Why Cost Efficient May Not Be Cost Effective Marketing

Increase Sales

As a small business owner or sales professional, you construct a targeted email campaign (this would be your best ideal customers instead of every Tom, Dick or Harry) where in the next 4 to 6 weeks you send out at least three to four postcard mailings with different messages.

SBWA — Selling By Walking Around

Partners in Excellence

Nothing can transform a relationship with a gatekeeper more effectively than by starting your SBWA with them and engaging them in the discovery process themselves. SBWA profoundly changes the way we engage, create/construct value with our customers. Tom Peters and Robert Waterman introduced the world to the acronym, MBWA–management by walking around, in their 1982 book, In Search Of Excellence. Apparently, term can be traced back to practices in HP in the 70′s.

An Open Letter to Social Sellers Everywhere

Tony Hughes

To use these constructs powerfully requires responsibility. Dear Social Seller of 2015, Now that I've got your attention I must warn you. It is dangerous to implement basic social selling techniques.