Lateral Thinking Can Increase the Value of Customer Conversations

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According to the principles of lateral thinking, if a conversation between two individuals does not obtain a level of critical thought, the chance for getting that person to do something different is limited. In addition, if the customer does not find the conversation relevant or stimulating, the time spent is considered wasted, access will be diminished and value is reduced. Author: Charles Brennan Jr.

A 5-Step Discovery Call Checklist Proven to Increase Conversions by 580%

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The most important sales conversation that your reps are having with your prospects is the first one. You not only need a solid structure for this call but also an airtight discovery call checklist to increase your chances of conversions. Open a conversation, not a monologue.

“I Want To Follow-Up Our Earlier Conversations….”

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The phone rings, I pick up in my normal fashion, “Hi, this is Dave Brock, how can I help you?” I wanted to follow up on our conversation a few months ago about your accounting services.” ” Me, “I don’t recall ever speaking to you before…… When was the conversation?” It’s one of those manipulative prospecting tricks sales people try, hoping people are stupid enough not to realize there has never been a conversation.

Why Edgy Conversations Will Make You a Better Business Owner or.

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Why Edgy Conversations Will Make You a Better Business Owner or Better Salesperson. Edgy conversations are not new to Daniel Waldschmidt – it is who he is. And yet, having that conversation (disagreeing, challenging, edgy) can feel so hard.

People > Processes: A Conversation with Danielle Pata, Account Executive at Marketo


A few of our latest conversations have included the likes of Russell Van Leuven , Sr. Rather than approach her meetings in a buttoned-up fashion which typically makes marketers uncomfortable, Danielle seeks to build true relationships that extend beyond just the deal.

“One of Us Could Die Whilst Having This Conversation!”

Jonathan Farrington

I know – and I expect you do too – lots of people who, although they are working in adjacent offices, prefer to email each other rather than getting off their backsides and engaging in some good old-fashioned conversation.

Pipeline Vs. Opportunity Review – Sales eXchange 169

The Pipeline

A pipeline review just needs to look at the opportunities at each stage – are they real, next steps, and volume based on the individual rep’s documented conversion rates.

#IWD2015 A Love Story, An Entrepreneurial Journey and A Grateful Legacy

Bernadette McClelland

When I received an email from LinkedIn to ask me to write about a woman I admired for International Women’s Day 2015 ( #IWD2015 ), my mind went to the obvious women, the ones who have achieved greatness in a celebrity fashion.

Do You Know if Your Sales Organization is Digital or Analog?

Understanding the Sales Force

During our very first conversation with a CEO, our talking path is determined by whether their company is analog or digital.

What If I Hadn’t Called?

The Pipeline

Beyond the logic of expanding your tool kit to include all things that lead to engagement, how you engage with your prospects will very much inform and shape the conversation you have with prospects. By Tibor Shanto.

My Trick to Successful First Dates (It Works on Networking “First Dates” Too!)

Hyper-Connected Selling

It’s a weird combination of job interview, etiquette test, and fashion show that we submit to in the hopes that a) we like the other person and b) the other person likes us. Sure, as if it’s that easy when you’re in the spotlight… How to Make Conversations Easier.

Chairs are Dead—and Other B2B Marketing Hogwash


I casually said what we do, which is outbound business development for B2B companies, is not old fashioned, it is timeless. To complement inbound marketing efforts, and to forge important personal connections and human relationships, there’s nothing better for business than a real conversation. In 2015, I wrote this blog for Sales & Marketing Magazine: Dead is Dead (in Sales & Marketing).

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Objections – Cause – Effect – Resolution

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How we start a conversation directly dictates what kind of response we get. By Tibor Shanto – . Telephone prospecting is hard, in fact so hard that most people spend a disproportionate amount of time and energy trying to avoid it.

4 Tips to Avoid Presentation “Robo-Delivery”

Anne Miller

You know what I mean, when-the-words-come-out-in-an-unnatural-monotone-staccato fashion. Being very familiar with the material will allow you to come across with a much more natural conversational rhythm and allows for spontaneous appropriate comments and humor.

4 Steps for Getting More Out of CRM Data

Sales and Marketing Management

Traditionally, each department has experienced success in the past working in a siloed fashion. Author: Tessa Burg In a perfect world, your sales team and your marketing team work side by side to find and close customers.

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Seeking New Sales Techniques? Look Beyond Digital

No More Cold Calling

This is done by an experienced salesperson who knows how to ask the right questions, who knows how to use new sales techniques and when to have a good old-fashioned conversation. The best prospecting strategies require a human touch.

3 leadership lessons from my Nana

Bernadette McClelland

There are also going to be times where you think you need to come up with something different, new and out of the box but that doesn’t mean you don’t look at simple, old fashioned ways of doing things that worked in the past, like phoning people and sending real letters.

Why Recruiting is Like Marketing

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Since I didn’t know any better, I figured that I might as well build the recruiting engine in the same fashion that I built a marketing engine, and it turned out the approach worked.

The ‘mom jeans’ of sales tactics: 3 old-school strategies that still work


Fashion works in cycles. Nearly every fashion-forward retailer sells their version of the mom jean. Tweet ’em to us @nutshell , or start a conversation in our Sell to Win Facebook group! I’m willing to bet you’re already confused, and images of Tina Fey in the 2003 SNL skit are dancing through your head. Or you very well could be reading this while your rib cage rests on the top of your very own pair of mom jeans.

Introductions all around: It’s Time for Online to Meet Offline

No More Cold Calling

While social media can help you begin conversations, turning those connections into relationships means socializing the old-fashioned way—offline. While social media can help you begin conversations, turning those connections into relationships.

4 Alternate Ways to Promote Your Business

The Pipeline

There are some business owners who tend to feel that we are in the digital age, so business cards are old-fashioned. Megan has several years of experience on the topics of small business marketing, copywriting, SEO, online conversions and social media.

Message to Management: Are You Talking to Your Team?

No More Cold Calling

Simply put: Conversations count. It involved the radical notion that leaders could drive better results by stepping out of their offices and engaging with employees and the work flow in a less formal, more impromptu fashion. Stop walking around, and start talking around.

Looking For Answers In Different Places

Partners in Excellence

” I’m involved in, literally, hundreds of these types of conversations every year. For example, with a very large semiconductor manufacturer, we found huge innovation by looking at the fashion industry.

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‘NO’ Is Deceiving

The Pipeline

The average for people who successfully complete our Proactive Prospecting Program, their conversion rate of “right person conversations” to appointment (live or web meeting), is about 14%. Conversation with the right people to appointment 86.0%. Salespeople are not alone in dealing with crisis or adversity in a mostly reactionary fashion, causing them to abandon their plan or the very process that got them that far. By Tibor Shanto.

Building Your Brand of Gold: 6 Step Process


There is a lot of conversation circulating about building your personal brand. So make sure you have got your brand covered in a holistic fashion and see what difference it makes to your interactions.

Sales Strategy: What’s Most Effective? A Great Message! (Updated May 2019)

Corporate Visions

To be effective, your company sales strategy needs to focus on customer conversations as a way to create a distinctive purchase experience and separate your company from the competition. The challenge is, retention and expansion require a distinct messaging and customer conversation approach.

Building Your Brand of Gold: 6 Step Process


There is a lot of conversation circulating about building your personal brand. So make sure you have got your brand covered in a holistic fashion and see what difference it makes to your interactions.

Good Reads for B2B Marketing - More CMO/CIO Alliance


Jordan Crook writes the new feature “will make it easier for you to start conversations with your network while also enabling you to respond in real-time when someone begins a conversation with you.”.

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Is Technology Tanking Your Lead Generation System?

No More Cold Calling

Digital technology certainly helps facilitate conversations, but when it comes to relationship-building, technology can also be a hindrance, a distraction, and a crutch. Social selling can help you begin conversations, but turning those connections into relationships… Click To Tweet.

Executive Coaching Helps New Leaders Succeed

Steven Rosen

An executive coach will ensure that new leaders are engaged in conversations with stakeholders ensuring clarity on business issues and perhaps more importantly, making a solid first impression. Executive coaching helps make the difference between the success or failure of a new leader.

Evolved Selling: The Reason Why Alinean has Merged with Mediafly

The ROI Guy

Evolved Selling is a new roadmap, uniquely empowering your sellers to make customer conversation much more impactful and successful every time. Informed - Are your sellers using the right content at the right time, organized to dynamically support value-focused conversations?

Do Generational Differences Matter in Account Based Sales?

No More Cold Calling

Will they ever be able to have a conversation or build the kind of relationships that lead to success in account based sales? Take Sarah Jessica Parker who debuted on Broadway as little orphan Annie then went on to become the game changer of fashion and friendship as Carrie Bradshaw.

How Do You Combine Artificial Intelligence with Human Selling?

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’ But recognizing what is missing from a conversation or providing related ideas require human thinking. “Combining old-fashioned etiquette with new age technology is the savviest strategy of all.”.

How To Earn A Sales Meeting In 2018 (Template Included)

Sales Hacker

The goal of prospecting is to get a conversation. That is why conversations are so important. If you greet the prospect with energy and enthusiasm and ask relevant questions that tie back to your product’s value, you will earn more conversations.

Channel Sales for SaaS: What It Is, When it Works, and How to Build Your Own


While it’s not the end-all-be-all, a good, old-fashioned pros-and-cons list is not a bad place to start if you’re trying to decide whether or not a channel sales program is a good fit for your company. And sometimes, the extra incentive is old-fashioned swag like tickets to special events.

[PART 2] What Buyers Want: The B2B Vendor Advantage

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Conversely, 63% said they would select a fairly well-known brand with 85% of the functionality at 80% of the cost. The Fashion and Finance verticals had the highest propensity to select the best-known, top-of-the-line product, while Manufacturing and Healthcare had the lowest. Conversely, Manufacturing and Sales would be most likely to buy lesser-known brands with slightly reduced functionality if they were priced accordingly.

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Do You Realize That Influence Stems From Communication Style?

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Your personal experiences and heart-to-heart conversations will always convert the best.”. My conversations included an admission of errors, humor, and desire to hear similar tales of theirs. Old-fashioned diplomacy coupled with new age technology is the savviest strategy of all.

[5 IDEAS] How Data Fuels Closed-Loop Sales Communication

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Take this statistic: Research shows that responding to a web form-fill within the first five minutes increases the likelihood of conversion by a factor of 10. The key is to use sales acceleration software like Tellwise to track the effectiveness of the emails and voicemails , and provide a way to analyze phone conversations. It means measuring, analyzing, and improving the manufacturing process in a continuous fashion.

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Sales Managers—Pay Attention to How Your Reps Communicate

No More Cold Calling

A buzzword (a term first used in 1946 as student slang) is a word or phrase used to impress, or one that is fashionable, according to Wikipedia. Join the Conversation: Sales managers, what steps do/will you take to ensure your team communicates so they are heard?

3 Tracking Tools for Serious Sales

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Her areas of expertise include beauty, fashion, and style, and she looks forward to a long and exciting career in writing. The Pipeline Guest Post - Carrie Powers.

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