re in a sales demo, the company CEO just cycled in (17 minutes late), apologizes for being “slammed,” and immediately jumps into aggressive questioning. Oh, baby.

Top Ten Characteristics of Top Sales Producers (Part Six)

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By leaving a carefully constructed series of messages beforehand, you can start your conversation by asking if they received your messages and if they’ve had a chance to read them yet.

You Have a Board of Directors, Now What?

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So for sales, that means weekly reports on Leads to Demos, Demos to Opportunities, Opportunities to Deals—broken down by sales rep, leadsource, age, etc. The life and leadership of your business might go through phases… For my company, it’s pre-investment and post-investment.

4 ways to use your CRM to power your sales and marketing feedback loop

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Marketing should be open to receiving feedback, and sales should be constructive with suggestions. As mentioned previously, if your marketing and sales team don’t share an office space, implement a shadowing program where marketing can observe sales calls and demos. Aligning sales and marketing teams is a struggle for many companies. When departments aren’t aligned, it can trigger multiple problems.

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Storytelling with Data: 3 Steps Every Rep Can Benefit from Immediately

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It’s not news to you, but before you construct your story, you must have a clear understanding of your customer’s challenges. You’ll want to feature your streamlined onboarding process prominently in your demo. Consider this when building your demos.

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An Interview with Henry Schuck: 4 Ways to Move the Sales Performance Needle

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We brought in a senior executive to help put the pieces together, from demo to close. Everyone has egos, but we don’t let it get in the way of being coached, and that makes constructive criticism a lot easier. DiscoverOrg CEO and cofounder Henry Schuck knows a thing or two about growth.

“We Chose The Vendor With The Most Complete Solution”

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These are always constructed in a manner that our solution has twice as many boxes checked as the alternatives/competition. After all, we check off twice as many boxes… ” Inevitably, there are the demos, which most likely end up being “death by feature overwhelm” experiences for the customers. I just read a report, “ The Mood Of The B2B Buyer.” ” The results weren’t surprising, reinforcing most of the other research I see.

14 Sales Presentation Techniques That Will Help You Close More Deals Today

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Here are two presentations for constructing a new city. There’s one other tactic underlying it all: The best product demos start with topics the buyers highlighted on the discovery call. Your product demo should mirror those important topics back to the buyer.

Ultimate guide to sales emails: How to write sales emails that convert (templates, examples and case studies)


Book a demo. Give specific dates and times if you’re asking for a call or demo: What if you need your prospect to schedule a time for a call or a demo? Thank you sales emails (after a meeting or demo). Meeting/demo scheduling tools.

How to Run An Ultra-Effective Daily Sales Huddle

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I might say something to the effect of: “I want to give a special shout out to Sarah for having over 100 dials yesterday, crushing the phones and booking two demos. Few would argue with how important it is for sales leaders to meet with their sales people on a regular basis.

The 15 Most Inspiring Sales Stories We Heard This Year

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Emily is a great motivator and knows the right balance of constructive and positive feedback. With a little coaching, he ramped up as an SDR within a week and set up 40 demos with prospects by August.

Sales rep for a day: Aligning sales, marketing, and support

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To align marketing and support departments with sales, sales managers can construct an ongoing, interdepartmental job-shadowing program. Product demos. Demos to potential customers shows the product/service in action and let prospects voice concerns. No matter the department, every single person in your company should understand sales because, at the end of the day, it’s everyone’s job to sell the brand.

A Conversation With Cory Bray: Developing Sales Enablement Methodologies


Demo management. The main weakness in a lot of sales methodologies is that they were constructed before the advent of the internet. Cory Bray , coauthor of The Sales Enablement Playbook , Sales Development , and the recently released Triangle Selling.

A Playbook for Data-Driven Sales Enablement


Great enablement programs incorporate different ways in which reps can practice sales scenarios and get constructive feedback and coaching. Enablement success…or not?

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12 inside sales skills you need to master to be a top-performing rep


Follow this process, repeat it with regularity, practice it on your calls and demos—then you’ll be well on your way to sharpening this sales skill. Delivering compelling demos and presentations. That being said, here are our tried and true basics of delivering strong demos.

Sales And The Zombie Apocalypse

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In-boxes are filled with poorly constructed emails, customers are robo dialled endlessly, customers are inundated with “helpful” offers on every social media channel. Recently, I was having a conversation with Robert Racine about the state of sales management.

7 skills you’ll need to become a sales manager


Ask if they’re up for you to partner with them and start listening to their call recordings in order to provide constructive feedback and finesse their pitch, rebuild their cold outreach emails , help weigh in with advice, routines, tactics and habits that help you perform better.

I’m Not That Good of a Salesperson

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Looking back, about the only selling skill that I really excelled at was product knowledge and I could give one hell of a good demo. I decided that the first thing that I need to do was to inventory the area for opportunities and, in my case, that was based on new commercial construction. I tore the whole damn list up and instead began a coordinated effort to get in front of every commercial real estate, commercial developer, architecture, and construction firm that would see me.

Secrets of Self-Discipline: How to Become Supremely Focused

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Taking these steps allows us to override our automatic defensive reactions and adopt more constructive behaviors contributing to healthier, happier relationships. Should the meeting lead to a demo? Self-discipline. Let’s be honest.

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Putting it into Practice: Preparing New Sales Hires for the Front Lines


Within reps’ first week, you should also execute a stand and deliver, where each person runs a demo or pitches a product to an actual client or prospect, allowing you to gauge where they are at in their pitch. Collaboration allows salespeople to learn from one another and share best practices on approaches, communication styles, demo skills and more. Giving each other constructive feedback and sharing ideas will empower sellers and encourage camaraderie amongst the team.

Who Cares About Big Data, Where Are The Big Questions?

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Our sales people and modelers could demo the system to customers, giving them insights they had never seen before. We ended up having to “ship” analysts and modelers with each installation–helping customer construct the questions, build the models, develop the big questions.

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Customer expectations – how are they evolving, what is driving them, what should sellers do to keep up, and how to improve customer experiences

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Get an instant demo today. Customer expectations – how are they evolving, what is driving them, what should sellers do to keep up, and how to improve customer experiences.

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Gartner Sales & Marketing Conference Recap


Requirements Buildings: Buyers must set requirements for the solution, build RFP and tools to evaluate and compare options, request and receive demos for the solution, and possibly revisit the desired purchase goal.

How to harness intelligence and insight to remain relevant in an oversaturated market

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Predictive analytics open up the opportunity understand where the customer journey will go next, and machine learning enables the construction of predictive models from data insight. If you’re seeing the AI advantage then check out our demo options.

Why Your Reps Overestimate Sales Forecasts (And How to Prevent it)

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Either way, you need to separate sales performance from forecasting performance and deliver constructive feedback on each skill individually. For example, we found that demo duration is an important factor. Win rates go up by as much as 37% when demo calls are longer than 40 minutes.

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Whale Hunting Part I - The Rate of Decay

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Don't answer your email, construct an RFP response, work the web leads or build that 55 slide presentation with your NASCAR slide. Did you not go to Google, submit to multiple web forms and request demos from at least three companies.

How to Start a Business: A Complete Guide for Startup Entrepreneurs

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Tangible property” simply means physical items, like clothing, vehicles, toys, construction materials, and so on. Accelerators are highly competitive programs that typically involve applying and then competing against other startups in a public pitch event or demo day.

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How to Use Value Propositions Early in the Sales Cycle: Flexible Case Studies Drive More Qualified B2B Sales Opportunities


Often enough, Value Propositions are not constructed with enough flexibility for how your sales teams have conversations.

The insider’s guide to choosing the best CRM for your sales organization


Research and get a demo or webinar from each. At the time, it looked kind of funny, my dad sitting at the table, playing with what looked like construction paper. If they have just made an initial enquiry, if a sales person has given them a demo, has the prospect asked for a quote or if they have become a customer. Trialling a product, doing the demo and researching the features will only get you so far. Research and get a demo or webinar from each.

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Choosing the best CRM for sales [Insider’s guide]


Research and get a demo or webinar from each. At the time, it looked kind of funny, my dad sitting at the table, playing with what looked like construction paper. If they have just made an initial enquiry, if a sales person has given them a demo, has the prospect asked for a quote or if they have become a customer. Trialling a product, doing the demo and researching the features will only get you so far. Research and get a demo or webinar from each.

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