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Understanding the Sales Force

Understanding the Sales Force by Dave Kurlan First the links. The Huffington Post and the Hubspot Blog both published an article, by Dan Lyons about OMG and Kurlan and what it takes to succeed in sales. asked the Director of Sales.

The Top 3 Reasons Why Salespeople Fail at Consultative Selling?

Understanding the Sales Force

These days, I am just one of many who are spreading this message and even if we get through to only one leader at a time, we will eventually get most companies selling in a way that brings consistent results. Consultative selling requires that salespeople ask an awful lot of questions.

Do the Best Sales Managers Have the Best Salespeople?

Understanding the Sales Force

I dug into a subset of data from Objective Management Group's (OMG) evaluations of the salespeople who report to more than 15,000 sales managers to determine whether the best sales managers actually have the best salespeople.

Which is Worse - Crappy Salespeople or Crappy Sales Managers?

Understanding the Sales Force

How are early versions of technology different from crappy salespeople and crappy sales managers? For one thing, salespeople and sales managers tend to stay crappy unless professional training, coaching and interventions occur.

Top 4 Reasons Why Salespeople Suck at Consultative Selling


Yesterday, a sales manager I was coaching asked me to explain the difference between a great question and a tough question. Sales ManagementI gave him the one-minute version but this article has the expanded version of that answer.

How Sales Managers Undermine Price

The Sales Hunter

Sales managers without even trying are very good at taking profit right out of their company. Sales managers place inordinate pressure on salespeople to close the sale immediately, and in so doing, they are telling the salesperson to cut the price as a way of getting the order now.

Top 3 Reasons to Use Consultative Selling Skills


Consultative Selling Skills are used by organizations in many different industries to drive high end Business 2 Business sales, and whilst Consultative Selling is undoubtedly difficult to get right, the rewards are high given the typical values of the products & services involved.

5 Reasons You Don’t Want to be a Sales Manager

The Sales Hunter

It is time to get it out on the table and say once and for all that if you are a sales manager, you are in a dead-end position. If you are a salesperson and you want to be promoted to a sales manager position, it’s time to change your thinking.

VIDEO SALES TIP: Best Way to Engage a Sales Manager in the Process

The Sales Hunter

A sales manager can help tremendously if they occasionally go on sales calls with their salespeople. I call this the “four-legged sales call.” ” Problem is too managers won’t do this at all — or when they do it, they do it wrong.

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Bringing Clarity to Ambiguous Conversations

Anthony Cole Training

In selling, properly qualifying a prospective buyer is crucial in order to move an opportunity through the pipeline and ultimately close in your favor. Qualifying skills qualifying prospects salespeople sales management sales advice consultative selling

How Do I Become an Extraordinary Sales Manager?

Anthony Cole Training

building sales team consultative selling sales management responsibilitiesAre you doing everything possible to make your salespeople successful?

The Sales Association: Is Consultative Selling Relevant?

The Sales Association

Sharing best practices in sales and sales management Is Consultative Selling Relevant? by Marcia Gauger Question: Over the years, I have adopted what I consider to be a consultative approach to selling. Is it time to adopt a new model of selling? Answer: If you’re asking if consultative selling is obsolete, the answer is no. Perhaps the definition of consultative selling needs to be visited.

Using Sales Managers and Executives to Close More 4th Quarter Sales

The Sales Hunter

One of the easiest things sales managers and senior management can do is to call every person they know at a client company. We never know who or when the person the senior person knows may encounter the buyer to whom you sell. ” Sales Motivation Blog.

Jonathan Farrington's Blog ? ?Consultative Selling is dead!? ? Oh no.

Jonathan Farrington

Consultative Selling is dead!” – Oh no it isn’t! There are those who would suggest that “consultative selling” or its successor “collaborative selling” is dead. Redirect individual sales representatives’ efforts efficiently.

The Top 12 Factors that Cause Delayed Closings and What to Do About Them

Understanding the Sales Force

Nearly every coaching call with a sales manager is about a salesperson with a delayed closing. Dave Kurlan Consultative Selling sales process closing tips selling skills

Three Key Skills to Distinguish Sellers from Sales Managers

Miller Heiman Group

The role of a sales manager may be the hardest job in sales. While coaching your team to sales success, your responsibilities include recruiting new talent and meeting the needs of key customers, all while collaborating with internal stakeholders such as marketing, product management and executives. The highest-performing sellers often end up on a fast track to becoming sales managers. Sellers Make SalesManagers Assess and Coach.

A Formal Sales Process: The Key to Increasing Revenue

Janek Performance Group

A common issue among many sales organizations is the lack of a formal sales process. While it’s possible to improve a sales organization without having a universally followed sales process, there’s a limit to how much they can progress.

Training sales managers to coach – the good, the bad, and the ugly – An STC Classic

Sales Training Connection

We’ve written several blogs on sales coaching. Second, most people agree that coaching is a must-do for developing a superior sales team. Over the last 30 years we have designed numerous coaching programs for companies engaged in large B2B sales. 2014 Sales Momentum, LLC.

The Best Top 10 Lists for Sales and Sales Management

Understanding the Sales Force

Understanding the Sales Force by Dave Kurlan During the past 9 years I have written the occasional Top 5, Top 10 and Top 20 Articles and we have now put them into a series of their own. In no particular order they are: Top 10 Sales Competencies. Top 10 Sales Management Functions. Top 10 Indicators That You Have a Trustworthy Sales Prospect. Top 10 Ways Salespeople are Selling in the Dark. Top 10 Tips for Hiring Salespeople for Your Sales Force.

Sales Management Best Practices - Are Top Salespeople Challengers?

Understanding the Sales Force

Understanding the Sales Force by Dave Kurlan I am asked quite often about the Challenger Sales model. I am certainly not the only one scratching my head about why The Challenger Sale is getting so much attention.

VIDEO SALES TIP: Why We Need Empty Chairs in Sales Departments

The Sales Hunter

Too many salespeople and sales managers spend too much time in the office! Blog Closing a Sale Consultative Selling leadership Professional Selling Skills Prospecting Sales Motivation sales leadership sales manager sales motivation salespeople selling skills video sales tip

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Training sales managers to coach – the good, the bad, and the ugly

Sales Training Connection

Sales Coaching. We’ve written several blogs on sales coaching. Second, most people agree that coaching is a must-do for developing a superior sales team. Over the last 30 years we have designed numerous coaching programs for companies engaged in large B2B sales.

Do Women Make Better Salespeople Than Men?

The Sales Hunter

I will argue it is, because if you’re a sales manager or anyone even remotely responsible for sales, don’t you want to make sure you’re capturing all you can? It’s time to wade back into this very critical discussion. You say it’s not critical?

6 Dead Horse Sales Activities You Need to Stop ASAP… The Horse is Dead!

The Sales Hunter

Far too many salespeople and sales managers are still living as if it is 2013 or even 2010. Things change and they change quickly, and if your sales process and strategies aren’t keeping pace, then you’re going to find yourself closing fewer sales.

Sales Leadership: Are You Leading a Sales Process or Are You Leading Your Customer?

The Sales Hunter

Last week I found myself in a discussion with a sales manager regarding the subject of sales leadership and what does it really entail. Our discussion centered around the quality of the sales call, but it made me think about it from a different perspective.

Salesforce Interview: How to Make Top Salespeople Great Managers

Keith Rosen

Ever promote a great salesperson into a management position, only to watch them struggle with managing, developing & coaching their team? To solve this age-old, universal conundrum, here’s how to prepare your future managers for their next position.

Why Inbound and Inside Sales Experts Think Sales Process is Dead Too

Understanding the Sales Force

Sales Process isn't even the only thing that inbound marketers say is dead. They'll have you believing that salespeople are no longer needed, selling is dead, and a consultative approach is dead too. Let's start with my recent Google search for "Sales Process is Dead."

Sales Management – Top 4 Essentials


Sales Management has only one goal, which is improving sales effectiveness within the organization. 1) Sales Management – Planning. We have all heard this a million times yet studies show 85% of companies do not have a sales plan.

Today’s Expectations are Tomorrow’s Norms

The Sales Hunter

” If you’re reading this and you’re a sales manager, I want you […]. Blog Closing a Sale Consultative Selling leadership Professional Selling Skills Prospecting Sales Motivation leader sales leader sales leadership sales motivation success Successful salespeople are disciplined. Leaders are disciplined. Successful business people are disciplined.

4 principles of the consultative sales approach

Base CRM

The consultative sales approach reflects the truth of this statement. In other words, customers don’t like a sale pushed on them. It only feels like the sales rep is interested in making a commission rather than actually caring about needs. Consultative selling helps to avoid this problem. Of course, the consultative sales approach is not always appropriate. Again, act the role of the consultant, not the sales rep.

Sales Tips: Can You Make It Through the “Dip?”

Customer Centric Selling

Sales Tips: Can You Make It Through the “Dip?”. By Frank Visgatis, President & Chief Operating Officer of CustomerCentric Selling®.

VIDEO SALES TIP: Don’t Ask for a Price Increase. Tell the Customer You’re Taking One!

The Sales Hunter

Too many salespeople and sales managers are “asking” a customer for a price increase. To understand this better, check out the below video: Copyright 2013, Mark Hunter “The Sales Hunter.” ” Sales Motivation Blog. .

Hire A Salesperson Based on Their Attitude Not Their Skill

The Sales Hunter

Recently I was doing training session for a group of sales managers and we got on the topic of hiring and what are the qualifications of a good hire. Too many sales managers think they can take shortcuts to making their number. ” Sales Motivation Blog.

9 Secrets to Make Senior Management’s Meeting with a Customer Effective

The Sales Hunter

It’s not surprising that many CEOs, CMOs and other senior members of a company are not comfortable making sales calls. Below is a list of 9 things to help ensure your next sales call with a senior manager in attendance is as effective as possible: 1. Never set expectations above what you are positive senior management is comfortable with. Ensure the senior manager knows it is your job to both open and close the call since it is your account.

WARNING! Do You Suffer from Sales Prevention Syndrome?

The Sales Hunter

SPS — Sales Prevention Syndrome — is the great killer of salespeople. Every time you meet with your boss, you say something like, “If only we had _, then I would be able to sell a lot more.” You think your sales manager is stupid.

Shut Up! You Talk Too Much

The Sales Hunter

She truly believed in what it was she was selling, but the problem was her passion overtook any sense of intelligence with how to sell. A stupid salesperson working for a stupid sales manager. Copyright 2013, Mark Hunter “The Sales Hunter.”

Five Sales Lessons Learned from The Wolf of Wall Street

Sales Result

After a stint in prison, Belfort emerged a new man who lives a “straight edge” lifestyle and today, travels the world teaching sold-out sales training seminars. sales sales management sales consulting selling sales tip sales training wolf of wall street sales efficiency

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Sales Tips: Untrustworthy Sales Forecasts Cost Billions

Customer Centric Selling

Sales Tips: Lack of Trustworthy Sales Forecasts Costs Billions. This guest post was created by MIT Sloan School of Management, courtesy of

Sales Motivation Monday — No Paperwork! No Expense Reports!

The Sales Hunter

Excuse me, but if I spent the start of my week doing that kind of work, I’d have lousy results and lousy sales motivation too. I’m serious, because not only are you using valuable time on Monday doing non-sales activities, but the tasks you are doing are simply not very motivating.

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3 Critical Reasons Why You Should NEVER Reveal The Price Until You’ve Built Up The Value

MTD Sales Training

Even if you are new to sales, management has told you that you have to wait until the closing stages before you tell the prospect the price. If I came to sell you a gigantic inflatable chair and I told you that the price for this huge, pink blow-up chair is £600, would you buy it?