The causes of objections when selling insurance

The Science and Art of Selling

It is an important fact in human nature that each person’s mind tends to construct and live in its own mental world and to resist invasion. A prospect may flatly refuse to consider life insurance, as such, because the idea does not fit in with his existing fund of experiences.

Five Tips for Transitioning Into a Sales Leadership Role

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As a sales rep or manager – and as a human – it is important to be prepared to receive and give feedback, praise and constructive criticism. Author: Chris Mason So many of us begin our sales careers as representatives of a company, product, service or all the above.

100 Most Prospected-to Companies of 2018

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Insurance. Insurance. Insurance. Insurance. Insurance. Insurance. Construction. Insurance. Insurance.

How to Make Your Dream a Reality

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But Walt stuck with his dream and borrowed $50,000 of seed capital against his life insurance. With cash to finance the park, crews began construction in Anaheim in the summer of 1954. Joe Fowler was willing to try and construct anything Walt conceived of in his imagination.

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Email Open Rates By Industry: See How You Stack Up

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Arts & Entertainment, Construction, Human Resources, Legal & Government, and Real Estate have the highest open rates. Construction: 45%. Insurance: 38%. What is the average email open rate for construction companies?

Are You Using A Microphone for Mankind?

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I began working as a construction worker. I chose to be in the corporate world of insurance. My challenge was the choice of moving from insurance and risk management to creating multimedia.

Sales Manager Clean Slate Checklist for the New Year

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Whatever their desires are, insure they write them down; know how much they will cost; and then help them calculate the sales they need to close to be able to earn the income necessary to make those desires become reality. It’s a new year!

Three Hot Industries For Ambitious Sales Pros


Within the healthcare industry, sales professionals can seek rewarding positions in pharmaceuticals, equipment sales, and insurance. Construction. When most people think of the construction industry, they don’t think of sales. That’s why the construction industry presents such an interesting proposition. The outlook for sales jobs within the construction industry is strong worldwide, owing to the sheer breadth of the work.

The Ultimate Dictionary of Real Estate Terms You Should Know

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It’s usually associated with investment or construction projects that are issued for the short term and don’t require collateral. They understand real-estate law, construction, and property management. Construction loan. Homeowner’s insurance. Mortgage insurance.

How to Drive Business Growth Using Net Promoter Score


Construction & Engineering: 45. Insurance: 42. Successful B2B businesses all have something in common– a segment of loyal customers who regularly purchase and recommend their products and services.

The Ultimate Guide to Real Estate

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Residential , which includes new construction and resale homes. Other processes such as zoning, construction, and appraisal are handled independently, too. You’d research and order home insurance (often required by lenders), and schedule your utilities and closing.

Drive CRM User Adoption by Creating Paybacks


One insurance company saved its independent agents an entire day each week by using the CRM to create a portal for registering new customers and resolving claims. Take it from Tom Han at Red Glaze , a construction and engineering company. Talk for a few minutes with the executive or business owner responsible for the Customer Relationship Management System and inevitable, the conversation will turn to user adoption.

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Selling As A Profession - What Is Your Legacy?

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Read Tonys article.recently published in Bank Insurance & Securities Marketing Magazine! Regardless of what our roles are in life, basketball coach, lawyer, banker, construction work, mom, dad, teacher, landscaper, when we leave this world we leave a legacy.

What's it take to generate leads that fuel your forecast?


They have the experience, training and the personality traits to insure that the folks on the phone who represent you, represent you well. Voicemails and emails are carefully constructed and tested. Before addressing that question, let me ask another. What is a lead? Is it the name on a list you bought from a content aggregator for $23? Is it the person who signed up for your webinar this week? Is it someone who swiped their badge at the tradeshow you attended last month?

GDPR lawful data processing – why is insight so important? [Here’s Why]

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Furthermore, utilising machine learning will enable the construction of predictive models of buying behaviours. The customer risked unwittingly exposing themselves by not informing their insurer about this significant change in circumstance.

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Sales Success Trip Planner

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Read Tonys article.recently published in Bank Insurance & Securities Marketing Magazine! The trip planner would tell us the route to take, how long it would take based on your normal travel speed, anticipated construction, etc.

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Although it’s not time to Party Like its 1999, There is Plenty to Celebrate

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Industries where increases in innovation were surprisingly low or flat included Financial Services / Banks which overall has the highest level of average innovation at 18% but with flat growth) and Insurance. Industries with the best increases in IT staff efficiency include Financial Services and Banks, Food and Beverages, Healthcare, Insurance, Professional Services, Real Estate, Wholesale, Government and Education.