Inc Magazine Gets it Wrong on Consultative Selling

Understanding the Sales Force

Why Consultative Doesn''t Work is irresponsible writing. Forget for a minute that those of us in the sales development space (he calls us pundits) have been trying to help companies and their sales teams transition from a transactional to a consultative approach for years.

Research: Current Sales Performance Challenges Faced by Industry Leaders

The Brooks Group

Global uncertainty and the customer hesitancy it creates was ranked among the top, along with the need for consultative selling over transactional selling. Market volatility requires an agile sales force capable of shifting direction and adapting as needed.

Pharma – new challenge, new sales strategy, new sales training

Sales Training Connection

We’ve been in the consultative sales training business for more than 30 years. Over the last dozen or so years, we specialized in sales training for the health care market. In which segment of the health care market did we have zero clients?