Active Listening Examples & Exercises

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Here, we look at examples of active listening and some exercises we can carry out to ensure we utilise this skill more regularly. Example “Thanks for the time you’ve offered for this meeting” Open-ended questions – This opens the conversation so you get further information.

8 Sales Role Play Exercises to Prepare Your Team for the Win

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Why aren’t we spending hours honing our conversational tactics, perfecting our pitches and learning to guide buyers through the sales journey? What follows are exercises and tips proven to level up not only your practice sessions, but your performance at game time.

How Much Revenue Are You Losing by Ignoring Your Best Product Designers?

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B2B companies no longer have the luxury of a purely functional User Experience Design, narrowly focused on the product needs of a specific industry or department. The consumers, and more importantly buyers of professional services and software are bringing their.

7 Sales Role Play Exercises to Hone Your Negotiation Skills

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Enter negotiation role play exercises. Sales Role Play Exercises. Complete the entire exercise as many times as you’d like. At the end of each exercise (when a resolution has been reached), write down what worked and what didn’t. Negotiation Role Play Exercises.

The Sales Velocity Equation: Your First Personal Sales Ops Exercise

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One of the most enlightening and personal sales operations exercises that any rep can do is to build their own sales velocity equation. For starters, you can have an infinitely more thoughtful conversation with your manager. How do I converse on those comfortably with my customer?

Are Our Customer Conversations Substantively Different Than Internal Discussions?

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One of the premises I had in the article is that the skills/challenges we face in driving change within our own organizations, and that those customers have within their organizations are not much different than the conversations/engagement that sales people and buyers have.

354 Sales Conversations In Just A Week!

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He talked about the 354 conversations with C-Level executives he had in one week. I don’t know what the typical work week is, but let’s look at this data across 3 possible workweeks: For a 40 hour workweek, to have 354 conversations, that’s 6.8

So, You Want To Be A Manager? A Coaching Conversation

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Here’s a five step process on how to facilitate this conversation to ensure people distinguish fact from fiction and know exactly what they’re signing up for. And after the conversation, if it goes at all well, you may appease that person – but for how long?

How to Drive Executive Engagement in Key Sales Conversations


People love to talk to someone in power and often they are able to elevate the conversation to the right people, with the right talk track. That’s at least 200 conversations, all in different stages. When executives assist on a deal, good things happen.

Sales Enablement Executive Q&A: In Conversation with SevOne’s Brian Promes


In Conversation with SevOne: An Interview with Brian Promes. Brian: It really becomes important to set aside the time for this conversation because sales and leadership can discuss what’s expected of them in the context of the business and the market that is changing around them. This exercise made it really easy to ensure everyone had the app at the same time.

Why Edgy Conversations Will Make You a Better Business Owner or.

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Why Edgy Conversations Will Make You a Better Business Owner or Better Salesperson. Edgy conversations are not new to Daniel Waldschmidt – it is who he is. I can relate so much to Jeff’s brochure sorting exercise. ”) to get a conversation going.

A Different Take On Challenging Conversations

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I’ve been writing a lot about changing the conversation, about challenging our customers, about getting them to think differently. To engage in these business conversations, we have to understand business—both business in general, but more specifically our customers and their businesses. Often, as I’m preparing to approach a prospect and engage them in these types of conversations, I think, “What would I do if I were running the business? (or

How to Transform Your Sales Onboarding Process with Conversation Intelligence


Many tools on the market are leveraged for one or two of these areas, but Conversation Intelligence technology is one the few which can be applied in all three. To build a great onboarding curriculum, start with this simple exercise. Conversation Intelligence platforms provide the right answer every time, unlike their notes and peers which are susceptible to drifting off base. Utilizing Conversation Intelligence Technology During Onboarding.

A Conversation With Cody Lamens: The Importance of Building a World-Class Sales Culture


We hope you enjoy the following conversation with Cody! We’re able to collect and understand employee feedback, which allows us to have an open conversation and dialogue with employees. Cody Lamens, Head of Sales, TINYpulse.

The Pipeline ? Who's Expectations? ? Sales eXchange ? 119

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We often do an exercise with teams centered on expectations of roles, the frontline reps and their managers. Sales eXchange – 119 – We often do an exercise with teams centered on expectations of roles, t… [link]. Home About The Pipeline. Contest. Free Resources. Search.

A Conversation With Kevin Dorsey: How to Get your Sales Team to Execute


We hope you enjoy the following conversation with Kevin! After the first week, I have reps doing role play exercises for 3 hours a day. The post A Conversation With Kevin Dorsey: How to Get your Sales Team to Execute appeared first on Costello.

Coaching My Team is Harder Than I Thought! A Coach the Coach Conversation

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Just as an example to clarify: I had one guy tell me the most important thing he could do was to wake up 30 minutes earlier and exercise. Not, “The act of instilling my expectations into the conversation and driving my own personal agenda.”.

A Conversation With David Dulany: How to Build and Continue to Develop a Rockstar SDR Team


In the following conversation, he talks about how culture can make a difference, offers best practices for SDRs, and shares an example of a truly unique SDR interaction. We hope you enjoy the following conversation with David! David Dulany, Founder and CEO, Tenbound.

Tips for Politely Ending Conversations with Bad Prospects


My dad, on the other hand, will continue the conversation for a while regardless of whether he has any actual interest in the product or service. And those conversations can be the hardest. The post Tips for Politely Ending Conversations with Bad Prospects appeared first on DialSource.

Pipeline Vs. Opportunity Review – Sales eXchange 169

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A pipeline review just needs to look at the opportunities at each stage – are they real, next steps, and volume based on the individual rep’s documented conversion rates.

The Concept of Inquiry: How to Get a Balanced View of the Prospect’s Needs

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Many of our programmes have exercises and activities that bring the best out of salespeople. This is especially true when we run activities around the conversational quality of questioning. [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]. Communication Skills MtdBlog advocacy versus inquiry improving questioning skills Questioning Skills

Why Virtual Training Needs a Rethink

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Group exercises really mean a few students do the work while at least one student punts. In the case of a salesperson, that assignment could be to plan a scheduled conversation with a prospect and record herself on video using the principles she learned in the eLearning modules.

The Secret of What Creates a Positive Mindset

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They occur during conversations of deep thought with friends, kids, parents, spouses, clergy, during a session with your shrink. And one other place, in conversations where positive, productive thoughts are being transferred - brainstorm meeting, a mastermind group, or a lecture.

My Love for the Great Game of Sales

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It’s an exercise in problem-solving. This is the art of the conversation, the art of a commercial conversation, and is always in some way unique. So managing a list of stakeholders is the sort of exercise that can stretch.

What Is Active Listening And How Can We Improve It?

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Active listening can be defined as ‘the concept of listening that keeps you engaged in a conversation in a positive way’. Summarising the essence of a conversation. What active listening exercises can we carry out?

Tips & Ideas to Get Better Prospects

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The first rule is to make every conversation one where you earn the right, privilege, honor and respect to meet with that person again. One of the main reasons why I love sales is because it’s nothing more than having a conversation. One great exercise that I share often is create a list of all the outcomes that you help your customers achieve. Prospecting does not have to be painful nor does it have to be as hard as you think.

Does Your Product Description Create a Guessing Game?

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When we did this exercise, we found we had all been using a slightly different variant of a company and product description, and we were emphasizing different things about our business,” Brearton states. This should be a quarterly exercise, Brearton says. “I’m

Winning Your Prospect’s Prospect

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Time and stacks will not change the fact that features are the enabler, but salespeople need to go beyond that and be conversant with what these things enable for the client. By Tibor Shanto. We’re all familiar with the expression “ The enemy of my enemy is my friend.”

A 6-Step Skill Assessment For Hiring Rockstar Salespeople

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These exercises ensure candidates haven’t exaggerated their skill level and demonstrate how well they think on their feet. Below, I’ll break down what those tests and exercises should look like for candidates at each stage of the interview process. Take-Home Exercise.

The Easiest Person To Lie To Is Yourself

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Once there is agreement that you have a workable plan, a plan that starts with your quota, and then working backwards from there, you can map out critical points, and based on your conversion rates, how many opportunities you should be working on at any given time.

Why Success Formulas and Sales Plans Fail

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For most people, the success formula is a new exercise designed to create a logical and systematic approach to their sales process. It also requires an exercise where personal goals are identified and there is a financial or monetary value attached to the identified goals.

How to Train Your Lead Development Team for Today's New Buyer

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Unfortunately when we ask many CSOs “Would you be comfortable with one of your top ten target accounts engaging in a conversation with the LDR?” If you want to converse with your buyer early in their buying process, the key is a confident, skilled LDR who serves as a resource.

Buyer 305

5 Ways to Deliver a Truly Impactful Sales Kickoff

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Sales skills like how to have a good discovery call, pricing and negotiation is like physical exercise – you need to learn the techniques from subject matter experts (SMEs) and then practice repeatedly to gain muscle memory. Author: Joe Andrews We just wrapped up sales kickoff (SKO) season.

Time Management is a Myth

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And that becomes another conversation altogether uncovering a whole heap of issues, fears, procrastination strategies at best. The exercise is not dissimilar to someone tracking their every morsel of food if watching their weight or exercising at a gym if they are also watching their weights.

Confusing Journey With Destination

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We do an exercise with reps of all skills, experience, and offerings. No, it is more likely they will talk about the impact that app would have on their pipeline, conversion rates, leading to increased revenues, margins, cash-flows, impact on funding, etc.

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If Dr. Seuss Wrote about Sales Management This is What He Would Say

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It’s time to exercise your brain! Stop solving people’s problems, lead every conversation with questions. Hope this puts a smile on your face! With Audible, you can listen on a plane, on a train, while your drive, in the rain, at the gym, without the pain from muscle gain!

Why is it easier for when you do it for others? – Sales eXecution 269

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I spent a few weeks doing that, my conversion rate of conversations to meetings was about the same as when I call for myself, yet when they said no, it didn’t hit me the same way. My conversions have not changed, but the impact of rejection on me has, making the days even more fun.

Training vs. Improving – Sales eXecution 298

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As a result of the assessment and interviews with Trainer X, the goal for this program is to increase pipeline value by X%; or to improve the conversion rates from stage X to stage Y of the process; or to reduce the sales cycle from an average X weeks to, X minus weeks” Or any other objective.

Qualifying Budget Too Early – Sales eXecution 308

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Now of course the problem with “value” is that it is rarely defined, it is talked to, it is talked about, it is probably part of every sales conversation, but there as many different definitions as there are people asked, often more. By Tibor Shanto – .

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How to Be an Extrovert

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If you saw me on YouTube, Instagram , or in a TV interview or at one of my sales seminars you would never know it has never been easy for me to start a conversation with people I don’t know. If you’re younger than 40, you may not know or remember Johnny Carson.

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