How to Hack Lead Generation with this Simple Principle

No More Cold Calling

Don’t expect sales leads to pour in without it! I could picture the sales rep on the receiving end of that lead generation form, already ramping up to barrage me with emails and stupid cold calling scripts. Referral Lead Generation Takes Personal Connections.

Why Cost per Lead is a Bad Way to Measure Your Return on Lead Generation Efforts


While cost-per-lead measurement has been the de facto favorite for evaluating marketing programs, we are seeing radical and positive shifts in how marketing is evaluating qualified leads. Correctly emphasize the ROI value of qualified leads over their cost. Cost-Per-Lead.

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Your Lead Generation Strategy Isn’t One Size Fits All

Igniting Sales Transformation

Using content as one way to attract buyers into a conversation with you should be part of your marketing and sales strategy, but it doesn’t replace other activities that are part of the acquisition of new customers. Lead generation remains a top priority for most organizations.

Kevin Bacon and a Unique Way to Crush Lead Generation

No More Cold Calling

Finding those connections is key to lead generation and getting referrals. But while customers make up the top tier of your referral network, there is untapped potential for lead generation in every area of life. The company has important sales leads in the U.K.

How to Set Your Outsourced Lead Generation Program Up for Success (pt 2)


What makes some lead generation programs fail and others flourish? As an outsourced lead generation company we see a wide array of scenarios, which allows us to offer insight into what clients can do to maximize results. Lead Generation

Lead Generation Lies That are Wreaking Havoc with Your Sales


Last August I wrote a blog for Top Sales World titled “Lead Generation Hogwash: The Top 7 Lies.”. I detailed 7 lies to be aware of to avoid a lead generation disaster (read the blog for the specifics): Any list will do. Automated systems accurately score (prioritize) leads. More leads are better than fewer leads. A form completion is a lead. Leads suck. James Obermayer | Sales Lead Management Association.

Is Account-Based Marketing the Holy Grail for Lead Generation Nirvana? [PowerOpinions Part 2]


Is ABM the Holy Grail for lead generation or just another black box solution destined to cost a lot of money, distract marketing and end up getting more bad leads to sales faster than ever before? Lead generation is at its core a numbers game.

Is Account-Based Marketing the Holy Grail for Lead Generation Nirvana? [PowerOpinions Part 5]


Is ABM the Holy Grail for lead generation or just another black box solution destined to cost a lot of money, distract marketing and end up getting more bad leads to sales faster than ever before? It’s also more than just lead generation.

Guest Post: Successful Lead Generation – One Size Does Not Fit All

Jonathan Farrington

Top performing B2B sales organizations rarely employ just one lead generation tactic. Why then are so many consultants and companies out there actively promoting inbound marketing as the dominant lead generation strategy of our time? Lead Quality Drives Increased Revenue.

Why Your Website Isn’t Producing Sales Leads


The post Why Your Website Isn’t Producing Sales Leads appeared first on Pipeliner CRM Blog. Sales Strategies lead generation sales leaders

Want Better Lead Generation? Get Marketing & Sales in Line

DiscoverOrg Sales

I’ve been involved in sales enablement and lead generation since the term was just getting popularized in the B2B tech sector around 2006. I like Brainshark’s straightforward definition of sales enablement : Sales enablement: “A systematic approach to increasing sales productivity, by supporting reps with the content, training and analytics they need to have more successful sales conversations.”. Marketing-generated awareness. Marketing-generated demand.

Do Account-Based Sales Reps Really Need SDRs?

No More Cold Calling

They do all the cold calling and nurture all the leads from marketing—getting prospects primed and ready before passing them off to the sales team. Smart account-based sales reps don’t wait around for cold leads from marketing or nurtured leads from SDRs.

Lead Generation: Whose Job Is It, Anyway?

The Sales Hunter

Black looks at a common misconception out there about lead generation. “Salespeople should not generate their own leads.” Then these marketing people said that salespeople are terrible at lead gen. They also told me that they don’t want their salespeople generating their own leads (translation: too expensive). Let them follow up on the leads that marketing provides. Let the Conversation Begin.

Successful Lead Generation - One Size Does Not Fit All


Top performing B2B sales organizations rarely employ just one lead generation tactic. According to recent research, B2B companies are using multiple lead generation tactics including, email marketing, search engine optimization, teleprospecting, inbound marketing, direct mail and trade shows. Why then are so many consultants and companies out there actively promoting inbound marketing as the dominant lead generation strategy of our time?

How to Identify Strategic Accounts for Your Account-Based Sellers

No More Cold Calling

That’s why current clients are your best source for qualified lead generation. Asking for referrals is the fastest way to score every meeting in one call, ensure qualified lead generation , and achieve a conversion rate of well more than 50 percent.

5 Critical Things to Consider When Evaluating Lead Generation Companies


Given that I run one of the many lead generation companies it will not surprise you to learn that I believe a 3rd party focused on response management, lead generation and qualification and lead nurturing is capable of doing a much better job of those services than you are likely to find inside most companies. We have clients that buy leads from other sources only to find out that one out of a hundred is actually qualified.

Design trends and their effect on lead generation

Buyer Zone's Lead Generation Blog

We all know creative marketing copy and great deals are big factors in successful online lead gen, but understanding the latest design trends and how to use them to present your message cannot be overlooked.

B2B Lead Generation: The Best of PowerViews


Over the past few months I have had the pleasure of interviewing nineteen influential B2B sales and marketing leaders to discuss their views in areas like traditional and new media strategies, current and future trends, B2B lead generation, and sales lead management.

3 Ways to Guarantee Referral Prospecting Success

No More Cold Calling

That’s why referral selling is the only prospecting strategy that ensures qualified lead generation. Convert prospects into clients at least 50 percent of the time (Most clients report a conversion rate of more than 70 percent.). Think a referral system is easy? Think again!

The Cost-Per-Lead Fallacy in Measuring B2B Lead Generation Investments (Pt 3 of 3)


The introductory post in this series addressed the problems and costs of applying the cost-per-lead metric to measure the success of B2B lead generation investments. In the second post, we looked at elements of a complex sale that impact B2B lead generation costs.

Lead Generation: Less is More in Challenging Economic Times

Modern B2B Sales

The vast majority of marketing departments are finding success with lead generation (Good!) Most marketing teams are running a variety of great demand generation programs , generating lots of leads that unfortunately aren’t closing.

Using affiliate marketing for lead generation - FAQ

Buyer Zone's Lead Generation Blog

Affiliate Marketing is essentially an online referral program where a referring website, often called an affiliate or a publisher, receives a bounty for successfully driving a sale or conversion. The affiliate will drive traffic to your website, and if it results in a sale or conversion, they get an agreed upon bounty. And you benefit because it can increase sales or lead volume with minimal risk - which can be ideal for many businesses.

Guest Article, Sales Lead Brownouts Produce Sales Dips Wihin Three Months, Leading to Pipeleine Failure, by James Obermayer

Sales and Management Blog

Sales Lead Brownouts Produce Sales Dips Within Three Months, Leading to Pipeline Failure. Companies often decide to curtail lead generation spending because cash flow slows and sales stagnate.”. lead generation james obermayer lead management

Lead Generation Tips - Take 3 Hour Lunches

Green Lead's B2B Blog

There were days in my lead gen life where I could have easily left for lunch and not come back for four hours. Gerhard Gschwandtner of Selling Power just highlighted last year's MIT / study of outbound prospecting lead conversion. More Lead Generation Tips

Looking to enhance sales lead performance? Put process before technology.


When it comes time to exploring how you can increase lead generation ROI, that is, produce better leads more cost effectively, move "technology" to the bottom your to-do list. So start by engineering your processes to focus on lead quality not quantity. Then implement the workflow that encourages both sales and marketing to be acccountable for their role in revenue generation. That is, by not using a cost-per-lead metric.)

Metrics to Drive Lead Generation Performance


Most B2B lead generation marketers are reporting performance metrics to senior executives but the portion also reporting financial contribution metrics are more likely to be outgrowing their competitors. The 2011 Lenskold Group / Pedowitz Group Lead Generation ROI Study has found that key metrics reported, forecasted, and used to compensate marketing differ for high growth companies as well as for those using integrated marketing automation.

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The #1 sales challenge: developing new business – 6 best practices

Sales Training Connection

The most important skill in identifying future opportunities is the ability to see the relationship between observable events and knowing what actions and results they are likely to lead to and when. Technorati Tags: business development , developing new business , lead generation.

Conversion Contest – Announce the Winner

Software Business Blog

In celebration of International CRO Day, we launched a contest asking all of you to share your conversion optimization stories for a chance to win an Apple Watch. Valentin : One of the tests we had great success with, was for a lead generation website.

3 Steps to Getting High Quality Referrals From Your Clients

Sales and Management Blog

Through small-talk (who do they mention in conversation they know); paying attention to what’s in their environment (pictures, association directories, membership plaques, and such); their background (where did they work previously); their work (what vendors and suppliers do they interact with). Referral generation is a PROACTIVE process where you do the work, not your client.

The Secret Path to Successful Sales Calls

Smart Selling Tools

Tweet Sales calls are conversational journeys. Ideally, conversations flow smoothly toward a coordinate of your choice. Your primary task is to lead the conversation from its point of origin, to a concise, coherent and contemplative location. Preliminary Conversation Maps.

Content-Marketing Doesn’t Go Far Enough to Drive Sales

Smart Selling Tools

Marketers prove their allegiance to the new ruler because of its power as a market-awareness and lead generation tool. Content-marketing helps to develop, maintain and move relationships forward until they are primed for a conversation with a sales rep.

Key Take-aways from 3 Compelling Sessions at #DemandCon

Smart Selling Tools

Umberto Milletti , CEO of InsideView spoke of better lead conversion through ‘enrichment.’ Engaging a prospect in a quality conversation requires that you have something of interest to offer and most salespeople don’t. I just returned from attending DemandCon in San Francisco.

Leadscon recap - About Leads, BuyerZone's lead generation, sales.

Buyer Zone's Lead Generation Blog

About Leads. BuyerZones About Leads blog is your chance to learn from the experts in online lead generation. Well talk about lead sources, sales techniques, lead nurturing, online marketing, and more. Well also share some insights weve developed in 10+ years of online lead gen work. You can also meet our bloggers , or click below to learn more about filling your inbound lead pipeline. Categories: Lead generation basics , Marketing.

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4 Reasons Dumbing it Down is the Smartest Way to Sell

Smart Selling Tools

At some point, however, they will make a decision to contact a solution provider and have an actual conversation with a salesperson. Almost a year to the date, I posted a blog called Dumbing it Down: 5 Secrets for Getting Smart People to Buy.

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Increasing Revenue: The ONE Measurement That Matters Most

Smart Selling Tools

Along with the disappointing reality that there aren’t enough known prospects to occupy 100% of our reps’ time, there are two simple contributing factors: A long chain of to-dos is unfurled with each prospect conversation. Converting leads to prospects.

Is Customer-Centric Selling Dead?

Smart Selling Tools

Customer Centricity is an overarching philosophy that puts the focus squarely on how to have critical one-on-one conversations—and not just what to say or how to say it. It requires authentic, mutually beneficial, conversations.

Don’t Let Your Leads Go to the Graveyard: 4 Ideas for Re-engagement


Don’t let leads who have stopped engaging haunt you! Ah, the lead graveyard… It’s filled with people who once seemed so promising but have since stopped engaging. We’ve all been there, and we all know what it’s like to get spooked when certain leads just die off.

How to Get Prospects to Remember The Golden Nugget

Smart Selling Tools

Can I ask you a question, what would you say is the main thing you’ll remember most from our conversation today? You know everything there is to know about your products.

Spend more time selling and less time searching

Smart Selling Tools

It has to be done because they can’t be effective in their sales conversations unless they’ve done the research. Therefore the most revenue you can possibly generate has an upward limit, bound by the percentage of time spent engaging with prospects.

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Do This One Thing Now: If You Want to Double Revenue in 2014

Smart Selling Tools

CRM is NOT a productivity tool, nor is it a revenue generation tool. As Nancy Bleeke writes in her new book, “ Conversations That Sell ” the purpose of every conversation is to get the prospect to either do or decide something.