How to Construct the Perfect Target List

Sales Benchmark Index

Industry Growth Rate. Industry type. It’s that time again. There was a change to your territory. Now your manager is in town to spend the next two days with you. After a few slightly awkward sales calls you break for lunch.

How to Construct the Perfect Target List

Sales Benchmark Index

Industry Growth Rate. Industry type. It’s that time again. There was a change to your territory. Now your manager is in town to spend the next two days with you. After a few slightly awkward sales calls you break for lunch.

Email Open Rates By Industry: See How You Stack Up

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Hopefully you have some idea of what your open rate is -- but do you know how you rank against the rest of your industry? Find out how your email open rate compares to your industry. The overall average open rate across all industries is 32%. Email Open Rates by Industry.

Managing Sales for Construction Projects

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Over at construction management degrees Elizabeth Johnson has published a list of the Top 100 Blogs to Boost your Sales Skills. 60), I have invited her to write a guest article to give us some insights on what it takes to be successful as a Sales Managers for construction projects. But when you’re responsible for managing sales in a construction project, you need to know more than just how to sell or how to motivate to sell.

Three Hot Industries For Ambitious Sales Pros


Modern sales pros know that no amount of natural skill is enough when you’re working in an industry that’s not growing. That’s why it’s important for those working in sales to keep a watchful eye on the industries that are currently in a growth phase or are likely to be entering one in the near future. Here’s a look at three industries that salespeople should be watching carefully. Construction.

Construct A Winning Sales Resume

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An increasing number of questions have been directed towards me from people looking to gear their resume towards a job in the sales industry. Read full story → Hiring Salespeople

Where Politics & Business Collide: Political Donations of B2B Decision Makers

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Political donations by industry. We found significant differences in political donations when we analyzed the data by industry: Industries Most Likely to Donate to Republicans: Waste Management. Construction. Industries Most Likely to Donate to Democrats.

Incentives and bonuses aren’t the cure alone: Encouragement, listening and support are free


Remember to provide them constructive feedback, to keep their skills sharp and their career moving forward. Industry Sales Seek2Serve Team CSO sales operations seek to serveIncentives and bonuses motivate sales professionals for good reason. But great sales leadership calls for more than monetary rewards. A Gallop study revealed that 50% of employees leave their company to get away from their bosses.

Developing strategic referral alliances. WOW!

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To build business with existing customers and expand within that industry. Are you willing to refer your clients or customers to someone else? Is someone else willing to refer their clients or customers to you? Yes, if there is mutual trust.

CPQ and the Internet of Things (IoT)

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Both the sales rep and the customer know they are getting the right price for the product under construction. Digital Transformation Product Configuration Smart Selling Business Intelligence/BI Customer Experience/CX IoT/Industry 4.0 CPQ is, like many applications, a sort of virtual device within the context of the Internet of Things (IoT) and the digital transformation.

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Viewpoint Accelerates Onboarding, Achieves Over 90% Training Completion with MindTickle


Business growth is a good thing — unless your sales team lacks the tools necessary to quickly and easily scale alongside it. This was the challenge Viewpoint faced in 2017.

The No. 1 Skill Top Salespeople Must Master

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I regularly ask salespeople, Who knows more about the world of potential solutions available in your industry…you or the people you sell to? I’ve never had a salesperson in any industry say their buyers know more than they do about their solution possibilities. Author: Lee B.

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Most Market Share Battles Are Lost, Not Won


They have a great product for the industrial marketplace (construction, mining, etc.). Casey Stengel said, “ Most ball games are lost not won ,” and his comment seems appropriate for most marketers’ efforts in B2B companies.

My Clients Want to Work with Me Not the Queen’s We

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This week in speaking with a colleague she shared some constructive criticism of her website specific to the use of “I” and not the Queen’s We. The person offering the constructive criticism appeared to lack knowledge of her industry as well as her role as a sole-proprietor.

How to Handle (Dull) Company Mandated Presentations

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I recently coached a new hire in the construction industry who had to do one of these. One of the hardest presentations to give is the “standard” company presentation.

The Sales Magnet by Kendra Lee

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On the other hand, if you work in what makes up the majority of the industry — SMB: small and medium size business — then prospecting is certainly a lot tougher, because you don’t have the same resources as the big kids.

How to Make Your Dream a Reality

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By the way—there is another lesson in this—and that is Walt didn’t treat TV as a threat even though it was a new platform that seemed to rival the film industry. With cash to finance the park, crews began construction in Anaheim in the summer of 1954.

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Are You Shooting Yourself Before You Open Your Marketing Mouth?

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For the most part, men were professionally dressed given their roles and industries. Women unless they are in construction usually cannot wear such attire. Today I read an infographic about Why-Customers-Choose-You?

100 Most Prospected-to Companies of 2018

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Before we dive in, let’s take a quick look at the most-prospected-to industries. Top 10 Most-Prospected-to Industries of 2018. The top three most-prospected-to industries are all in the financial sector. Industry. Construction.

LinkedIn Video – Let’s Do It Right

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If you sell to construction workers who only check LinkedIn when they’re looking for a job, LinkedIn video probably doesn’t make much sense. Make sure you’re keeping everything appropriate for your audience and industry.

The Straight-Forward Guide to Target Markets

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It’s usually first defined by an industry. For example, if you’ve created a B2B Software product that helps remote construction teams, you’d probably focus on other companies within the construction industry. Once you have an industry lined up, it’s time figure out size.

Unite to Magnify Your Marketing Message

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Nick Georgiou – Business Planning and Recessions – Surviving in the Real Estate/Construction Industry. As the old song goes, “One is a lonely number.”

The Secret to Building Strong Sales Teams

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Expertise in a particular industry is irrelevant. I’ve worked in a variety of industries: SEO and marketing technology (Conductor, Percolate), Real estate technology (Compass) and now IT automation (Electric). The industry was irrelevant.

The Inherent Value of a Simple Action Plan to Increase Sales

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For me, since I believe in balance, I would construct the action plan to reflect the 6 areas within sales leadership success. Staying ahead of the any industry is necessary for those in self-leadership roles (one must first lead one’s self before leading others).

Dogtopia: Everything You Need to Know About This Franchise

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The pet boarding and grooming industry is growing -- it has grown 6.8% And the number of businesses in this industry has grown by 5.1% If you're looking to start a business in the pet grooming and boarding industry, have you considered a franchise ? Real Estate and Construction.

The Anvil or Ladder Approach to Sales Training

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Third, an anvil is usually constructed from the same materials. Their physical shapes have changed over the years and are now constructed from a variety of materials. When sales training is examined, much of it is more anvil in construction than ladder. The majority of sales training can either be categorized as one of two approaches: Anvil. Ladder. Think about an anvil. First it is very heavy. Moving it from one place to another is difficult.

22 Incredible Small Business Opportunities for 2019 and Beyond

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Below are 22 incredible freelance and small business opportunities in a variety of different industries you can start working on today. Construction. This could entail constructing new government buildings or updating or maintaining existing buildings.

Why You Need Social Influencers

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Volusion and SendGrid come to mind, which both surpassed e-commerce and financial industry counterparts with notable viral social campaigns. You need to think like, a company that constructs its B2B engagements carefully within the technology space.

Collaboration for Mid-Market Sales Growth

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Be open to criticism and ask for it to be constructive. Collaborate with your industry counterparts (some call this coopetition) where you work with a competitor for mutual gain. Think airline industry after 9/11. Imagine being around the same people and ideas every day.

How to Setup a Commission Plan in Six Steps


Industry pay levels: Competitive commission structures are key to attracting and retaining top sales talent. Benchmarking against industry pay data helps ensure your compensation plan is competitive and will motivate reps effectively.

Look for Potential in the Next Generation of Sales Hires

Understanding the Sales Force

Coachable - whether or not the candidate is open to constructive criticism and believes there is room for improvement. Understanding the Sales Force by Dave Kurlan The Harvard Business Review finally published a relevant article that I agreed with! Yeah HBR.

8 Ways to Use Online Reviews to Close More Deals

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It might even be a mostly good review with constructive feedback tacked onto the end. And we welcome constructive feedback as well! HubSpot Co-Founder and CEO Brian Halligan says, " Constructive feedback is the breakfast of champions. Online Reviews.

5 Proven Steps to Sell Smarter

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In fact, the concept of planning has spawned an entire industry. Implementing a well-constructed plan will get you there. Of the 365 days in a year, you can spend 232 of them selling (See Exhibit A). At 8 hours per day, that’s 1,856 hours per year you can somehow monetize.

The Best Way to Sell Is With a Story

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Nearmap, the company I work for, captures, manages and delivers high-resolution aerial imagery to engineering and construction firms, governments, property and real estate companies, solar installers, telecoms, and others. We’ll share industry articles that speak to the value of aerial imagery recanting how Nearmap has been integrated into a customer’s workflow. That line of storytelling works well to help close a solar installer, but might be lost on a construction company.

How SecurityScorecard Decreased No-Show Rates by 10%


Ronen walks through the product, the history, and the industry —all while training his reps in the industry. As Director of Business Development at SecurityScorecard, Ronen Pessar’s job is directing the lead generation efforts with a team of 12 business development reps.

The Rise of One-Man Online Businesses: 6 Steps to Building a Successful E-Commerce Site & Increasing Sales


There’s a growing trend of the $1 million dollar business in construction, healthcare, leasing, real estate rental, retail, social services. The e-commerce industry involves coming up with a formula and rewriting it. You should also use a platform that offers a theme that fits with your industry. The e-commerce industry allows you to reach untapped markets and reap the rewards.

What Does “Insight” Mean In 2019 And Beyond?

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” These are generally stories and data around things happening in our customer’s industries and markets that may impact them. The concept of providing our customers rich insight has become “standard” for complex B2B selling for at least the last 7 years.

6 Steps to Build a B2B Sales Organization from the Ground Up

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Construct a Sales Funnel . Including size, geography, industry and other important criteria that will target who you sell to. Step 5: Construct a Sales Funnel . Before you spend $100,000 or more on a salesperson, set them up for success. When you are building a house, before you d o anything else, you put the infrastructure in place and lay the foundation. A solid foundation ensures a stable structure. The same is true when you build a sales organization.

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Weekly Sales Meetings Suck. Here Are 5 Ways to Improve Them

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But it doesn’t have to be — it can be inviting and constructive. The exercise should take no more than 15 minutes, and afterward, peers can share constructive feedback and improvement points. Are there industry changes we need to know about?

Inside Sales Power Tip 141 – Get a Second Opinion

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Here are the key points: Find someone whose opinion you trust – not just a “yes man” or “yes woman” You need constructive suggestions. In talking with a wide number of sales pros in the last week it hit me that our profession keeps us somewhat isolated.