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The Pipeline

Insurance is one of those things that everyone has but nobody really wants. In some ways, we feel that we are throwing money away, until that rainy day or unforeseen event arrives, and we are all too happy to have the insurance. By Tibor Shanto – tibor.shanto@sellbetter.ca .

Two Types of Objections When Selling Insurance

The Science and Art of Selling

When your prospect says, “I can’t afford it,” he may mean, “I don’t want to waste time talking to you” — in other words, your prospect can use this statement as a way of ending the conversation with you either over the phone or when you meet them face to face.

Will automation in commercial lines insurance drive the role of the underwriter to extinction? Come join the debate

Artesian Solutions

Will automation in commercial lines insurance drive the role of the underwriter to extinction? Insurance automation presents new opportunities, as well as challenges for underwriters and the insurance industry.

2 Ways to Understand Your Buyer’s Needs: Why Insurance Agents Should Understand Demand & Non-Demand Sales Cycles

Hyper-Connected Selling

In coaching hundreds of insurance agents over the years, I’ve become aware of a challenge that has arisen for many of them. They don’t sell a few straightforward insurance products anymore. They are coming into the sales conversation with different needs and expectations.

Allstate insurance agency achieves #1 status with lead management CRM from Leads360


And with consumers doing most of their insurance shopping online and getting quotes from multiple competitors, it was critical for Williams to leverage a CRM ideal for insurance agencies to compete with his larger competitors.

Legal Intake: The Key to Increasing Conversion Rates

Mr. Inside Sales

For over a year now, I’ve been training some of the largest and most successful legal firms in the country and helping their intake teams dramatically increase their conversion percentage of inbound leads.

Putting lead scoring to work for sales


If you’re new to scoring, we recommend reading Lead Scoring 101: Leveraging Lead Quality Attributes to Improve Conversion , a Leads360 report designed to give sales and marketing professionals a jump-start on their lead scoring efforts.

Study reveals suprising attributes of higher quality leads


Today we’re sharing a gold mine of valuable insight on what makes for a higher quality lead in insurance, mortgage and education. We’ve mined data from millions of leads and identified characteristics that lead to improved sales conversion.

Study 61

People > Processes: A Conversation with Russell Van Leuven, Senior Director of Sales at DiscoverOrg


Each of these individuals has one thing in common: they strive to do their best work and to have sales conversations that matter every single day, no matter what.

Taking the lead with lead quality insights


The ultimate benefit in identifying leads that have a higher likelihood to turn into a customer is that overall conversion rates improve, driving increased sales. Insurance Lead Management Mortgage Sales AutomationNot all leads are equal, but too often we treat them that way.

Leads 101

How Financial Professionals Can Take Their LinkedIn Profile to the Next Level

Hyper-Connected Selling

The image of the small town insurance agent who knows everyone (and everyone’s business) is deeply ingrained into our minds. Customers can buy insurance policies and stocks online – without ever talking to a live person. Update December 2018.

#IWD2015 A Love Story, An Entrepreneurial Journey and A Grateful Legacy

Bernadette McClelland

All on a shoestring at a time where there was no insurance, no financial backing, no health regulations to abide by, but a strong reputation that preceded her.

Charting a Path to Strategic Alignment

Sales Benchmark Index

Keith Cox is vice president, Americas, at UPS Capital, a UPS company focused on providing finance and insurance to businesses with physical supply chains. In a recent conversation with SBI, Cox discussed how his sales team consistently makes its number.

5 Simple Ways Digital Natives Boost Their Offline Networking

Hyper-Connected Selling

Sometimes, face-to-face conversations can be awkward. And it’s not always easy to walk into a room full of people you don’t know and start a conversation with one of them. But too often we use digital communication to avoid the challenges of face-to-face conversations.

Executive Coaching Helps New Leaders Succeed

Steven Rosen

I provide executive coaching for leaders in their first 90 days as both an insurance policy and a way of doubling down on your investment. Executive Coaching Helps Provide Insurance. Providing them access to an executive coach in their first 90 days is like buying an insurance policy.

3 Common Scenarios that Make Your Customer the Sales Person

Jeff Shore

Scenario #1: You sell life insurance. You are having a conversation with a friend in a social setting, and the talk turns to your friend’s insurance coverage. By Jeff Shore. ?. ?I

The Selling Power of “What If?”


It was the New York Life Insurance Company that hired me, and I never had any doubts that life insurance was a necessary product. During my three years as a life insurance salesman, my phone rang exactly twice. That’s a conversation worth investing in.

Are You Using Your Sales Superpowers?

The Center for Sales Strategy

Whether an individual is shopping for office space or office supplies, or selecting a bank, an accountant, a lawyer, or an insurance agent, chances are they will do a lot of pre-work before they ever engage in a significant conversation with a representative from any company.

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Five Tips for Transitioning Into a Sales Leadership Role

Sales and Marketing Management

Make sure you have open and honest conversations with your manager. Chris Mason is the senior vice president of sales distribution for HealthMarkets Insurance Agency, one of the largest independent health insurance agencies in the United States

What is the Toughest Thing About Sales?

Anthony Cole Training

I was in my second year of my insurance career with National Life of Vermont. I don''t recall the conversation in detail after that; I just remember thinking -"Really?!? I didn''t stay in the insurance business for 30 years. Prospecting, prospecting, prospecting.

The ONE Secret to Selling More

Anthony Cole Training

Prior to that, I was an insurance wholesaler, an insurance agent, a Nautilus Regional Sales Manager, a Nautilus Regional Sales Rep and collegiate athletic coach. I’ve been in the sales and sales management consulting business for 21 years.

Stupid, Damn Sales Scripts @#$%&?!!!

Increase Sales

I realized early on into the conversation with the salesperson she was “sales script” trained. When we were discussing shipping the phone to my home address, she asked me “Do you want the device insured?” So I asked “Why should I insure the phone?

April 1st - A Day for Sales People to Remember

Anthony Cole Training

I got into the life insurance business as an agent with National Life of Vermont. I came into the business as a life insurance agent only to find out that others in that business were calling themselves planners, consultants, advisors, risk managers and a variety of other titles.

THE Secret – Just One Secret To Getting Sales People To Sell More

Anthony Cole Training

Prior to that, I was an insurance wholesaler, an insurance agent, a Nautilus Regional Sales Manager, a Nautilus Regional Sales Rep and collegiate athletic coach. I’ve been in the sales and sales management consulting business for 21 years.

Are You Preparing for the Future?

Smooth Sale

A few conversations reveal what happens when a person does not contemplate all possibilities before settling into a systematic way of doing things. A reverse mortgage contributes to the wealth only of the insurance company. #2.

Are Your Strategic Partnerships Your Passive Sales Force?

Understanding the Sales Force

They handle the dialing and you and/or your salespeople simply complete the conversations - a week's worth in an hour! Understanding the Sales Force by Dave Kurlan Today, more than ever before, strategic partnerships, both formal and informal, are an important element of conducting business.

Lunch and Learn - 12 Sales Lessons from Rich Ambrose

Anthony Cole Training

In 1987, when I entered the life insurance business with David Zimmerman at National Life of Vermont, I learned that selling life insurance was truly "selling" and my experience with Nautilus had been merely "order-taking". How long does your first conversation last?

How to Deal with Other Quotes, Proposals, and Competition

Mr. Inside Sales

In my new book: Power Phone Scripts: 500 Word-For-Word Questions, Phrases, and Conversations to Open and Close More Sales , I teach you exactly what to say in the hundreds of selling situations you get into, including this competitor situation.

Inc Magazine Gets it Wrong on Consultative Selling

Understanding the Sales Force

They are the ones that appear to be smartasses because they are making the claims and recommendations without benefit of having had a meaningful conversation with their prospects. Business, Auto and Professional Liability Insurance. Understanding the Sales Force by Dave Kurlan Inc.

Developing Specific Theories About Why Your Dream Client Must Change

Anthony Iannarino

Another trend might be that insurance companies pay more for better medical devices that reduce the overall cost of treatment and reducing recovery time. The conversation is more than discovery; it is exploration , where both sides walk away knowing more.

Sales Managers – Why Isn’t Goal Setting Easy?

Anthony Cole Training

I was first introduced to goal setting in sales when I was an insurance agent with National Life of Vermont. I failed in the life insurance business. Yes, the tenets for success was still based on a formula of sales steps and conversion ratios from one step to the next, but.

Who We Serve. Why it Matters.


It’s that combination that gives them the ability to have quality conversations (i.e. Software to optimize the insurance business through predictive analytics. I spend a lot of time on the phone every day, talking to sales and marketing leaders—including prospects. I’m often asked what kind of companies PointClear serves. The short answer is we work with B2B technology, healthcare, financial services and business services organizations, as well as manufacturers.

Who is Your Sales Competition?

Anthony Cole Training

Even if you are in the financial services space or the insurance space or maybe you work in IT, it is possible that an experience with a doctor’s office or an automobile mechanic could, in fact, be your competition.

The Worst 4 Letter Words In Sales

The Pipeline

It’s as if we all as humans have a fear of silence, don’t ask me why, but test it out, save the time that two people are together staring zombie-like into their phones, there is an exchange, conversation or sounds. Make them proficient in conversational in business. By Tibor Shanto. No need to go to the gutter right away, there is a lot to be said for words in sales before we have to go blue.

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The Sales Playbooks Every Sales Team Needs


A tool allows us to iterate in real time and remain active in the conversations our reps are having day in and day out!”. At Leap | Carpenter | Kemps Insurance Agency, we use playbooks to help train new hires,” says Adam J. It wasn’t built to help you have better sales conversations.

The Evolving Risks and Roles of CISOs in 2016

DiscoverOrg Sales

Cybersecurity insurance or cyber liability insurance. Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) are charged with more responsibility than ever before: Maintaining the enterprise vision, while ensuring technology assets are protected.

10 Top Qualities Of A Good Negotiator

MTD Sales Training

For example, offering to pay for extended warranty or their first year’s insurance may help you get closer to your asking price and allow you to pay for the extras over a period of time, hence bringing you your required figure up front, and settling the extras in your own time.

Free Webinar: Identify the GAP to Maximize Your Sales Team’s Success

Paul Cherry's Top Sales Techniques

Politics consuming our attention, an economy chugging along, select industries that have tanked, the stock market at record highs with lackluster returns, health insurance rates up another 10 to 20% and higher — no wonder it’s been a tough sales year.

How to Avoid the Trash Folder

No More Cold Calling

Then there’s the real junk—offers for burial insurance, introductions to Russian beauties, discounts on Viagra, and other nonsense. Then you can start a real business conversation with me—in the language and with the message that resonates for my unique business.

How To 293

Inside Sales Power Tip 100 – Personalize

Score More Sales

I get a lot of these calls and messages from eager sales reps every week, and I can tell you that there is one thing overall that shuts a conversation down quicker than anything else for me. Tie that into your conversation.