Aligning Customer Objections to the Buying Process

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Fix your sales problem in 5 easy steps – sounds great, doesn’t it? Don’t get me wrong, I revel in an easy solution. One of the biggest problems for sales reps is customer objections. As a sales rep, you have a variety of tools in your bag. ‘A’

The 5 Immutable Laws of Selling

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The straightforward and bold-faced revelation in the heading of this article will stand as a commandment in its own right. It is constructed of points and planes of dimensional perspective. Sales Effectiveness

Take the Sensory Price TEST - Harvard Business Review

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My recent Harvard Business Review article titled “ Research: How Sensory Information Influences Price Decisions” was based upon a fascinating sales linguistics experiment. Recently, a sales linguistics experiment was conducted in order to   answer this question.

“I Need To Hire A Rainmaker!”

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Usually, what’s described as someone of incredible authority and power of persuasion, that comes in at the end of a sales cycle, and in one meeting, seals the deal, then goes off to the next deal working his or her magic. Often, we walked out with orders (a few times, with our tails between our legs), but it was less what I did or my presence, but really the culmination of a lot of tough work and great strategy development and execution by the sales team.