PODCAST 60: Effectively Giving and Receiving Constructive Feedback w/ Alyssa Merwin

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She leads LinkedIn Sales Navigator in North America. She joined the podcast today to discuss the power of customer impact and how her journey to LinkedIn allowed her to break norms, show her vulnerabilities and become the leader in hiring.

7 Highly Effective LinkedIn Summary Templates for Sales Reps

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These five LinkedIn summary templates will help you flesh out your profile in no time flat. LinkedIn Summary Examples for Reps. Download the LinkedIn Story summary template. Download the LinkedIn Factual summary template. Social Selling LinkedIn

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LinkedIn Video – Let’s Do It Right

John Barrows

One of the trends we’ve been paying attention to is the rise of native LinkedIn video. Since launching in the summer of 2017, the number of videos on LinkedIn has risen dramatically. Dave Gerhardt of Drift made this point on LinkedIn a couple of months ago.

If You Cannot Say Anything Nice, Then…

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” Yesterday I had the privilege of observing on the LinkedIn Pulse publishing platform how someone turned around an unwarranted professional attack. The responses by others on LinkedIn were equally impressive.

5 Steps that Will Make You More Approachable On LinkedIn

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Even though they are at your LinkedIn profile, or your website bio, or your Facebook page, they aren’t actually interested in you. Nobody is reading your LinkedIn profile because they couldn’t find your autobiography on Amazon. How to Approach Your LinkedIn Profile.

Starting Your LinkedIn Profile with the Perfect Headline

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But it’s actually important for all of us to consider…especially when it comes to our LinkedIn profiles. Because whether it’s a newspaper, a blog article, or your LinkedIn profile, the headline performs a few important tasks. Updated December 2018.

Current Attitudes of Sales Pros Towards Social Media

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The lesson here: be extremely careful as there are many who know little more than how to construct a tweet who are anxious to take your money. Have you optimized your profiles on LinkedIn and Twitter to reflect who you are and what you do?

How “Arrogant” is Your Company – Honestly?

Jonathan Farrington

The only business model that is sustainable, is the one that dictates we should first construct brick walls around our existing clients, and then build on that platform by continually adding new ones. News: What’s the best way to use LinkedIn to drive sales?

The Most Deadly Disease Mankind Has Inflicted Upon Itself

Jonathan Farrington

LinkedIn are getting so many things right, but what they have yet to front-up to is the management of the groups, where the “trolls” are allowed to roam free at will. Go out and mix with people you know have positive, constructive ideas.

If I Were 22 I Wouldn’t Try to Change the World

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That spring break trip you took where you built a poorly constructed shack for a someone’s school – that was all well and good, but what are you adding to the world you live in? Business Psychology advice change growth learning LinkedIn personal growth professional development

5 Keys to Sales Coaching

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This includes both positive and constructive feedback. This will undoubtedly include utilizing LinkedIn, attending association meetings with the intent to meet the right target profile client, etc. In this article, we discuss the "5 Keys to Sales Coaching", or the five critical steps you must know and execute in order to get the best effort and results out of your salespeople. They include: Insight. Feedback. Demonstrate. Role Play. Action Plan.

Q3 B2B Tactical Sales Resources

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You’ll gain confidence speaking, learn how to better offer constructive suggestions, and improve leadership skills. Are you maximizing LinkedIn to learn about your customer? LinkedIn Groups –. First of all, our team believes strongly that you should understand LinkedIn better.

Make More Calls or Better Calls? Sales 101

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If a trigger event for my product or service is new construction, and I find such a project, this would also be a warm call. A good example of a discovery would be finding common connections on LinkedIn, tied to a specific targeted company, and then requesting an introduction.

Use Personal Recruiting To Build Your Sales Team

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With the advent of the Internet and numerous sites like CareerBuilder and LinkedIn , job searching has become largely electronic. In constructing your next ad to hire sales people, get some input from your sales team.

Add Salesformics – Stir and Sell

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I can then initiate a sales-flow, either constructed or in response to the way things are unfolding. By Tibor Shanto - tibor.shanto@sellbetter.ca. One of the opportunities offered by the web 2.0

James Picks Brains: Empathetic Leadership With James Bawden

John Barrows

People think it’s a thing because we construct it that way. And the only LinkedIn article I’ve ever written is about emotional support for salespeople. Some folks that through again building my personal brand and being on LinkedIn, folks like Mark Bodner.

What Salespeople Can Learn from Sandcastles

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And no one enjoys seeing carefully constructed business deals ebb away before their very eyes. He sets up the story of two architects—a child constructing a sandcastle and an adult building his business. When deals don’t go your way, dust yourself off and go in search of the next one.

Why You Need Social Influencers

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In fact, a Social Media Examiner study reports that 19 percent of B2B marketers engage on Twitter, 30 percent favor Facebook, and a whopping 41 percent show LinkedIn love. especially LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube for B2B marketers?—?

CMO Secrets to Impacting the Sales QBR

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Stand up and battle constructively with an eye toward solving problems. Guideline Toolkit: Training and steps on how to leverage LinkedIn. CMO’s who engage directly with sales leadership are on a path to constructive actions.

How to Network Remotely in Sales

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LinkedIn also has groups that offer something similar. Don't seem robotic when networking on LinkedIn. If you want to start a meaningful conversation with a potential new LinkedIn connection, you have to add a personal touch to your request.

8 Ways to Use Online Reviews to Close More Deals

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It might even be a mostly good review with constructive feedback tacked onto the end. And we welcome constructive feedback as well! HubSpot Co-Founder and CEO Brian Halligan says, " Constructive feedback is the breakfast of champions. Online Reviews.

8 Ways to Integrate Social Media Into Your Sales Strategy

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Conversely, if you sell B2B and are looking to gain direct access to seasoned professionals, LinkedIn may be a more productive platform to focus on than Pinterest. If your company sells to other businesses, LinkedIn should be a key tool in your prospecting process.

50+ Candidate Sourcing Statistics for Recruiters


36% of recruiters have sent connection requests to potential employees on LinkedIn ( source ). 89% of recruiters have hired someone through LinkedIn- far more than on Facebook or Twitter ( source ).

Becoming a Master Networker – Networking Currency

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Any sign of construction (including tenant improvements)? City permit websites are free while other similar sources might be paid or require memberships – AGC (Association of General Contractors), Dodge Reports, and Construction Monitor. If you are B2B, this is probably going to be LinkedIn. Let’s start with the basic premise that, in order to become a master networker, you are going to have to have leads to share.

[Missed Connections]: November Referral Selling Insights

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You can collect LinkedIn connections like baseball cards and get nowhere. And no one enjoys seeing carefully constructed business deals ebb away before their very eyes. I’d love to connect with you on LinkedIn. Click through to my LinkedIn profile.

My Clients Want to Work with Me Not the Queen’s We

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This week in speaking with a colleague she shared some constructive criticism of her website specific to the use of “I” and not the Queen’s We. The person offering the constructive criticism appeared to lack knowledge of her industry as well as her role as a sole-proprietor.

How B2B Reps Use Social Debt to Get Sales Support

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Online networks such as LinkedIn provide tools that facilitate social gifting. Give endorsements and recommendations on LinkedIn. Download this tool to help you construct your virtual sales support team. B2B Sales Reps compete with their peers for sales support resources.

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5 Examples of Sales Innovation that Reps Should Keep on Their Radar

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Use forums like LinkedIn and Twitter to answer questions they might have about topics relevant to your industry. A well-constructed customer loyalty program will bring in high-quality leads. What does the term "innovation" mean to you?

The Why, What & How of a Lead-to-Revenue Assessment, Part 2 - The How


Use it to construct a detailed picture of your current lead-to-revenue strategy, infrastructure, processes, and performance. You can follow her on Twitter @pamhege or find her on LinkedIn. In part one , I provided insight into the why and what of a lead-to-revenue assessment.

5 Proven Steps to Sell Smarter

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Use your LinkedIn network. Implementing a well-constructed plan will get you there. Of the 365 days in a year, you can spend 232 of them selling (See Exhibit A). At 8 hours per day, that’s 1,856 hours per year you can somehow monetize.

Tips for Tact–from a “Ghost”

Anne Miller

Or maybe there’s a clumsily constructed sentence or misspelled word. You can find her at , https//:marketingtwentyone.co.uk or connect on Twitter @_GinnyCarter and on LinkedIn at [link].

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Value Articulation Maybe Your Only Sales Obstacle

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There is a lot of emphasis placed on constructing a value proposition statement and infusing part of that statement into the elevator speech. 87% of sales leads do not convert (LinkedIn).

Marketing Goal Worksheet Works with Your Marketing Action Plans Part 2

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Of course before you have constructed these action plans you have invested the time to do your marketing research along with a competitive analysis of your business, haven’t you? LinkedIn. Now that you understand what a marketing goal worksheet looks like and how it works.

Why Are You Leaving Your Prospect’s Business Card On The Table?

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What many have failed to realize is that the business card has been replaced by an internet version called LinkedIn. The handshake over lunch at the country club has given way to a LinkedIn “connection” invitation. LinkedIn connections are now a measured part of our sales activity plan.

Voice Mail As A Differentiator

The Pipeline

They spend time and effort to meet a social norm and construct not of their own making or choosing, all in an effort to fit in and not be different from the herd perusing the same prospect. By Tibor Shanto – tibor.shanto@sellbetter.ca .

Want to Solve CRM Adoption? Stop Counting Log-ins


Automatically pull in important details from email, calendars, LinkedIn, messaging and more. No surprise traffic, construction or detours. Unlike in the movie Field of Dreams, when it comes to CRM, year after year, users have proven, “if you build it, they won’t necessarily come.”.

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The Unparalleled Value of Negotiating the Process

Anthony Iannarino

One of the dominate ideas written and promoted on Linkedin is how the balance of power has shifted from seller to buyer. When we speak about selling, we talk about the power of constructive tension. For someone to sell, someone else has to buy. It is a single act with two parties.

Collaboration for Mid-Market Sales Growth

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Be open to criticism and ask for it to be constructive. email lori@scoremoresales.com | View My LinkedIn Profile | twitter |Visit us on google+. Imagine being around the same people and ideas every day.

Email Open Rates By Industry: See How You Stack Up

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Arts & Entertainment, Construction, Human Resources, Legal & Government, and Real Estate have the highest open rates. Construction: 45%. What is the average email open rate for construction companies? As a sales professional, you’re sending emails all day, every day.

Unite to Magnify Your Marketing Message

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Nick Georgiou – Business Planning and Recessions – Surviving in the Real Estate/Construction Industry. Follow her on Twitter or check out her profile on LinkedIn. As the old song goes, “One is a lonely number.”