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Marketing people are busy building messaging programs around our Insights. Sales is impatient for marketing to deliver their polished presentations, then they rehearse diligently to create commercial teaching. We don’t deliver Insight, we Construct Insight.

Construct Your Own Action Plan to Increase Sales Part 1 of 4 Parts

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Before constructing an action plan to increase sales, consider the sage words of President Eisenhower: “Plans are worthless; planning is everything.” Market place. Marketing is the first phase of the sales process.

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Construct Your Own Sales Goal Plan Sheet Part 1 of 4 Parts

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To start the construction of your own sales goal plan sheet begins with these three presumptions: You have invested the time to construct an overall strategic action plan even if you are just a professional salesperson.

Jonathan Farrington's Blog ? How To Construct and Implement a.

Jonathan Farrington

How To Construct and Implement a Successful Business Development Strategy. Whilst I very much hope that the super-efficient amongst you had your strategy for 2012 signed off long ago, it may just be that some of you are still in “construction mode” so this will help….

How Sales Enablement is Bridging the Gap Between Sales and Marketing


Just in the same way as on a football field (sans thunderstorm), if you ask a sales executive and a marketing leader what the biggest pain points in their business strategy are, you might get two very different answers. We need marketing to care.”.

Marketing, Sales, and the Power of the OOCH

Smart Selling Tools

The subjects of both books are decidedly applicable to the field of Sales and Marketing. To “ooch” is to construct small experiments to test one’s hypothesis. I’m sure that there are many ways that ooching can come into play in our marketing and sales strategies.

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Smart Marketers Acting Stupidly

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Before I go any further, I know there are some detractors out there who will claim, “Smart Marketers,” is an oxymoron–something like military intelligence or sales professional (I tossed that in out of a sense of fair play.). I know the CMO and many of the marketing people.

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Unite to Magnify Your Marketing Message

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” For a small business owner this is very true especially with it comes to magnifying one’s marketing message. From that handout, we created a series of tweets and other social media marketing messages to start promoting the event as well as each other.

How to Use Twitter’s New Timelines

Vertical Response

Willard turned to social media when the economy crumbled as a way to generate new customers for her employer, Riggins Construction , and is now the go-to social media whiz for the 36-year-old company, which does commercial construction in Orange County, California. © 2013, VR Marketing Blog. The post How to Use Twitter’s New Timelines appeared first on VR Marketing Blog.

Collaboration for Mid-Market Sales Growth

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It is critical to get products to market in a timely manner – which currently means sooner than ever before launched. Mid-market company leaders (and leaders of SMB’s) need to create an atmosphere of continuous improvement.

The 10 Rules of Direct Response Marketing


If you’re in the Direct Response Marketing game, and you’re not already asking yourself, “what can I do to increase revenue FAST ?” Freelance direct response copywriter Dean Rieck says: “ Response is one of the five keys of successful direct marketing. Direct Response Marketing

Can Your Employees Push Back?

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I was in a meeting with my director of content marketing the other day and she asked me a pretty interesting question… “How do you like to receive push back?” © 2013, VR Marketing Blog. appeared first on VR Marketing Blog.

Location Revisited: Marketing’s cornerstone takes on a new paradigm

Brian Vellmure

The concept immediately brings back to mind college marketing classes and textbooks; clear lessons from industrial age distribution models. Location, location, location.

Account Based Marketing for Lead Development Quality, Not Quantity

Sales and Marketing

Author: Senraj Soundar, ConnectLeader Founder and CEO ABM – account based marketing – is the most-talked-about strategy right now in the B2B world. According to Forbes: 80% of marketers measuring ROI say that ABM outperforms other marketing investments. 84% of marketers said that ABM had significant benefits to retaining and expanding existing client relationships. This is why marketers want to find new ways to locate a greater number of high-quality leads.

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Marketing Goal Worksheet Works with Your Marketing Action Plans Part 2

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Now that you understand what a marketing goal worksheet looks like and how it works. The next questions is: What do your marketing action plans look like? . Years ago, small businesses essentially had only one marketing action plan.

Why Cost Efficient May Not Be Cost Effective Marketing

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To accomplish this homestretch run requires getting the word out through cost effective marketing. ” What this individual was hoping is that I would bite on this marketing message because of this phrase “very cost efficient advertising.”

The Digitization of Everything: It’s Impact on the Buyer’s Journey and Marketing’s Role

Brian Vellmure

So how does marketing respond to this new reality? Exponential technological innovation has given corporate marketers and their audiences unprecedented capabilities to find people, products, and information in record time. For nearly a century, the buyer’s journey was relatively linear.

Another Monday Morning and Your Sales Game Plan Is?

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Review and update your marketing goals – 1 minute. Not really sure how to construct your sales game plan? Sales Coaching marketing goals personal goals planning failure sales game plan sales goals sales opportunities weasel wordsMondays come and go along with all the sales opportunities they hold. When you have a sales sale game plan, there is a far greater likelihood of capitalizing on those sales opportunities.

Results of the 2011 Richardson/McCord Training Social Media in Marketing and Sales Survey

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It has taken a bit of time and a lot of effort, but we finally have the 2011 Richardson/McCord Training Social Media in Marketing and Sales Survey results. In fact, few—even those with sophisticated marketing departments investing time and effort into the process—have any real social media strategy. The lesson here: be extremely careful as there are many who know little more than how to construct a tweet who are anxious to take your money.

The 10 Rules of Direct Response Marketing


If you’re in the Direct Response Marketing game, and you’re not already asking yourself, “what can I do to increase revenue FAST ?” Freelance direct response copywriter Dean Rieck says: “ Response is one of the five keys of successful direct marketing.

Madness Magnifies Marketing Malfunctions

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There are also marketing malfunctions where individuals with questionable business ethics prey on small business owners and salespeople. Earlier today I wrote about how marketing gets a bad rap specific to a very poorly constructed email message that I had just received.

Email Marketing in 2017: Insights and Investments for the Year Ahead

Inside Campaigner

2016 has come to a close, and although the year saw various email marketing trends both rise and fizzle, the top takeaway from the year is that email marketing at large is still very much alive and well, and will continue to perform highly for marketers in 2017.

Small Minds Inhibit The Influence and Power of Social Media Marketing

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Here in Northwest Indiana, there are now two local social media marketing campaigns. Marketing is all about attracting attention. Sure those local small businesses directly associated with any marketing effort receive the biggest attention or have the largest river, but with social media that attention is diverted into a plethora of different streams (think tributaries) that touch many otherwise untouched, unnoticed small businesses.

Email Marketing for Coaches and Consultants

Ian Brodie

As I wrote in The Truth About Email recently, email marketing is still one of the most powerful tools any business can have in its arsenal. But what about email marketing for coaches, consultants and other professional? All the data says email marketing can be incredibly effective.

What Wasted Time Actually Reveals

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This email marketing and time management research also suggested that 30% of those surveyed check their email in the morning while still in bed. Yet we feel emotionally satisfied that we are doing something constructive.

Book Review: Principled Selling: How to win more business without selling your soul

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From those five principles Tovey constructs a process and shows in detail how to find and attract prospects and then turn them into clients. . Book Reviews business marketing sales selling small business success trust book review business book review david tovey marketing book review principled selling sales book reviews trust in sellingEthics. Honesty. Integrity. Principles. . All of these terms are on the tip of virtually every seller’s tongue.

7 Steps to Developing an ‘A’ Player Profile

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Developing an ‘A’ player profile is a direct result of aligning your talent strategy with your corporate, product, marketing and sales strategies. Simply put, you cannot construct an ‘A’ player profile without strategic alignment.

My Clients Want to Work with Me Not the Queen’s We

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Funny when starting out my executive coaching and corporate training practice, I received marketing advice about using the Queen’s We because it made my sole proprietorship to appear bigger than a woman or one man show.

The Why, What & How of a Lead-to-Revenue Assessment, Part 2 - The How


I challenged marketing and sales leadership involved in 2016 planning to pause and consider conducting the assessment before making any decisions for next year. You’ll also want to pull engagement reporting out of your marketing automation platform and CRM. Marketing & Sales Alignment

Pick Up The Damn Phone!

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I can take my time, constructing the right response. Busyness Communicating Execution Lean Sales And Marketing Results Sales and Marketing Tools Time Management Trust

3 Internet Marketing Truths You Should Know To Make Money Online


When it comes to the internet, I mostly “plead the Fifth”, but I work with it as marketing media just about every day. Three, there is a constructive, productive way to think about the internet and online media.

Sawbucks Are Better than Free

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In education based marketing, many small business owners to savvy entrepreneurs engage in free offerings from assessments to actual consulting time to marketing webinars to sales training coaching workshops. Have those from your email marketing lists bought from you?

The Bittersweet Necessity of Tension and Conflict in Your Organization

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In fact, if you want to develop a company or sales team that dominates its market you’ll go out of your way to nurture and fan the flames of conflict whenever they arise. But in regards to business and organizational growth there must be some constructive tension and conflict.

CMO Secrets to Impacting the Sales QBR

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World class B2B marketing organizations actively engage in Quarterly Business Review (QBR) meetings. For many marketing leaders the sales team’s QBR is an afterthought. Tenured B2B Marketing CMO''s look forward to the mid-year QBR like one desires a root canal.

Build Trust Not Fear With Your Marketing Messages

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This appears to be a common marketing strategy for some retail businesses including car dealerships. An effective (think good) marketing message can increase the want or desire to pull the trigger on that buying decision. What such marketing messages do deliver is distrust.

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7 Tips to Real Estate Agents’ Success

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3 Tip – Research Your Market Plan. Invest the time to do your research specific to your marketing plan within your strategic action plan. Time spent in constructing your marketing plan is definitely well spent.

The Art Of The Sale Is An Emotional Experience


Knowing how your customer finishes that sentence is a key insight into their thought process and it allows you to construct an offer that is almost irresistible to them. Click here and we’ll reserve a spot so you can learn more about the Ultimate Marketing Machine.

Stop Nurturing Me!

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“Nurturing” has become the big buzzword of content marketing. Marketing wants to develop a “relationship” with customers. Marketing wants to continue to “touch the customer” maintain contact and awareness.

The Intersection Of Seth Godin And Challenger And Insight Driven Sales

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I’ve been toying with the idea of customer readiness or customer maturity in delivering insight, but haven’t found a construct to explain it until reading Seth’s post today: “How Idea Adoption Works.”